The Moon ~ Tarot Card Reading for Friday!

There is plenty going on behind the scenes today, as The Moon indicates important activity happening outside of your awareness. Your unconscious mind has a hand in creating your reality and that is what this card is referring to.

The beliefs, fears and mental “scripts” that you are not aware of can pop up as re-ocurring themes in your dreams and repetitive relationship issues. So pay attention to these today – as now is the time for you to access this “hidden” info.

As you shine the light of conscious awareness on the more “hidden” aspects of your life, not only will current blocks melt away, but you will have an easier time being fully aware and present in your waking life.

The Moon also represents patterns and cycles in your life – these hold the key to self discovery and understanding. What do you keep doing over and over? What do you keep thinking over and over? What situations do you continually find yourself in? Knowledge is power!!!

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2 Responses to The Moon ~ Tarot Card Reading for Friday!

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Wait! I just re-read your post! The person that was pointing out the subconscious patterns also has a “technology” to help shift those patterns–and offered to help me with them. In other words, to quote you, ” . . . now is the time for y[me!] to access this ‘hidden’ info.”



  2. Jamie Morris says:


    I had a very distinctly Moon-y element to my day today. Someone pointed out to me the idea that some of my unconscious patterns were compromising my ability to create more consciously in my life.

    I wonder if it was one of those patterns that just caused me to hit “Buy” on Amazon. (Oh. So funny! I just realized, in another Moon tie-in, the deck I bought was the Dreaming Way Tarot. Ha! Here’s a link to Kiki’s review of it, in case you’re interested: And speaking of dreaming, I wish you pleasant ones. It’s late here on my side of the continent.)


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