Oracle Card for Tuesday!

self care cards cheryl richardson
Self Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s oracle card is Connection and its message is all about love and living in the heart. The message on the back of this card says “Connect with someone special. A loved one is a gift to treasure.”

When you move from your head down into your heart, the way you understand life shifts dramatically. While the mind’s reality is one of separation, fear, survival, limits and ego, your heart’s reality is all about expansiveness, connection, love and understanding.

If you are having any kind of inner or outer conflict today, move your energy into your heart and notice how your perspective changes.

There are many ways to enter the heart, but these two are my favorites:

1) Imagine a small light in the center of your heart. Breath into your heart and feel that light glow bigger and brighter with each breath, until it is radiating out into the world.

2) Ask yourself what you want to share with the world – what gift you want to give and what part of yourself you are longing to express. (If you are feeling brave, share this with me in the comments section below!)

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2 thoughts on “Oracle Card for Tuesday!”

  1. Nahanni Faith Hartwood

    Wow Kate, this just blew me away when it landed in my inbox late last night… perfect timing 😉 For the question about what I want to share with the world – I need to bring through the soulmate ideas that I told you about a little while ago. I am not totally sure *how* I am going to do that or what it will look like, but I need to do it. I’ve known this for a while but have been kind of hiding from it. Time to step up to the plate, no holding back 🙂

    1. That’s awesome, Nahanni! I love it when my readings strike a chord in someone’s life. Don’t worry about the how – I am sure that will reveal itself to you over time.

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