Happy New Year!

What kind of a year will you create for yourself in 2013? I feel like this is the year to really take advantage of the higher energies surrounding us, live with intention and love and truly connect with our hearts and with each other. In the comments section below, tell me what your intentions for 2013 are! How will this year be different for you?

Here is my 2013 Tarot Forecast Reading…..

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10 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. After my monthly check up (yes, I watch your yearly forecast every month!), I had some interesting insights inspired by yours and I wanted to share them!

    January ~ Ace of Orbs: Making a long term plan to take action towards, envisioning success and the possible outcome of what we want to do, to help us focus more precisely!

    February ~ Adept of Flames: Making sure our mental process aligns with our passion, and focusing on our environment and social relationships and our bonds (solar plexus), cutting unnecessary cords would be an issue in my opinion, the adept guy seems like he’d never hesitate to do what’s needed to keep distance with those who would block his way!

    March ~ Ace of Crystals: New beginnings as you said, and the sunrise is actually seen through the crystal, bringing focused and concentrated light and energy to the viewer! Also the crystal is among ordinary stones, reminds me of realizing and understanding what is valuable and what is not, what we should spend envisioning, contemplating and energy. A crystal clear path opening as you said! 🙂

    April ~ Master of Crystals: Noticing the light coming from the third eye from the skull, gaining information and messages to help us understand our life lessons, learning equals teaching, and grounding deeper. The crystal skull belongs to Atlantis and Lamuria, ancient wisdom will guide us on our way. The crystal skull is also the most perfect condition of the small crystal in the previous month, which indicates growth to me.

    May ~ Seven of Orbs: The picture really screams to me “Get rid of unnecessary baggage!” The person in the balloon is letting go of orbs that make his/her balloon trip unbalanced and maybe dangerous. Those symbolize thoughts and mental issues we welcomed aboard in the past, and we still hang on right now. As we let them go like the person in the picture, these will serve us the way they are meant to do, to help us ascend to the next level/phase of our lives. As an addition to your interpretation, the people on the ground are others that may point a finger at us or judge us maybe, and this is a message to be free from how others might think/react. The person in the balloon doesn’t mind those who point a finger at him, he/she simply does what is needed. When we let go, we rise above people who don’t want to grow and learn out of negativity. The bottom is dark and the balloon has chakra colors, reminding me of harmony, empathy and understanding. 🙂

    June ~ Chariot: Strongly connected to May, this is the inevitable result and next step of letting go of burdens and extra baggage – more speed and being more on track! The knight we envisioned in January finds the mean of transport, horses and also a chariot as a bonus! 🙂

    July~ Seeker of Chalices: Emotion and intuition, our journey in the outside finally bares some fruit and lets us take a break and go on an inward journey. Surrendering to the energy flow of the universe, a higher power.

    August ~ Karma (Judgement): What goes around comes around. Our inward journey will lead us to clean deep roots of things we let go in May, and also discover new things that will help us resolve other issues that were hiding in the deep. The person in the balloon letting go of thought bubbles has surrendered and now he/she has the chance of leting go of karmic debts.

    September ~ Six of Crystals: After a karmic cleanse, there is a high possibility of being unbalanced in many aspects of our lives -both mundane and spiritual- and we need to develop, maintain balance. Balance in taking and giving, to avoid new Karma. Also, understanding what we are truly worth. The woman in the card puts herself on one scale to keep the balance, because she gave away the crystals that were there. Now she has realized this, she knows she’s worth everything she gave away and more, she stopped giving (the empty hands) and it’s time to seek for balance.

    October ~ Three of Flames: When we discover our true worth, we are ready to show it to the world! Our inner spark is multiplying, giving us courage and confidence. We embrace our destiny.

    November ~ Eight of Crystals: Weaving and building our path with hard work, and also selection. The guy in the picture examines the crystal very carefully, to make sure it is right to become part of the line/path he creates. Weighing carefully and paying attention to authenticity and what is truly worth. This may also indicate being careful about who and what we include in our life and plans.

    December ~ Seven of Flames: The show off dance we got a hint of in October is now being performed, celebration is deserved! The woman actually dances with fire torches which obviously requires hard work, focus, attention and skill combinations. But after probably a long time of dedicated (also painful-flames!) practice and training, she has mastered it and now she is doing it with grace and feeling the joy and pleasure which is actually the heart of this performance: dancing with life as you said! The rewards of her performance makes her forget the times she got burnt and unconfident. What an awesome state of mind and life to experience right before welcoming a new year!

    I love how all the cards combine well with each other to make a picture of a great year, and so far it is completely accurate, and I can’t wait for the rest of the year! 🙂

    Cheers and blessings,

    • kate says:

      Hey Deniz – I am so flattered you watch that video every month! I need to go back and watch it again – I haven’t seen it since I first did it back in December and I want to see if it matches up to whats happened in my life so far – but just from reading your summary, I think it has. I love your interpretations here – they are divine!

      • Thank you Kate, I’m happy my interpretations made sense to you too! I have done this monthly review with your annual reading last year too, and it has amazed me in so many ways, every month I found a new insight and relation to my life! This years’ reading has also been a real compass for me so far, it is brilliant! 🙂


  2. Jamie Morris says:

    Hi, Kate–

    Thanks so much for all that you share about tarot! I just wanted to let you know that in FOUR READINGS I did in a row, from 12/31-1/2, the Knight of Swords came up–in four different decks, for four different people (one of whom, was me)!

    Cool, huh?

    Thanks again–and Happy New Year.

    • kate says:

      Hi Jamie,
      That is interesting! When a card keeps coming up, you know it holds some special significance.


      • Jamie Morris says:

        . . . and, Kate, TODAY, I did a reading for a client and, yup, there he was, shiny and armored, flying ahead . . . (and I’ve been noticing, since reading your post, how everyone does seem to be living out the Knight of Swords swift energy.)

        ALSO, my today’s client’s outcome card was YOUR card of the day, Strength. What’s more, when I shuffled the deck back together and invited her to draw a final card, Strength reappeared.

        I like it.

        • kate says:

          Those are some crazy coincidences, Jamie! I know I definitely feel like I am embodying the Knight of Swords energy right now – very focused and driven (totally opposite to how I normally am). It will be interesting to see how this month turns out. That is pretty wild about the Strength card – I love hearing about syncronicities with my readings and other’s readings – thank for sharing that with me!

  3. Trina says:

    Thanks so much for that powerful and insightful reading. I so appreciate all the energy you put into reading for us. You’ve no idea how tailor-made this reading hits me – it is as you have said, your readings will resound we those who are drawn to hear them and learn about Tarot for themselves.

    Bright Blessings!

    • kate says:

      Thank you, Trina – I love to hear it when my general readings really strike a chord! Glad this reading resonated with you.
      Warm Regards,

  4. Maureen says:

    Thank you, Kate. Exciting reading. I just recently found Daily Tarot Girl and I’m really enjoying it very much.
    Happy New Year!

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