Death Tarot Card ~ Tarot Reading for Friday

The Death Tarot card is here to let you know that its time you finally put something to rest. Whatever it is, it is important that you deal with it and don’t leave anything unresolved or it could haunt you later on.

Celebrate the ending, let go and then move onward. This could refer to anything that you need to let go of – an old habit, a repetitive worry or thought, a relationship, job, or even a feeling like anger, sadness or fear.

The Death Tarot card is all about fully letting go and this can only happen if you fully examine and resolve what you need to let go of. Don’t be tempted to sweep your feelings under the rug today – look them in the eye – face your fears and then release them for good!

Check out my Tarot spread: Embracing Change to help get a better idea of what you need to let go of.



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