Oracle Card Reading for Friday ~ Self-Worth

guidance dogs oracle cards
Guidance Dogs Oracle Cards by Kirsten Laulainen

Today’s oracle card reading is all about self-worth, appropriately represented by the Poodle! Do whatever you need to do today to feel good about yourself. This could include some kind of physical pampering, like a trip to the spa, or something deeper.

Taking care of your body involves having a deep respect and reverence for it. Grooming rituals can often be a good time to think about your body in a way that is caring and loving.

Treat yourself to a hot bath today, and put herbs like lavender and sage under the hot running water. Or paint your toenails a crazy colour. Of course, establishing a strong sense of self-worth is about more than just hot baths and nice toenails and today is a good time to reflect on your self-worth…

You can be most acutely aware of how high your sense of self-worth is when you are criticized by others. Think back to the last time someone criticized you. Did you feel personally attacked? Did you feel diminished and crushed or were you able to brush it off? Today’s oracle card reading reminds you that it’s natural to be effected by others behavior and attitudes, but that true self-worth is independent of others opinions.





Strength ~ Tarot Card for Thursday

The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway

Today I drew the Strength Tarot card – one of my favourite cards!!! The message today is that it is okay to make friends with your animal nature and find the beauty in being strong without being forceful.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your primal gifts, particularly those of power and sexuality. The Strength Tarot card speaks to our sexual nature and its need for respect and control, minus the suppression.

Society has long held an innate fear of human sexuality and there seems to be a fear that if not suppressed and controlled, it could go crazy and destroy civilization. Many people feel this way about their own sexuality – that it could ruin their lives if allowed to go unchecked.

Today is a good day to rethink this assumption. Stepping into your own power and expanding your spiritual horizons involves developing a deep bond with your sexual self and shedding some of the long held guilt, fear and anxiety around sex.

Another message I get with this card is that you may need to be subtle, yet firm with someone today. Do not be afraid to be assertive – you will still come across as likeable if you communicate in a way that is open and positive. Be clear about your needs and expectations.


Oracle Card Reading for Wednesday ~ The Dragon’s Duel

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Collette Baron-Reid

I drew The Dragon’s Duel¬†from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle for today’s oracle card reading. This card has to do with inner conflict, morality and conscious choice.

Today you may experience the inner turmoil that results when your Ego and Higher Self battle it out! There are many ways this can show up in your daily life – for example, you may struggle with doing what you feel is best versus what your mind thinks you should do.

The Ego loves to be right, which the Higher Self (or Consciousness) couldn’t care less about! So you may feel torn between letting a long held dispute go and pursuing the argument to make your point.

When it comes to making decisions today and deciding how you will act, take the time to really check in with yourself. What actions or choices make you feel a sense of expansion? What actions and choices cause you to feel tense and contracted?

When you let your Higher Self guide you, a sense of freedom and ease will be present (even if you are doing something that scares you or feels a bit rebellious). Today’s oracle card reading reminds you that you always have the choice between aligning with Ego or Higher Self. Once you make that choice, all inner conflict will dissolve.




Seven of Pentacles ~ Daily Tarot Card for Tuesday

The Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Today’s Tarot reading has brought up the Seven of Pentacles Tarot card, which is all about establishing patience and trust in your life.

Perhaps you are feeling frustrated today that things are not unfolding as quickly as you would like. Or maybe you are not seeing the results of your hard work just yet and you are doubting yourself just a bit.

At times like this it is helpful to think of a seed being planted in the earth. Many changes happen to the seed as it grows under the soil, but to the the observer it would appear as though nothing is happening. Until finally, it pushes up through the soil and grows into a beautiful plant!

The Seven of Pentacles is here to tell you that your goals and dreams are like this seed. Just because nothing major is happening just yet, it is not time to give up! Waiting can be difficult, but do not give up – nurture your dreams and have patience. Uncertainty is normal at this stage, but when you trust the process, you can ease your self doubt and enjoy this time of anticipation.

Check out my new FAQ page for those learning to read Tarot. So far I have only answered one question, so feel free to ask me something!




Daily Oracle Card for Monday ~ Integrity

Guidance Dogs Oracle Cards by Kirsten Laulainen

Today’s daily oracle card is Integrity, represented by the Australian Shepherd dog, reminding you of the importance of keeping your actions in line with your words and beliefs.

Living with integrity means that what you do, think and say are all very similar. You do what is important to you and and any observer can tell what is important to you based on your actions, deeds and creations.

If you don’t live with integrity, you will experience stress and inner conflict and it may be hard for you to really know what you want from life and what matters to you. In other words, you will feel lost on your path.

The strong message I get with this daily oracle card is that integrity means being true to yourself. Live according to your own rules and what you believe is right, not someonelses. This in itself isn’t always easy, but the more integrity you have, the more grounded and purposeful you will feel.

Just for fun, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do my actions and creations express what is important to me?
  • Do I walk my talk? (Do I do what I say I will?)
  • Are my actions in line with my thoughts and feelings? Or do they sometimes differ?

Goddess Guidance Card for Sat & Sun

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This weekend’s Goddess Guidance card is Abundantia (prosperity). The message on this card says “The universe is pouring its abundance out to you. be open to receiving.”

This weekend you will have an easier time aligning with the flow of abundance. The universe is always broadcasting out different frequencies of abundance, all you need to do to receive is to resonate or vibrate at the same frequency.

Once you are able to tap into that energy, it will feel like syncronious events are lining up for you, having you meet the right people at the right times, as if opportunities, gifts and abundance are all just falling into your lap.

The key with this Goddess Guidance card is that you don’t have to try too hard or strive to get what you need and be “in the flow” of abundance. We are taught that you need to work hard to get what we want, but that just isn’t true according to this card. Instead, focus on raising your vibration so you emanate abundance. You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Think about all the things in your life that you enjoy and are grateful for (make a list!)
  • Imagine what it would feel like to live in abundance and focus on feeling that way now
  • Draw a picture of yourself and surround it with words and images that illustrate what you would like to draw toward you.

A book on this topic that I really love is Ask and it is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

Ten of Pentacles ~ Tarot Card for Friday

Shadowscapes Tarot

Today’s tarot card is Ten of Pentacles – twice in one week! You may recall that Wednesday’s card was also Ten of Pentacles, only from a different tarot deck.

I get a different feeling with this Ten of Pentacles, compared to the one on Wednesday. This card has an abundant, nurturing vibe and speaks of the importance of nurturing your goals and dreams as they are about to bear fruit.

It may feel like where you would like to be is so far off that you cannot see it clearly. However, it is closer than you think. Focus on nurturing your hopes and dreams – be gentle with them, don’t share them with others just yet. Give them a chance to grow and become strong and vibrant.

Soon you will be able to develop a brighter and clearer vision of your destination. You are about to end a particular phase and start a new one. Once this new phase is over, your dreams will feel much closer to you.

I am curious what you think the significance is of the Ten of Pentacle card coming up twice in the same week? (click on “leave a reply” at the end of this post to share your insights)

Let Go of Stress! ~ Oracle Reading for Thursday

guidance dogs oracle cards
Guidance Dogs Oracle Cards by Kirsten Laulainen

Today is a great day to let go of any stress that is effecting you. Actually, every day is a good day to do this! One of the best ways to do this is to look to animals for guidance.

Try looking at your problem or stressful issue through the eyes of your dog or cat. This will probably make you laugh, as you won’t be able to imagine your dog getting all worked up about a deadline or what someone thinks of him.

So if you feel yourself start to stress out about something, stop and ask yourself what your cat would do in this situation. And take a few deep breaths!

Ten of Pentacles ~ Tarot Reading for Wednesday

Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway

Today’s daily tarot card is Ten of Pentacles (or Ten of Discs) from the Intuitive Tarot. The message I get from this card is this:¬† collaboration is great, but don’t sacrifice your individuality in order to be more acceptable to the group.

The Ten of Pentacles speaks of our strength in numbers and the power of connecting and collaborating with others. You may get the chance to be a vital aspect of a group this week.

While it is truly amazing what we can accomplish when we pool our resources and minds together, there is a downside to the Ten of Pentacles…

Sometimes we may feel that in order to be accepted by a group – whether its social or business related – we must dial ourselves down so we harmonize more easily with others. This can make our group interactions feel inauthentic and stressful. Be sure that the group you join values your individual, unique talents and doesn’t demand that you change yourself to fit in.

The Moon ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

The Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche

Today is a good day to rest, meditate, go within and wait things out. The Moon tarot card suggests that if you are tying to make a decision, wait until there is more information.

There is a time for action and being outgoing and a time for stillness and quiet reflection. Today is a time for quiet. Instead of listening to the many voices of those around you, tune into the soft, inner voice of your intuition.

The Moon tarot card also symbolizes the subconscious and dreams. What themes have been showing up in your dreams lately? This can be a powerful key to unlocking your subconscious issues and drives.

Check out my Full Moon Reading and get the free mp3 download – I did this reading on the Blue Moon (the second full moon in August!) to give us guidance about the upcoming month and what it has to offer.


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