Live Tarot Party! (Get a free reading)

I’m in the mood for a party…..a Tarot party!

So this Friday (Aug 17th) at 12 noon (PST) I’m throwing a Tarot party via Facebook Live, over on my Facebook page.

Join me for some fun Tarot chit chat while we discuss hot new Tarot decks and fun Tarot exercises. I’ll be doing free one card Tarot readings for anyone who wants one, so you don’t want to miss it!

If you’ve never taken part in a Facebook Live event before, here’s how it works: at 12 noon PST on Friday, hop on over to my Facebook page – you’ll see me live on video blabbing away about Tarot. You’ll be able to interact with me via the comments so you can ask questions, etc.

If you can’t be there live, the video replay will stay on my page for at least a few days after, so you’ll be able to watch at your leisure.

Can’t wait to party with you on Friday! Be there or be square 😉

4 thoughts on “Live Tarot Party! (Get a free reading)”

  1. I happened across your live event… it was wonderfully done. I just wanted to comment that I purchased The Cook’s Tarot several years ago after hearing you comment on the deck on your podcast. It has been a huge favorite of mine since then. I’m glad you are now a proud owner of one as well. Based on that experience I just ordered the Everyday Witch Tarot…. I see that an accompanying oracle deck is in the works. Many thanks…

    1. Corinne! Thank you so much for being at my live event 🙂 It sounds like we have similar taste in decks. And yes, I’m excited about the accompanying oracle deck that’s coming out, too.

  2. fun idea! I’m tinkering with the idea of doing a Reddit style AMA on twitter, or maybe even reddit if I can figure reddit out.

    hello to everyone there. enjoy the party!


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