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Marcos Paulo AND Robin

Congratulations to Marcos and Robin ! I look forward to having you in my class ?

A huge thank you to everyone who entered ♥ I read through each and every comment and it was tricky picking just two winners. I really loved the unique spreads some of you came up with, but also really loved the simple, straightforward spreads.

Thank you again for taking the time to get creative and share your spread creation here – may you all find inspiration, joy and warmth on your Tarot journeys!



Registration just opened for my 4-week Tarot course The Daily Tarot Girl’s Guide to Reading Tarot for Others, with classes starting on April 13th.

I realize that not everyone is in a financial position to take my course, even if they really, really want to. So I’m offering two free scholarships for two lucky Tarot students!

If you’d like to enter to win a free scholarship for my upcoming course on  Reading Tarot for Others, here’s how to qualify….


1) Make sure you actually want to take my course. So if you’re not familiar with it, take a peek over here and make sure it’s your cup of tea!

2) Read the following “Tarot reading scenario” and then design a Tarot spread that you could use for this reading. *Please note: you don’t actually have to do the reading, I just want to see the Tarot spread!

Tarot Reading Scenario:

You’re giving a Tarot reading to a 40 year old woman named Miranda – a friend of a friend that you don’t know very well. Miranda is a part time art teacher who is in the process of getting divorced. She has two young children with her ex, whom she shares custody with.

She recently got on the Tinder and is having a blast with wild, random hook ups and sexy texting. But she’s recently met someone who she thinks has relationship potential and is curious if it could turn into something more serious.

Also, she’s thinking about quitting her job and going back to school to train for something totally different and wants to know if now is the right time to make that change. She’s also been feeling really scattered and unfocused and would like to know how to feel more grounded.

3) Design a Tarot spread (using 3 – 7 cards) that you could use in this situation. This one’s a bit tricky because there are multiple questions/issues to address. **Again, I don’t want to see a reading, I just want to see the Tarot spread!

The deadline for entering this challenge/contest is Monday, April 4th @ 12 noon PDT. I will post an update to this blog post, announcing the winners on Monday evening.

Be creative and have fun – I can’t wait to see what Tarot spread you come up with!!! ♥

35 thoughts on “Win a Free Scholarship for my Tarot Course!”

  1. Hi Kate,

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to gain a scholarship to your course.

    My spread is a 6 card spread, further emphasising the energy of Venus and harmony.

    1-A card that signifies where you currently are
    2-Where you are coming from
    3-Where you are headed
    4-A card to signify the energy surrounding the potential love interest
    5-A card to signify the energy surrounding you going back to school
    6-General guidance

  2. Kate
    Thanks so much for making these scholarships available. I love your deep dive series and I am so glad that I came across your videos. So here is my entry I call it:

    The Bright Clear Day Spread for Miranda

    First would need a significator card for Miranda, and for some reason after hearing about her, I’m drawn to the knights and so would have her choose the knight that she feels most represents the issues in her life right now.

    I would have a spread of 7 cards going across in a vertical line 3 on the left together, one in the center alone, placed on top of the significator and 3 on the right together. All dealt face down (except significator) and turned over center card first, then left to right as they are being read

    The idea behind this spread is that initially the cards represent the people who are in her life revealed in terms of the past present and future with emphasis on how these cards relate to what is happening now (card 1) and the activity going on in Mirandas’ life right now.

    The first card read is the center card top of the significator. It represents her state of mind at the present time. All cards after this will be related to this card by the reader as the reading progresses

    Next we go with the past and the second card (first on the left). This card represents Mirandas’ situation with her husband, who embodies the cycle we are now exiting, the past, but be aware: Divorce often comes packed with new emotions, some of which may need extra attention, and there are children involved.

    Third card is kids, representing the present, and what she needs to know about what’s going on with them, or more specifically – Her relationship to them, but also what she needs to know about where their head may be at with everything that is going on, like the divorce, a new person around their mom, their dad.

    The fourth card represents Mirandas’ new beau, her relationship, her future (?) and what important advice is needed there. Emotional entanglements if any.

    Moving over to the right side of the querants card, the fifth and sixth cards get read together (flipped together) because they are closely entwined with each other. The fifth card represents Mirandas’ career advancements, developments and any potential warnings The sixth card represents knowledge about schooling, and where that might lead.

    The seventh and last card is a summing up and a game plan for going forward. A chance to get a direction for where all this activity might be heading. Where all this is going and what next steps are the right ones for Miranda right now. Hopefully an uplifting and rewarding reading.

    Thanks again for the opportunity

  3. ————①————–
    Hi Kate,
    Above is my spread design to indicate two problems in her life.
    1: Miranda’s current situation—how she feel right now, what energy influences her the most
    2: Her opinion of the guy she want to have serious relationship with
    3:What the man think of her
    4:The result of the relationship between them
    5:How the part time job is affecting her now
    6. Is it a good time to change at the moment
    7:What will happen if she change her job,what effect to her life

    Thank you!!:)❤

  4. Hi Kate,
    Here’s a simple version 3 card spread VS a detailed 7 card spread for Miranda’s Tarot Reading.

    3 cards:
    1- draw a card for “the potential of the relationship with the guy she met”
    2- draw a card for “changing the career now”
    3- draw a card for “what would help her to feel more grounded?”

    And the 7 card spread would be:
    Card 1 -3 on:
    1.) What’s not working/blocking her in her Love Relationship in the past (with ex)?
    2.) What’s the possibility for the love relationship to bloom with the guy she met?
    3.) What could help her in general when it comes to Love Relationships?
    Card 4-5 on:
    4.) The timing for changing the career NOW
    5.) The timing for changing the career LATER
    Card 6 on:
    6.) What could help her to feel more grounded in general?

    Card 7 on:
    Closing message for this reading (i.e. a next step to her overall situation)

    Thank you, Katie

  5. Hi Kate, I’ve developed the following spread to help Miranda gain insight into her myriad problems:

    5 – Center yourself and set goals.

    2 – Set Priorities 1 – Present situation, consider changes 4 – Things to let go of

    3 – Potential problems

    Thank you for your consideration.

  6. Sahndra Ivana Chase

    This woman is going thru a lot! How nerve wracking and EXCITING!

    1st card: Miranda at time of reading.
    (current energies).
    2nd card: With John, what does it feel/look like if she chooses to move forward with him?
    3rd card: What are hidden messages regarding relationship? (what does Spirit say)
    4th card: How can she help her children through this transition?
    5th card: What would it look like if she changes her career path?
    6th Card: What can she focus on right now to help with clarity!
    7th card: Final message from spirit.

  7. Hey, Kate! Here’s my spread!
    I call it THE SEVEN WOMEN, inspired by the romance of the same name, written by Leticia Wierzchowski.

    The structure of the spread is similar to a roof, to symbolize the House that the Seven Women live in:

    1) THE STRONG-WILLED WOMAN. The eldest and the leader of the women. She is the one that symbolizes the bravery, the decisions and the foundation of the House.
    This card asks: “How should Miranda channel her energy to all of the aspects of the situation? What should be her priorities now?”

    2) THE NURTURING WOMAN. The one that cares deeply about all the other women. She symbolizes the harmony, the motherhood and the nourishment of the House.
    In this scenario, this card asks: “What can she do to maintain a good balance between her professional life and her relationships? And how can she lessen her children’s pain through this difficult situation?”

    3) THE CORDIAL WOMAN. She completes the trio of the elderly woman of the house with the two women above, and they conduct three main aspects of the human being: (1) the way we act, (2) the way we grow, (3) and the way we love. This woman symbolizes the love, the communication and the emotions of the House, always treating everyone with kindness.
    In this scenario, this card might represent two aspects: “How should she deal with her ex and her family?” and “How this new relationship with this person will affect her life?”

    4) THE WILD WOMAN. The one that is always defying the limits imposed on us. She symbolizes the nature, the perseverance and the intensity of the House.
    This card asks: “Changes in the career will connect Miranda with her nature and bring the most joyful well-being or it’s just not the right time?”

    5) THE MYSTERIOUS WOMAN. The one that is dark, but peaceful, and that likes to read between the lines. She represents the intuition, the introversion and the wisdom of the House.
    This card asks: “How open can Miranda be so the man with potential relationship does not step away because of this harsh situation? Is there enough self-love and self-forgiveness for this to happen?”

    6) THE STORYTELLING WOMAN. The youngest woman of the House and the one that writes everything that happens in their lives so history will never be lost. She symbolizes the journey, the art and the perception of the House.
    In this scenario, this card asks: “How can the lessons from the storms of her past be useful so that the next chapter of her life is happy and contemplative?”

    7) THE SPIRITUAL WOMAN. The one that dreams about a bright and better future, uplifting the spirits of the women of the House. She represents the unconsciousness, the faith and the hope of the House.
    In this scenario, this card asks: “What her subconscious is trying to tell her? How can she find a catharsis so she can cleanse her soul and feel more grounded and focused in her life?”

    I believe creating associations and understanding how one woman talk to another one might give new insights about Miranda’s life.

    This was really fun! I loved it!
    Thanks for the opportunity, Kate! =)

  8. Angelica Collado

    The Present Life Spread:
    A Six card spread with three sections (Personal, Career and What you need to know). In each section there are two cards drawn.
    Personal: Love life, family, friends, hobbies, dreams
    Career: Work life, employment, education, work goals
    What you need to know: Life signs, where your attention should be. What can help you proceed. Secrets being held from you. Changes that need to be made.

  9. Kelston Chaves

    Hi Kate! Thank you for the opportunity.

    This would be a seven-card spread laid out as follows:

    1st row: cards 1, 3 & 5
    2nd row: cards 2,4 & 6
    Above both rows: card 7 (in the center) – The higher self

    I would first read cards 1, 3 & 5 (one at a time):

    Card 1 – corresponding to the new guy she just met on Tinder – How would a potential relationship affect her children and the moment she is in right now in her own personal life?

    Card 3 – corresponding to a career change – How would a career change affect her life at this moment?

    Card 5 – corresponding to getting more focused/grounded – How important it is for her to really get more grounded at this moment (she’s just getting out of a marriage). Perhaps she should just enjoy the moment and not worry about being too grounded at all.

    At this point I would read cards 2, 4 & 6 (one at a time):

    Card 2 – corresponding to the new guy she just met on Tinder – What can the cards tell her as far as going forward with this new friendship?

    Card 4 – corresponding to her career change – What can the cards tell her as far as changing career at this time? Would it really bring her more fulfillment?

    Card number 6 – corresponding to getting more focused/grounded – What can the cards tell her as far as worrying so much about getting more grounded, immediately after a divorce?

    And finally, card number 7 (higher self):

    How can she best balance all three aspects of her life right now (new relationship/career change/focusing more) – taking into consideration her children and her own happiness.

    This allows a comparison between the present moment and potential outcomes depending on the decisions she makes at this time.

  10. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for offering this opportunity! I would go with a 6-card sandwich spread. I would have two cards on each end and 4 in the middle.

    Card 1: Who am I? Where am I now? This card would be to check Miranda’s energy.
    Card 2: External Influences. How am I feeling about/responding to external influences on my energy?
    Card 3: Internal Influences. How am I feeling about/responding to internal influences on my energy?
    Card 4: Question about school. How can I best prepare for a career change/enrolling in school?
    Card 5: Question about romance. What can I do to develop the potential of this relationship?
    Card 6: Main Advice. Which card’s energy can help bring balance and a grounding perspective to Miranda as she moves forward?

    I am focusing on the sandwich aspect (cards 2-5 being the protein/veggies and 1 and 6 being bread) so that I can see the interaction and compatibility between existing energies and these new things that she is thinking about bringing into her life. Are there images that show up multiple times? Are there images that are looking at each other or away from each other? The first three cards are also to address Miranda’s question about grounding. She seems to be going through a lot of changes so I would want to focus the first part of the reading on getting a better sense of what’s motivating her and taking a moment to breathe and get a good grasp of the present before going into questions about anything new. I’m also seeing card 1 as current Miranda and card 6 insight into future Miranda so there’s a linear progression to the spread.

    Thanks for considering me!

  11. Crystal Beard

    I’d draw 3 cards per each issue. The financial question, love, her current situation, and any outcomes. I’d also suggest a few ways to get grounded. Healing will need to happen also to align her scattered energy.

  12. Ramona Bazgan

    This is a 7 card spread to give clarity and guidance during this big transformational time for Miranda.

    Card 1. What do I need to understand clearly about myself and my needs at this time?
    Card 2. What do I need to know about entering into a new relationship right now?

    Card 3. What is my scattered energy telling me about my current patterns?
    Card 4. What choices would create balance and nurture my emotional well being?

    Card 5. What do I need to know about the outcome of initiating big changes in my career at this time?
    Card 6. What course of action would serve me best in the long term regarding my professional life?

    Higher Self advice
    Card 7. What is my biggest soul lesson to understand during this phase of my life?

    The spread can be arranged in two rows of 3 with the Higher Self advice at the top centre.
    First Row- Relationship card 1 at the top, card 2 below, Career will be split across the 2 rows and drawn as the last category cards before Higher Self which is the last card drawn providing the overarching theme of the reading,
    (career card 5)
    second row- Wellbeing card 3 at the top, card 4 below (career card 6)

    This allows comparison across the lines and down the rows, through the different areas which will begin to illuminate certain patterns of behaviour that either need releasing or shifting into.

    Thank you Kate.

  13. Hello Kate,
    Thank you for providing this scholarship opportunity.
    Card 1: What do I need to know about the confusion in my life right now?
    Card 2: What can I do to settle the confusion in my life right now?
    Card 3: What do I need to know about my current relationship with this man?
    Card 4: What are the pros of changing my career path at this time?
    Card 5: What are the cons of changing my career path at this times?

  14. Michele Shull

    Hi Kate! Here is the spread I would use in this situation.

    What would benefit Miranda to focus on at this time?

    What would benefit Miranda to let go of at this time?

    What is the potential for a serious relationship with Miranda’s current love interest at this time?

    Advice on quitting work and going back to school at this time?

    What is blocking Miranda’s at this time?

    And I would pull one card off the bottom of the deck… this card represents something Miranda isn’t aware of or seeing at this time.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  15. Hello Kate,

    I would do the following six-card spread (cards would follow one after the other from left to right) for Miranda to give her more insight into her current situations:

    Card Position 1: “What does Miranda need to know about the potential of a serious relationship with the person she recently met on Tinder?”

    Card Position 2: “What might a relationship with this person look like?”

    Card Position 3: “What are the pros of Miranda quitting her part-time teaching job and going back to school at this point in time?”

    Card Position 4: “What are the cons of Miranda quitting her part-time teaching job and going back to school at this point in time?”

    Card Position 5: “What can Miranda do to feel more focused?”

    Card Position 6: “What can Miranda do to feel more grounded?”

    Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  16. Michele Shull

    Hi Kate!

    My spread would be:

    What would benefit Miranda to focus on at this time?

    What would benefit Miranda to let go of at this time?

    What is the potential for a serious relationship for Miranda and her current love interest at this time?

    Advice on quitting work and going back to school at this time?

    I would also pull a card from the bottom of the deck..this would represent something Miranda isn’t seeing or isn’t aware of at this time.

  17. I would design a reading with a top/central card:
    Central Card: How can I set my priorities and find focus right now?
    Below this card I would draw 4 more cards:
    1. What does my spirit need right now to feel grounded and think clearly?
    2. How can I balance my need to fill my cup while caring for others?
    3. What kind of relationship will best support me going forward?
    4. If I move forward with this new relationship what can I expect?
    Below these 4 cards:
    Final Card: A supportive message, or something to journal about and dig deeper.

  18. I’d pull 2 cards relating to each of the 3 questions. The first to explore the woman’s experience with each, and the second to look at the likely future, or outcome. Finally, a 7th card would be overall advice for her situation.

  19. Hello Kate
    The questions I would ask the cards is
    1.What are the best steps I can take to ensure my daughters have a happy, stable, balance childhood.
    2. What approach should I take in order to ensure the outcome with the guy I meet on Tinder.
    3. Is now a good time to go back to school to go back to school to learn a completely different field of work.
    4. What are some activities I can do to feel more balance what are some things I need to change and what are some things I need to stop doing.

  20. Hi Kate,
    My Tarot spread would look like this :
    ?2 ?3
    ?4 ?5

    1: Theme – Work/Family
    2: Present Situation
    3: Influences
    4: Challenges
    5: Personal Growth/ Wellbeing
    6: Overall Outcome

    Thank you Kate ?

  21. 1. Please comment on my thoughts on tinder relationship with “John”
    2. Please comment on my feelings on tinder relationship with “John”
    3. Please comment on the potential serious relationship with “John”
    4. Please comment on my thoughts about a career change
    5. Please comment on how beneficial it would be to implement a career change now
    6. Please comment on what I can do to feel more grounded

  22. Elizabeth Forney

    Hi Kate!
    First of all, I want to apologize for the multiple posts. I missed that the first post was awaiting moderation and I thought maybe something had gone wrong since I posted using my cell phone.
    So I posted again.
    The I realized that the spread didn’t lay right in my post, so I tried to comment and now I’m worried that the spam filter now believes that I’m spamming your post.
    SO third time is the charm.

    This spread is designed to be read as a cross.
    Card one should be placed in the center.
    Card two placed to the left of center.
    Card three placed to the right of center.
    Card four below card one.
    Card five above card one.

    1. Significator card chosen by Miranda to represent herself.
    2. What is the relationship potential between Miranda and ____________________?
    3. What is the potential outcome of Miranda quitting her job and going back to school at this time?
    4. What action(s) can Miranda take to feel more focused and grounded at this time?
    5. Final advice from Spirit, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, etc.

    Again, I apologize for the multiple posts. I really hope that this post goes through, not only because of the scholarship opportunity, but also because I’d love to hear your thoughts/feedback since I already consider you one of my Tarot teachers.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Kate,

  23. Manjari Priya

    Customized seven card spread for Miranda’s situation:
    Relationship spread
    1. His feelings for you / how he relates to you
    2. Your feelings for him / how you relate to him
    3. Potential outcome of this relationship
    Career spread
    4. Current career situation
    5. If you make a change now, what results it will bring
    Get grounded spread
    6. + 7. Ways to feel more grounded
    Thank you, Kate!

  24. 1- What can I do to get excited about my job again?
    2- How could I properly attend to my daughters’ needs if I quit my job and go back to school?
    3- What process do I have to go through now to have a loving relationship again in the future?
    4- What is the likely short-term trend of my relationship with this man I am meeting?
    5- What is blocking me from being focused?
    6- What can I do to be focused?
    7- What aspect of my life do I need to pay more attention to now?
    Thank you Kate!

  25. I would do a Celtic cross tarot spread so i could try to give her inside of ask questions asked.

  26. Hi there Kate
    Suppppppppppper excited about your contest.
    I understand you want to see the spread of cards where do we post them?
    Thank you

  27. Hi Kate! This was a fun exercise and really made me think. I like that it isn’t the usual “do a reading” format.?

    I came up with something I’ll call the Clear Vision spread (7 cards). It looks like an upwards arrow ^ or a horseshoe withopen end down. Starting from the bottom, one branch will be about Relationship and the other about Career, and they’ll both go upwards and forwards until meeting together at one card at the top. Each row will have similar questions but slightly adapted to each topic (love/career), but the same overall theme.

    (Not sure how the formatting will work out, but something like this)

    ——7—- Focus
    —-5–6– Pay Attention to this
    —3—-4— External/Others
    –1——-2 Look at Internal/Self
    (starting here, going up)

    I’ll explain it to the Client as: starting at the bottom, we could be seeing double, things are blurry or hazy because we’re trying to look at these different things at once, and the closer to home, the more important these things are, it’s hard to have some objective distance. We can use the tarot to hopefully get some perspective and clarity.

    1. Looking at the self. How do I see myself, and what are some thoughts/feelings about where things are at, with regards to relationships?

    2. Where do I see myself now, and my thoughts/feelings about my current position in my career.

    3. First look. How am I seeing this potential partner? Where could this be going?

    4. Where do I see myself headed in terms of career/education?

    5. What am I NOT seeing, or what do I need to pay attention to. Making sure this isn’t a rose-colored glasses situation. What’s in my blindspot.

    6. What do I need to pay attention to so I can feel more confident about my decision. What fine print or small details do I need to make sure I’m not overlooking before making any decisions?

    7. Focus. What card has the energy I can embody, or that can be my guide or help me be more focused and grounded, to be fully present as I move forward through these changes and situations?

    I don’t know if it’s bending the rules a bit, but if there’s time left I’ll also turn over the deck and take a peek at the bottom card, for any last words or things the Client isn’t saying but could be important or relevant to the situation.

    Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck to everyone else joining!

  28. Hi Kate,
    I decided on a 7-card spread for this reading
    I will have 3 cards on the left side stacked vertically, with one card in the middle, and another 3 on the right
    On the left side I will have 3 cards for Miranda’s energy
    1. What energy is Miranda bringing into this connection/how is she feeling?
    2. What is blocking her/what needs to be released to make her feel grounded?
    3. What is the outcome card of this situation if she follows through with this decision?
    In the middle card I will ask “What is the mutual energy between these two lovers in this connection?”
    On the right side I will ask the following questions
    1. What is this person’s intentions for this connection?
    2. What is this person’s feelings toward Miranda?
    3. What will this person bring to the connection?

    I am looking forward to the class!
    Thank you,


  29. Cheryl Janzen

    1. What do I need to know about this potential relationship?
    2. What is the most likely outcome of this relationship long term?
    3.​ If I remain in my current job during this separation period, what changes can I make to feel more fulfilled?
    4. Alternatively, what is the most likely outcome if I quit my job now and return to school?
    5. What steps do I need to take to feel more focused and grounded during this arduous time in my life?​
    Thank you, Kate!

    1. Hello Kate.
      For Cheryl Janzen:

      Relationship: Knight Of Swords and the Ace Of Swords.

      Career: 4 Of Pentacles, 6 Of Swords, and 5 Of Pentacles.

      Grounding: Justice and Death.

      Thank you Kate.

  30. Card one

    What can she do to become grounded and focused. (Any decision will be more clear when she is grounded)

    Card two

    What steps can she take to easily help her transition from the old job into something new

    Card three
    What does she need to let go of in terms of her old relationship before entertaining a new relationship

    Card four and five

    What will 2 possible outcomes be if she chooses to:

    Card four – blindly jump into a new job and relationship without taking note of Card two and three.

    Card five – takes note of card 2 and 3 and focuses on those steps before jumping into love and new job

    Card six and seven can be used as clarifying cards for cards four and five

  31. Hi Kate,
    I selected one card for each question from the Crow Tarot:

    A. Two of Cups = The two of cups implies shared energy. There is a great potential in this relationship.

    B. Four of Pentacles = Without risk, there are no rewards. This card encourages her to release her fears of financial loss and venture out to find something that will give her more joy.

    C. Queen of Swords = This Queen is confident and smart. She’s been through heartache but has learned from it. It’s time to use logic and carefully map out her future to eliminate inner stress and allow that focus to move forward with her life.

    Thanks for the chance to get into your class.
    Jean Chaney

    1. Thanks for participating, Jean! I realized after reading your response that I wasn’t clear in my directions at all! I just want you to design a Tarot spread for this reading, you don’t need to do the actual reading. I’ve re-written my post a bit so it is more clear and I apologize for the confusion. I did enjoy reading your interpretations though ♥ and I will enter your name into the hat, regardless.

      1. Marlene Martins

        Hello Kate, Perhaps 3 cards for the relationship question. Card 1 – what would be the benefit of pursuing this new relationship? Card 2. What would be the downside to pursuing this relationship? Card 3 – overall clarifying card – what do I need to know the most about this situation. For the career question the same three cards and questions but relating to the career choices ie card 1 – benefits to quitting, card 2 – downside to quitting card 3 – overall clarifying card again what do I need to know the most about this situation. Then one final card for the question regarding feeling scattered – card 1 – what do I need to know to help me to become more grounded? So in total a 7 card spread. Cheers!

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