7 Tarot Writing Prompts for Creative Souls

I get asked this all the time: what is the best way to learn the Tarot cards?

Here’s my answer – stop trying to read the cards! Instead, do non-reading activities with them.

You can journal with your Tarot cards, write about them, meditate on the Major Arcana, sketch your favourite Tarot card or simply spend time gazing at each card in your deck and getting a feel for them.

This allows you to engage with the cards in a low pressure way. When we’re using our Tarot cards for doing readings, there’s a certain amount of expectation, anticipation and pressure, as well as a concern with interpreting the card correctly, which doesn’t always help us connect with the cards.

One of my favourite ways to play with the cards is to use them as prompts and inspiration for creative writing. This is such a fun way to interact with the cards in a relaxed, low pressure way!

So fire up your laptop, make yourself a cup of coffee, grab your Tarot deck and let’s dive into it!…

7 fun, creative writing prompts using Tarot cards:

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Prompt #1 – The Love Triangle: randomly choose 3 cards. Each card is a person/character in a love triangle. Who is sleeping with who? How do they interact? What kind of drama ensues?

Prompt #2 – The High Priestess Walks into a Bar… The Fool, Knight of Wands and the Five of Cups are all sitting at the bar….how would each of these characters describe her entrance?

Prompt #3 – Create a Character: flesh out a character for your story by choosing one main card to represent this person, then draw 3 – 5 additional cards to represent various character traits.

Prompt #4 – The Hot Date: The Knight of Swords is on a hot date with The Star – how does it go? What do they talk about? How does it end?

Prompt #5 – Write as Someone Else: randomly draw a card and pretend you ARE that card and describe the room you’re in from their perspective. (For example, the Queen of Swords might be a bit critical of things and notice all the details, whereas the 3 of Cups would have a jovial attitude and might crack a lot of jokes).

Prompt #6 – The Dinner Party: The Emperor is having dinner with the Queen of Cups, The Tower and the 4 of Swords – what kind of conversation ensues? Write a script!

Prompt #7 – The Interview: The Queen of Swords (a high powered business lady) is interviewing the Page of Cups for a job as her personal assistant. What kinds of questions does she ask him? What are his responses? Write a dialogue!

*TIP: Have fun with these prompts and don’t worry about producing “good” writing – just get the ideas down and keep writing. You can always go back over it later and edit things. The first draft should be delicious-fun!


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