Medicine Woman ~ Oracle Card for Monday

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This week will be all about healing and being open to the powerful energies that are available to you right now.

Being a channel for energy means that you do not have to struggle or strive, but just sit back, relax and remain open. Let healing energy flow through you and re-energize your system.

Sit for a few minutes and visualize a gentle rainstorm of healing energy wash over you. Intend for this energy to wash away any negative, heavy energies so that your most powerful self can emerge.

Today is a great day to do activities that make you feel empowered, strong and in the flow of life – such as dancing, running or swimming in the ocean at night.

*My weekly forecast video is now up and you can see it here (when I originally sent out the email yesterday, the video wasn’t showing up- my apologies!)

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  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Nice way to start the week. I’m forwarding this to my friend Joan. She’s a shaman-y sort of person and will like this encouragement.

    Thanks, Kate!

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