Weekly Tarot Forecast Video!

It looks like there will be plenty of air energy (mental energy) this week, with lots of clarity, inner work and progress! It was nice to use my new Tarot deck…I’m still breaking this deck in. Good luck this week, everyone! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Forecast Video!”

  1. Kate!

    Great reading for the week. Thanks so much for it.

    In particular, I really liked how you used the two columns of birds flying in opposite directions on the 8 of Air to signify a sense of uncertainty about what we were so clear about and acting on. That’s BRILLIANT!

    Also, one thing that’s influenced me, especially from hearing you read in the videos, is this phrase you use, “Another thing I get . . . ” That’s the phrase that’s allowing me to have second and third and even fourth looks at a card and to speak my thoughts out loud. Thank you!

    Finally, could you let me know what the music is that’s playing in the background of this video? And where I can get it, if you know. I’m IN LOVE!

    Happy Almost Monday,

    1. Thank you, Jamie. I am really excited that my reading style is helping you with doing your own readings!!! The background music is “Gregorian Chant for Meditation” by Alberto Turco & Nova Schola Gregoriana. I got the cd on itunes – its a good one, I listen to it quite a bit and it makes nice background music.
      Have a great week! 🙂

      1. Hey, Kate–

        Thanks for the information about the music. I just called my local CD/music store, and they’re ordering me a copy. (It’s out of print, and I don’t do the I-tunes thing.)

        Also, and I know this is probably a totally weird question, but . . .
        . . . Would you ever be willing to allow me to do a reading for you? I’d really love to get your input–and would be happy to pay for the privilege.

        I, personally, am very, VERY careful about who I let read for me, so I could absolutely understand if this was not something you’d want to do. But if you felt you could be comfortable with it–and I’d prefer to do it by phone–then I would love that.

        I know I’d learn a lot from your feedback.

        Think about it, okay?


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