Consumption vs Creativity

Veronica is my Tarot reading twin. She’s just like me except she’s bad, slutty and has way more fun! When she’s in between spa appointments and sex cruises, she’s kind enough to devote her spare time to writing these Friday readings. Enjoy!….

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There are two main things we humans do: consume and create.

Both are valid. Both are important. But if you do only one then you’re up shit creek without a paddle.

I, Veronica, love to consume! I voraciously munch cinnamon buns with my London fog every Sunday afternoon. I love watching artsy fartsy euro porn, listening to grisly true crime podcasts and reading celebrity gossip mags!

But consumption becomes destruction if it isn’t  balanced out with creativity. Your soul withers and your mind becomes numb.

So this weekend, make sure you enjoy the things you consume, but then let them inspire you to create!

Bake some cookies, draw pictures of your cat, build a tree fort or slather your naked body in paint and roll around on a canvas in your backyard.

You get the idea. The sky’s the limit!

So tell me….what 3 things do you love to consume and what 3 things will you create this week?

10 thoughts on “Consumption vs Creativity”

  1. My ‘ToDo – Consume’ list for the upcoming week, includes celebrating Pancake Day!
    (Just a glorious excuse to pig-out on lemon juice, maple syrup, marmalade, brown sugar, etc., really!).
    As well as cooking up a ‘Feed-The-World’ sized Chicken Stew (by way of getting my due quota of vital and nutritious Winter ‘comfort-food’!).
    Also, indulging in my lifelong, super-lazy, super-nosy, addiction to people-watching! (Preferably amazing/interesting ones, doing amazing/interesting things, in public!).
    On my ‘ToDo – Create’ agenda, – my latest ‘big-thing’ is using my new ‘cheapo’ camcorder to capture masses of Hi-Def footage of life’s rich pageant of this kind!
    London’s Thames South Bank area is my fave ‘go-to’ location for this.
    I’ve now got a huge collection of digital images caught there, all stored on my pc.
    Such as river-walk street performers and musicians, gymnasts, dog-walkers, joggers, skate-boarders, river-traffic, nature/wild-life action, crazy-tourists’ antics, etc.!
    So this week, I plan to learn to use new editing software to create a few short movies, (hopefully with added titles, credits, music, etc.) using the best clips.
    Maybe, if any turn out any good, I might try learning to upload them to YouTube, – for others to consume and enjoy, too!
    Well it keeps me out of worse mischief, anyhow!
    Thanks so much for this fab idea, Kate.
    Very motivational!
    Zoe T.

    1. Zoe! I want to see your videos when you upload them! Be sure to send me a link! Where are your favorite people watching spots? London is probably the best city for people watching, so you’re lucky in that regard.

      1. Hi, Kate.
        Thanks so much for your kind interest in my video projects.
        I find it always helps to feel you have an audience to provide feedback whenever you are doing anything creative!
        Hence the YouTube idea.
        Yes, I’ll gladly send you the link, just as soon as I feel satisfied with the movie/s, – though it may take me quite a while!
        I’ve picked the most tricky one first, which also happens to be the most interesting, – so’s I am far more strongly motivated to finish it!
        You’re so right about London being the World’s top ‘People-Watching’ Capital!
        We really are spoilt for choice for ace venues for consuming the fascinating sights of others loving life and the freedom to do what comes naturally, – well, whatever the British weather permits, that is!
        When it’s wet, head for the Art Galleries like Tate Modern, or the welcoming public spaces within the Royal Festival Hall complex.
        Alternatively, soak up the atmosphere in the multitude of historic Museums, or the countless Cathedrals, Churches and other religious venues.
        When that pesky, unpredictable Sun DOES come out, sample the energy of the many popular, lively street markets, like those at Islington and Walthamstow.
        Or else explore the Capital’s hundreds of green-spaces, – roam around any of the huge parks like Hyde Park, or chill out in the dozens of smaller, quieter, cleverly-concealed green squares, – like Gordon Square, or Soho Square.
        I love ’em all, – and the incorrigible, quirky, eccentric characters (just like me!) who frequent them!
        But most of all, don’t miss visiting the Thames South Bank riverwalk connecting Big Ben and Tower Bridge (and beyond!).
        There’s always something unusual/interesting/entertaining going on there, as I described in my first post above.
        Really hope you can get to visit us, to indulge in some people-watching here yourself, one of these days, maybe!
        Zoe T.

        1. Zoe,
          Did you used to write for London travel brochures? Reading your comment makes me want to go back there for a visit!
          I’ve been to london several times over the years and the last three times I was there i stayed over a week, so I really got to see lots. Although there is still so much I haven’t seen and done there! I checked out the Thames South Bank riverwalk last time and you’re right – there was lots of crazy action there! Can’t wait for my next trip to London!

          1. Hi, Kate.
            I’m so pleased to hear you’re already so well-acquainted with the delights of London.
            I’d love for us to meet-up, next time you visit, – YOU could probably show ME around, there’s so much to explore and discover, even for a native Londoner like me!
            By all means e-mail me, if such a trip does ever prove do-able for you.
            No, I regret I never took up writing travel-guides professionally, – I’d probably be a lot better-off than I am, had I done so!
            I just love using the English language and always try to make my writing ever more lively and engaging.
            I’ve collected a lot of London-related still images over the years on Flickr and could send you an InviteLink, if you’d be interested in a chance to look through my Albums there.
            Please do contact me with a personal message off this website, if so, – this rather prolonged correspondence IS taking up rather a lot of your data-space!
            Zoe T.

  2. I consume celebrity gossip (and always feel sullied after), cheese, indulge in “coffee culture” at local cafes, and books about hot cowboys. This weekend, I will create a dance demo for a theatre fundraiser, book a fundraising event for kitties, and create the template for a business plan. Oh, and partake in a whole lotta jazz ????’s at Jazzercise.

  3. I love to consume tabloid gossip, spiritual podcasts, and tarot/book related youtube videos. This week I will be creating unit assessments (the life of a teacher), baking with my sons, and doing some crafting with felt and embroidery. Have a great weekend!

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