Two of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

Today’s Tarot card is the Two of Cups from the beautiful Paulina Tarot. The Two of Cups is all about making connections with others, coming together for a common cause and enjoying partnerships – romantic, business and otherwise!

You may talk with someone today who shares your vision or who shares your passion for a particular hobby. Partnering with this person on a project could be exciting and beneficial for you.

You could also find that your romantic relationship is entering an easy, delightful phase. As you celebrate all your successes with your partner, you will start to notice the support and unconditional love that is radiating from him/her.

Today, choose to honor and celebrate your relationships – whether they are romantic partnerships, friendships, partnerships with colleagues – even the friendship you have with your pet. All of this will allow you to live more deeply within the heart – the first step to living fearlessly!

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  1. Idnaceus Crow says:

    Alls well.. Loved the read… Connected with it… Niiiccceee!..
    Thank You sooo Kate… :}

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