The Magician

the magician tarot card
Card image is from The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck published by U.S.Games Systems, Inc.

Tarot Card Meaning: Manifestation, Personal Power, Creativity

The Magician tarot card appears to remind you that you have the power, skill and focus to create a successful and meaningful life for yourself.

Often, we can feel powerless in our own lives and believe that success and achievement are reserved for those who are driven and goal-oriented. However, the magician is here to tell us that we all have the ability to tap into that focused, creative energy, even if we are not the go-getter type.

The Magician Tarot Card is about extroversion, action and mastery of the outer, physical, worldly realms, while his counterpart, The High Priestess represents introversion and mastery of the inner realms.

If the Magician could speak, he would say: “you have the power to create and make things happen! Once you become aware of the full extent of your own power, nothing can stand in your way of shaping your life and manifesting what you need. It’s time to focus your attention and direct your will – potential for success is at your fingertips!”


  • It is time for you to claim your power and take action toward your goals
  • Action is needed in order to turn possibility into reality
  • You have the ability to manifest your dreams, even if you don’t realize it yet


  • What do you want to create? How do you want your life to be?
  • How would it feel to be completely powerful in your own life – if you knew you could directly shape your reality with your thoughts, feelings and actions?
  • How and what have you successfully manifested in the past?


  • Create a vision board
  • Start a manifestation diary – get clear on what you want to create
  • Set your goals and create a step by step action plan

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5 thoughts on “The Magician”

  1. Regarding the Tarot card meanings list. This beautiful list is so helpful! Please Please Please finish it! Your presentation of these cards is really nice….easy to read and understand.

  2. I intuitively feel like the Magician. I had everything and lost everything but my optimism and desire never wavered. I have his my turning point at 36 years old, and I have a strong desire to transform my physical, mental, and financial situation as I have been the hermit for almost a year. When I reveal my self to the world that I know the people who have known me since a kid and have a certain impression about me, with see me and get the same sensation as they would watching the most amazing Magic Trick from a Magician on stage. They just won’t believe it. It won’t process completely. They will love the mystery of it all, and believe anything is possible within their own lives. People need magic and miracles, and beating the odds!

    1. Yolanda Oreamuno

      It has been totally astonishing to me realize myself like “the Magician” and read your comment has helped me to understand it better! Thank you very much!

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