The High Priestess ~ Tarot Card for Friday!

high priestess tarot card meaningFriday’s Tarot card is The High Priestess and she is here to tell you to listen to your intuition today! Pay attention to the dreams you had last night and the ones you may have tonight.

Just as you have the ability to manifest what you need, you also have the ability to know what is really going on in your life. But first you need to get quiet so you can hear the whisperings of your inner voice.

Take some time today, even if its only a couple minutes, to sit alone in silence and focus completely on your breath. Sometimes, messages from our higher selves come in the form of physical sensations, so notice what physical feelings arise when you meditate. Instead of avoiding the feeling, go into it and ask it if it has a message for you. You will be surprised by how much insight you can get from doing this!

Today’s Affirmation: The voice of my inner wisdom is crystal clear today

This will be my last daily Tarot reading until Jan 2nd, 2013. I have decided to take a vacation from daily readings to allow myself extra time to relax over the holidays – but also to give myself more time to create more content for this website – like more Tarot spreads, tarot card meanings, stuff like that! I will also be doing free Tarot readings on my Facebook page throughout December – so come on over and “like” my page to get updates on the next reading time!

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  1. Hope you have a happy christmas Kate, enjoy your time and be happy, l will be waiting to see you back, a big hug and thanks for all your time xxxx

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