9 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast Oracle Card Reading”

  1. Hey, Kate.
    Thanks so much for this nice reading!

    First, it’s funny, independent of you (I think), I’ve just ordered this deck for myself. It’s one of my favorites of Doreen Virtue’s, maybe because there’s not too much text on the cards. The titles are enough, I think. So I’m looking forward to getting that.

    Second, I’m teaching an out-of-town, day-long writing workshop on Saturday–and heading up Friday to stay the night with the woman who’s hosting it. Just now, I took a break from preparing my presentation to watch your reading, and I think the “Be Honest” message, and the way you interpret it, will stand me in very good stead both in the creation of the presentation (Teach what I truly WANT to teach!) and with taking care of myself in someone else’s house over the weekend. (The hostess is a drinker. Me, not so much. Plus, this is a big social thing for her. For me, it’s work.)

    Anyway, thanks!
    Happy Week Ahead . . .

    1. Good to hear the reading resonated with you, Jamie. You will like this deck, I think. I have to admit I don’t really love the art in this deck, but the messages are nice and the deck has a nice feel to it overall. Good luck with your presentation and visit with your friend 🙂

  2. Good reading, Kate! This week I’m going to be paying attention to how this reading shows up in my life. It feels like a big hit for me as in ‘right on!’. Thanks.

      1. No worries. I thought it was funny that you, my husband and I were having the same sort of ‘glitchy’ day. lol

        Keep up the good work.

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