Unboxing the Black Cat Tarot Deck!

Join me as I unbox the Black Cat Tarot Deck by Helena Isabel Isidro de Almeida!

Those who know me, know….I’m OBSESSED with cats!!! And I’m obsessed with Tarot. So when the two collide, I can’t help but get a bit excited….

To purchase this deck: https://de-almeida.art/product/black-cat-tarot-deck-pre-order-shipping-from-15-03-2021/

When I first took this deck out of the box, I fell in love with the card backs – they’re very cute and eye catching.

The style of this deck is simple and uncluttered with the only colours being black, white and ochre yellow.

I wondered how it would read – sometimes simple imagery is easier to read than busy images and sometimes it’s harder. I’m happy to say it was easy to read – very easy!

When I read with this deck, ideas and words come easily to me and I find the images help me de-clutter my mind and just focus on the cards and their messages.

Is this a beginner friendly Tarot deck? I think it is. The cards follow the Rider-Waite-Smith format in imagery and symbolism, making it a good deck for Tarot newbies (and cat lovers!).

Card stock is medium in thickness and quality (not thick, but not too thin either) and the finish is not really matte or gloss but something kind of in between. Cards come in a cute and sturdy black box.

The cards have a fun and mystical energy to them and whenever I read with this deck I feel like a witchy, fortune teller lady who needs her own Tarot reading caravan! I have a feeling this deck will be in my regular rotation for a while.

To learn more about this deck, visit the deck creator’s site: https://de-almeida.art/product/black-cat-tarot-deck-pre-order-shipping-from-15-03-2021/

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