Unboxing The Awakened Soul Oracle

Join me as I unbox The Awakened Soul Oracle – created by Ethony Dawn with art by Danielle Mulligan….

Purchase this deck here: https://shop.ethony.com/products/awakened-soul-oracle-deck

I’ve been using this deck for a few weeks now, particularly for emotionally charged, self-readings. I’ve found it to be freakishly accurate in reflecting back what is going on in my life, but it’s also been amazingly helpful in calming me down and helping me re-centre myself.

I have a big collection of oracle decks – some pretty, some very readable and some challenging and not all that useful – but this deck is in a category of it’s own…

The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck is gorgeous, readable and helpful but it’s also a deck that gives me goosebumps and tinglies when I read with it and an eerie sense that I am speaking directly to my soul/higher self.