Judgement Tarot Card for Tuesday

judgement tarot card
The Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Judgement is the Tarot card for today and it is from the Paulina Tarot deck. The Judgement Tarot card meaning has so many layers to it, but the main theme is rebirth and reinventing the Self.

Today is your chance to really step into a new way of being, living and creating. The symbolism in this Paulina Tarot card makes me think of the Goddess and feminine energy – as the trees in this card are shaped in an hourglass figure. This also makes me think of time!

Let go of your obsession with time today – or even just notice your fixation on time. This will pull you deeper into the present moment and give you a stronger sense of appreciation for what is, helping you connect to the earth on a much more profound level than before.

The more you are able to let go of the illusion of time and embrace the feminine cycles of birth, death and rebirth that are inherent in everything, the more quickly you will ascend, rising up past illusions and experiencing life in a whole new way!



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  1. Great,thats the way i feel,thanks very much for your reading cards!Fantastic

    Thanks Paulina,very interesting,thanks again

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