Eight of Cups ~ Daily Tarot Card Reading for Tuesday

new palladini tarot eight of cups
New Palladini Tarot Deck

The Eight of Cups tarot card symbolizes leaving something behind in order to find deeper fulfillment and meaning.

When something becomes old and outworn, such as a job, relationship, belief system, or goal, it is important to recognize when it is not longer helping you expand and grow so that you can move on with your journey.

You are a journeyer of life, always in search of that which makes you come alive and blossom. Part of you realizes that security often equals stagnancy and you will not settle for a life of dull predictability.

The Eight of Cups suggests that you may have worked hard to achieve whatever it is that you are leaving behind, but you would rather wander off into the unknown than to remain doing something familiar yet unfulfilling for the sake of comfort.

However, be sure that you are clear on what it is that you are searching for and ask yourself if it may be something that you can find within yourself rather than in outside circumstances.

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