Six of Pentacles ~ Tarot Reading for Thursday

six of pentacles new palladini tarot
The New Palladini Tarot by David Palladini

Today’s daily tarot reading turns up the Six of Pentacles, which brings a message of balance, equality and the importance of generosity.

I have the feeling that most people reading this are very good at showing generosity to others and wouldn’t hesitate to help a friend in need. But how do you feel about accepting help from others? What about accepting compliments?

Today is all about graciously accepting help and kindness from others. You know how good it feels to do something nice for someone, so do someone the favor of letting them do something nice for you!

On a different note, I feel that the Six of Pentacles speaks of the need to balance finances. Don’t be reckless with your spending this today and make sure that your inflow and outflow of money is nicely balanced.

4 thoughts on “Six of Pentacles ~ Tarot Reading for Thursday”

  1. I’m reading this at the end of my day, Kate, not the beginning. But I think you definitely put your finger (or card!) on something that was in the air.

    Yesterday, a very generous gift arrived in the mail from a good friend. Today, I used the gift as it was intended. (Thanks, Joan!) Then, feeling slightly self-indulgent, I considered going out to lunch, but somehow realized that the $20 I would spend on that would go so much further at the grocery store–so I went shopping and got myself a more modest lunch treat there.

    See? I was following your advice without even having known it, consciously!

    On a tarot-card-addict note, I just got the Dreaming Way Tarot, which is all the more lovely for a border-trim job. I can’t wait to share it with you! And this New Palladini, boy is that pretty.

    Happy Late Thursday.

    1. oooh – the Dreaming Way Tarot – that looks like a really nice deck. I love the New Palladini, but i really want the Aquarian Tarot (by the same artist) – do you know anything about that deck?

      1. I don’t know much about the Aquarian, Kate, but it seems very beautiful to me, as well. The images are a little static for me. The more I’m reading (and buying and giving away decks!!!) the more I’m starting to see just what I like in a deck.

        For me, there needs to be a sense of action, that each card is a dynamic part of a story. And I don’t like a huge amount of clearly implicit symbolism.

        So, for instance, the Tarot of Pagan Cats, which is really cool, has too many overt symbols for me. Makes me feel dizzy. (Funny, I bought it, gave it away, and another friend gave me a new copy of it–brought it all the way from New Orleans, so I’m sort of stuck with it!)

        For me, the Dreaming Way seems to be scratching the same itch as the Paulina. I had gotten that, and its sister, the Joie de Vivre, and found their figures were too static. It was an uphill battle to get them to relate together to create a narrative–at least for me.

        I trimmed the Dreaming Way last night (which it desperately needed!), and have yet to have even a freakin’ minute left over to try reading from it. I’m hoping, maybe, to try it out with you-know-who later this month.

        A friend also sent me the Housewives Tarot, which is simple and graphic enough for me, but perhaps too static. Cute backs, though! A red-checked gingham print. (Ah, if only I could read the backs . . . )

        1. Have you ever seen or worked with the Intuitive Tarot? It seems like a very flowy, actiony deck to me. Definitely not static!

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