Elfin Ally Oracle Unboxing Video!

One of my favorite pleasures in life is waiting for things in the mail! I’ve been looking forward to unboxing the Alfin Ally Oracle by Kathy Crabbe and sharing my first impressions with you…

To purchase the Elfin Ally Oracle: https://www.kathycrabbe.com/

This deck is a delight! It has an innocent and whimsical vibe and is so easy to work with. It would make a wonderful gift, even for someone who isn’t used to doing card readings because it is just so easy to use. And it would be a wonderful addition to your spiritual toolbox or deck collection 🙂

My favorite thing about this deck is that it beautifully combines the faerie and animal realms, helping me feel a stronger connection to both. Can’t wait to use this deck for my future readings!

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  1. These were interesting and do enjoyed these cards also. Colorful, energy and animals.

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