Ace of Wands! ~ Paulina Tarot Card for Wednesday

Today is the perfect time to study or explore something that interests you!  Read a book that calls to you, sign up for that night-course that intrigues you, or take a new route on your walk today. Shake up your regular routine by doing something new, fresh and interesting.

The owl in this card suggests that your true wisdom can be accessed when you fully engage yourself in what you love to do. Particularly when you are feeling playful and joyous. We often think that “wisdom” and “playfulness” don’t really go together, but here in this Ace of Wands, they do!

You are on the cusp of a new beginning and about to come into your own wisdom and see things with a fresh set of eyes. This whimsical Paulina Tarot card reminds you to keep an open mind and a playful attitude!

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5 Responses to Ace of Wands! ~ Paulina Tarot Card for Wednesday

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Ah, I’m feeling stuffy and stuck in my own tarot practice, today, Kate. I’ll bring some Ace of Wands playfulness back to it and see what happens.


  2. Wulfie says:

    Sounds perfect to me!

  3. Janice says:

    I am amazed every day at how these cards coincide with my life. Checking your site is the first thing I do every morning. Looks like it’s going to be another great day! Thanks

  4. Tameko says:

    Excellent!! Thanks Kate!

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