Four of Pentacles Tarot Card for Tuesday!

four of pentacles tarot card
Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori

The Four of Crystals from the Sirian Starseed Tarot is the card for today (a.k.a. the Four of Pentacles in many other tarot decks). This card brings a message about introversion and your hesitancy to share your gifts with the world.

There is a healthy balance between going within for guidance, nourishment and rest and putting yourself out there and sharing your insights and talents. Beware of remaining stuck in the introverted phase.

Sharing yourself with others can make you feel vulnerable, so use your meditation time to go within and confront those fears. Find a way to gain strength and confidence about what you have to offer the world.

You need not keep your wonderful talents and skills locked up any longer! There are many who will benefit deeply from your work.

2 thoughts on “Four of Pentacles Tarot Card for Tuesday!”

  1. For me, Kate, I’m taking the Four of Pents today as a sign to conserve my energy. Yesterday, in accordance with the Five of Wands, I gave up an energy-consuming volunteer position. Today, I need to sit on the energy I have left!

    Funny, yesterday (I think), Brigit from Biddy Tarot posted the Four of Pents, rx, as her card of the week.

    Four-ish Hugs,

    1. Love that interpretation! Makes sense after you giving up the volunteer job. Enjoy your extra free time and energy!

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