Five of Swords Tarot Card for Monday

five of air osho zen tarot
Osho Zen Tarot by Ma Deva Padma

Today’s Tarot card is the Five of Swords (which is actually called the Five of Air in the Osho Zen Tarot deck). The Five of swords Tarot card is all about comparison and how it can keep us from truly blossoming.

If you catch yourself making comparisons between people, things, or perhaps comparing yourself to others, notice how it makes you feel. Chances are it makes you feel frustrated, deflated and uncomfortable!

Comparing yourself to someone else is futile and will only cause you misery – it is a surefire way to deplete your energy today. Shift your focus so that you see everyone, including yourself, as unique individuals with different gifts and life purpose.

Another message I get with the Five of Swords Tarot card is that trying to be like someone else is also just as energy depleting. You are unique and have a unique way of seeing things and doing things – don’t take that gift for granted by trying to imitate somebody else!

If your curious about what your unique gifts are, try out my Sharing Your Gifts Tarot card spread.


2 thoughts on “Five of Swords Tarot Card for Monday”

  1. Hi Kate,

    I am really enjoying your tarot readings 🙂

    I did the Sharing your gifts spread using the Angel tarot card by Doreen Virtue. The cards that came up were 1. 18 the moon, 2. Queen of Earth, 3. Ace of Earth, 4. 5 Unity, 6. Five of Earth.

    I’m just not sure of I’m understanding them right. The Ace of Earth in the blocking card, does that mean money or my feelings about abundance is blocking me? And the last card Five of Earth, does this mean to let go of fears about money and my business?

    I may have to book another reading with you,



    1. Hi Brenda,
      You are right in interpreting the Ace of Earth and Five of Earth to mean releasing fears about money. Its always confusing when you get a positive card (like Ace of Earth) in the “blocking” position. Ace of Earth (or Pentacles) can sometimes refer to laying the foundations and having a clear vision. So perhaps not having a clear vision/goals could be blocking you. Hope that helps!

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