Why “letting go of the past” is the worst idea….ever!

veronica 2Veronica is my evil twin sister and Tarot reading queen. When she isn’t writing for my blog, she’s slinking around being sexy and mysterious and getting into mischief!

Osho Zen Tarot

The message of this card is clear. Cling to the past with an iron grip because if you don’t what stories will you tell yourself when you’re bored and waiting in the dentist’s office with no one to talk to?

If you don’t cling to the past, what the f*ck are you going to talk about on your next gossip lunch?

There is nothing – I repeat nothing – better than telling a story to a table of “ladies” that sounds like “so I said _____and she was all like _____ and I couldn’t believe it! Then I said….”

If you just let go of the past, what’s left? Inner peace? That’s boring.

Your past provides you with a rich tapestry of bullshitty smalltalk topics from which to draw upon. What would you do without it? Just gaze lovingly into your conversation opponent’s eyes and connect with his soul? UGH!

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