Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

doreen-virtue-life-purpose-oracle-cardsLife Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue is a 44-card oracle deck that was designed for doing career and spiritual path readings.

Published by Hay House in 2011, it is similar to other Doreen Virtue oracle decks in that all of the cards are positive and have a message written right on the card, making them accessible and easy to use.

These Doreen Virtue oracle cards come with a guidebook that further interprets the cards and offers basic info on how to do a reading.



  • Card meanings are obvious and easy to understand
  • Cards are specifically geared toward life purpose/career
  • Pretty artwork featuring soothing images of angels


  • Repeat use of a card that is also in an earlier published deck by Cheryl Richardson
  • Some of the cards are kind of creepy and annoying (more on this later)

It is great to finally have an oracle deck that is geared toward career and life purpose as that is often an area many people want to know more about. Life Purpose Oracle Cards features cards relating to specific professions such as Artist, Writing, Healer and Teaching as well as more general guidance cards such as Trust, Light and Love, Time to Decide and Let Go.


Everyone seems to respond well to these cards when I use them in readings. I have found them to be accurate and helpful when reading for others, although a little inaccurate when I use them on myself!

My main complaint is a picky one and is really just a matter of opinion. While most of the cards are very attractive and delightful, some are irritating or seem silly. For example, the grinning angel in the Travel card looks somewhat diabolical in my opinion, and the man in the Speaker card looks grubby and smelly. I have no complaints about the chiseled body of the guy on the Builder card, but he looks like he just leaped out of a Playgirl centerfold, which makes me snicker.

An odd thing I noticed the other day while looking through Cheryl Richardson’s Self Care Cards , which I recently purchased, was that one of the cards in her deck entitled Wisdom is the same as the Study card in Doreen Virtue’s deck. Cheryl’s deck was also published by Hay House, long before Virtue’s deck came out, so it is by no accident. I found this overlap to be strange as it risks giving both decks a generic quality.

This deck is perfect for…doreen-virtue-life-purpose-oracle

  • Anyone who struggles in the areas of life purpose and career
  • Professional readers who want a deck to use with those seeking career guidance
  • People who are obsessed with angels and enjoy oracle cards

Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue isn’t an absolute must have oracle deck, particularly if you already have some of her other decks, although it will be a nice addition to your collection and is a really fun deck to use with friends, family and clients.

Click here to buy this deck through Amazon (my affiliate link).


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5 thoughts on “Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue”

    Crystal clear in responses to questions asked. Very powerful feeling with the cards. I have several oracle cards -so they just extends the reading to a more deeper meaning.
    Iam well pleased with this that I ordered & it was delivered in record time.Thank you

  2. I loved these cards! I had felt directed the whole time. I did sorta cheat as I turned over 3 cards starting on the left, middle and right. They were simple and confirmed what I guess I already knew but needed an outside source to confirm. There was no prompting from me but when asked my life purpose there they were, my life guides;
    family, writing and oracle reading. WOW, is all that I can say…oh, and THANK YOU!

  3. Thanks heaps for your review of this deck. Since you use the cards in your readings for others, I hope you can explain something to me…….

    The instructions on how to use the cards to read for others have me stumped!

    It says to “think” of a question while shuffling the cards. If a client was thinking of a question while YOU were shuffling the cards, that doesn’t make sense to me. (I wouldn’t know what their question was because my psychic powers haven’t kicked in yet) lol

    Then I thought, maybe the person has to shuffle themselves and that would defeat the purpose of giving a reading because they would be doing their own reading.

    Can you please explain to me (like I’m a 5 year old) HOW to use this deck when giving a reading to someone else?

    I would very much appreciate it as the only response I got was from someone that said do NOT let anyone else touch your cards! Go figure!


    1. Hi Kelly,
      Excellent question! There are a few different ways you could go about this.
      1) First, you could get the client to shuffle the cards as they think of their question.
      2) Or, you could shuffle the cards as they think of the question. I don’t think it really matters to be honest.
      3) OR – you can think of the question they gave you while you shuffle the cards (for example, if they asked about their love life, you could think please give me some insight into this person’s love life and show me what they need to know right now)

      Just pick the option that feels right to you. What is important is your intention when you are giving the reading. Good luck!!!

  4. This is my least favorite deck of all. Although I’ve never used it onothers I agree with you about using it on one’s self. It just doesn’t give me any real kind of guidance for my own life. Perhaps I shall try using them on others.

    thanks for all the reviews and I like your sense of humor. lol

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