My Worst Tarot Reading Ever!

One question I am often asked is: “what makes a good Tarot reading?”

I have been thinking back to all of the readings I have had – Tarot, palm, psychic, tea leaf, Angel Card and Akashic Soul Reading – to pinpoint what exactly made me enjoy these readings. What I found was that it was impossible to define the elements of a great reading without first pinpointing what makes a bad reading.

The worst reading I ever had was a Tarot reading at a high school graduation party….continue reading this article

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3 Responses to My Worst Tarot Reading Ever!

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    I bet you were adorable! (And I also bet you didn’t tell anyone they were going to end up as an alcoholic!)

  2. Jamie Morris says:

    What a nice, informative, FUN post this is, Kate. Thanks so much for it. I learned a lot from it–including not to EVER wear a weird wig when giving a reading!!

    • kate says:

      Ha ha! yes, I was hoping that was what everyone would take away from this! Having said that, the last Tarot party I did I wore a cheesy black wig – but it WAS Halloween and I was dressed as a gypsy.

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