December 2013

Bust out of that coffin! Tarot card for Friday…

fridays with veronica

Universal Waite Tarot

Question of the day: What coffin do you long to burst out of? What tiresome “role” makes you feel like a zombie? It’s time to bust loose!

Judgement is here to let you know that a re-birth is in order. This card is choc-full of phallic and vaginal symbolism – people leaping out of dark boxes and an angel going to town on a large golden “trumpet”. Good god! What does is all mean?

It means wake the fuck up and start living! It’s easy to corpse-walk your way through life, but who wants to do that?

The trumpet actually symbolizes your divine calling. Are you going to listen and act? Or are you going to stay in that safe little coffin of yours?

But how do you do that? Let me tell you…..

Do ONE THING today that a zombie would be incapable of doing. You’ll be surprised by how this eliminates most of your daily activites 😉 Then report back here and share what you did!

Tarot Card for Thursday ~ 6 of Cups

6 of cups
Morgan-Greer Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is Six of Cups and it is all about helping a friend out. Someone needs your assistance today – perhaps it is just a kind work of encouragement that is needed or maybe a little more.

But here’s a word of warning – help only if it feels good for you. Don’t help out of a sense of should or duty – especially if it feels heavy and draining for you.

Someone could use your help today, but its your genuine spirit of generosity that is needed, not the actual action of help, if that makes sense!

Help is only helpful if it is freely given. And remember…there is no shame in saying “no”.


Tarot Card for Wednesday ~ 9 of Pentacles!

9 pentacles
Tarot of the Mermaids

Today’s Tarot card is the Nine of Pentacles and it is all about discovering the treasures you already have. It is tempting to think about what you want to manifest, but this cards suggests you actually don’t need all that stuff.

You have a treasure trove of inner riches that are still waiting to be explored! I am talking about your untapped psychic potential, your inner blissful states that can be achieved through meditation, and much more!

You don’t need tv, shopping malls and internet – exploring your consciousness and energy is fascinating enough, even though you may not have considered this. So consider it now!

Tonight, instead of plugging into something electronic, go within and see what’s there. Get quiet and then…watch and wait…see what happens!


Angel Card for Tuesday ~ Brilliant Idea!

brilliant idea
Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

You have recently had a brilliant idea…perhaps more than one! Don’t ignore it – write it down, sleep on it and then make an action plan so you can make your idea come to life!

Inspiration will come to you like a thunderbolt and then as quickly as it came, it is gone. So you need to act fast and grasp the inspiration as it arrives.

Whatever you do, don’t say “well, I will do this when I have more time.”  The time is now or else the idea would not have come to you!


Tarot Card for Monday ~ Eight of Cups

Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Brunke

The Eight of Shells (aka Eight of Cups), comes today to remind you that you may never feel you have enough. You many never feel like you have “arrived” – so don’t go striving for something that doesn’t exist!

Like the octopus, you want to touch many different things! You want to do a little of this, a little of that, all with the hope that something will satisfy that deep, inner craving….but for what? You aren’t sure.

The best thing you can do today is retract your tentacles from all the distractions of your life. Meditate in a quiet room and pretend you are at the bottom of the ocean, relaxing in the still, deep waters.

When you stop searching, you may just find what you’ve been looking for!