3 of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

wildwood tarot
Wildwood Tarot

The Three of Swords Tarot card is the card of the day and it comes to remind us that letting go of hurt and resentment, whether from the past or present, is what will positively shift our spirits today.

The strongest message I get with this card is that when past hurt is not resolved or released, it re-manifests itself in our present lives. The players may be different, but the feelings are the same.

Any present betrayals of the heart are here to help you heal the past events as well as the current ones.

You may also get some clarity around your relationships today, as the Three of Arrows (aka Three of Swords) is all about seeing the heart of a relationship with a steady, focused gaze. Remember to treat yourself with the same kindness and gentleness that you show to others today 🙂




4 thoughts on “3 of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday”

  1. Oh, Kate, I love the Wildwood deck. I can’t read with it. But I love it! So it’s so nice to see you using it here.

    Anyway, a person I have had a bad feeling with (and she with me) for quite some time appeared briefly in a dream last night seeming pretty friendly. When I awoke, I thought, Oh, now what? Do I have to call her and try to make amends? Ugh!!

    But of course that’s what I had to do. So I left a message apologizing–again, but maybe more honestly–and then I found your reading for the day.

    Thanks for the affirmation.

    1. Hi Jamie,
      That’s nice to hear how the reading ties into your real-life!
      What do you find difficult about the Wildwood? I haven’t worked with it much, I only just got it.


      1. Hey, Kate–

        In the Wildwood, I think the animal courts make it particularly difficult for me. I had the deck, then gave it to a friend. I’ve been using the DruidCraft (same artist) for a pretty long time, so I guess I’m attracted to that druid-y, pre-Christian, British Isles thing, but the Wildwood seemed too difficult.

        Still, over the past six months or so, I’ve been RELIGIOUSLY reading a blog called Tarot Dame. I went back to the beginning of her posts–2007, I think–and have read every single one of her daily draws up until 2009, where I am now.

        She’s got a really straightforward, practical, apply-the-cards-to-real-life approach that has helped ground my readings so much! Also, she uses the visual aspects of the cards and how they relate to one another more than anyone else I’d seen before.

        These two aspects of her readings have made me a more confident, grounded, practical reader–for myself and others (I hope!)–and now, although I said that I “can’t read” the Wildwood, I bet I probably could!

        Except, of course, for those crazy animal courts . . .


        1. I have come across the Tarot Dame site before – its lovely! I will have to check it out again and read her stuff.

          yeah, the animal court cards don’t do it for me either. I also don’t love how the Majors have been renamed – they don’t always make sense.


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