The Devil ~ Tarot Card for Friday!

crystal visions tarot the devil

Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

Friday’s Tarot card is The Devil and I am getting some really interesting messages with this one!

Basically, The Devil appears as a reminder to look at all the ways you give your power away and realize that this is your choice and not something you have to do.

Often, its the little temptations that can suck our energy and bring us down – like making impulse purchases, buying stuff you don’t really need, eating food that doesn’t nourish you and engaging in activities that don’t really add to your overall enjoyment of life (like watching TV or spending all night on the internet).

So make a commitment to yourself to be vigilant about all the ways you are giving away your power. Ask yourself where you invest your time, money and energy in things that don’t make you feel free, exuberant and alive.

Awareness is the first step on the road to freedom!


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21 Responses to The Devil ~ Tarot Card for Friday!

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Maybe this is The Devil talking, but . . . Kate, do you ever think of trimming the white border from the Crystal Visions?

  2. Jamie Morris says:


    Fantastic; a truly helpful take on The Devil.

    Before I read this, I got a note from my friend Joan this morning alerting me that your daily draw was The Devil. I groaned inwardly and thought, “Oh, no. Kate saw me up all night on the internet looking at tarot cards!” And you did! You and your cards are like freakin’ Miss Nancy and her Magic Mirror from Romper Room. You see EVERYTHING! (Cultural ref. Not sure if it applies in the Frozen North.)

    When I was a kid, I was desperate for Miss Nancy to call out my name, but no. “With my Magic Mirror, I see Laurie; I see Herbert; I see Gwendolyn (flippin’ Gwendolyn),” while every day I squished all my energies together and project them through the television set screaming silently, “See ME! Say, ‘I see Jamie!'”

    But she never did. Not once.

    But you do. Every day.

    Hugs to you and your 78 Magic Mirrors.

    • stephen says:

      You are insane and I love it so. I just wonder what cards you were looking up?
      I do the same thing but not so late at night. I want Kate to do a thing on The Emperor. I have pulled it all week! My last two draws have been all majors.
      Today was: Strength, The World and THE EMPEROR.

      • kate says:

        For me, the Emperor means that its time to start making your own rules and ignoring everyone elses.

        • stephen says:

          Such a powerful comment. I find the Emperor a strange card. Esp. after the 6 of Swords hanging out for so long.
          Are you Canadian? A prairie girl? Not to get personal but I heard it in your voice. If so …”Oh Canada”.

      • Jamie Morris says:

        Jesus, Stephen (please forgive the blasphemy), with those cards you could go start your own republic! Let me know where you establish your territorial boundaries, okay?

        To answer your question (hangs head), there was no purpose or direction. It was just aimless card-hopping, deck to deck to deck, hoping to be engaged by something I haven’t seen (or owned) before. But since I’ve seen (or owned) almost everything out there, it was simply mindless, Devil-ish, sort-of-entertainment.

        Question back to you: What triggered your (re-)interest in the tarot after all this time?

        Happy Devil May Care Day,

        • stephen says:

          I will let you know as I have been working on the Republic for some time and you could be the Editor – the PR -go to…releasing small tid-bits of the things that are to gently come in the Empire. Possibly we could only use Flags for info-code.
          I just kept looking at the box (mentioned before) and always had it in sight for years and started pulling cards, mostly after an surge in Astrology interest and knowledge of intuitional themes I felt I needed a guide to process all that I felt. I guess I bought those cards for a reason all those years ago in San Francisco on Market St. I have worked with a light worker for 2 years and wanted something to put my hands around. Does that make sense? I mostly love the imagry and the twenty fold meaning of the cards. So, like I said before I am a novice. But I do trend in my personal readings. Cards repeat and some say that is when to stop but I just love the feel of them and we are building a relationship. So, I can only read for me and my room for now but would love to go further. Poor things have been on a bookcase for 20+yrs and I suppose they have been taking notes as well. Also cards often jump out of the deck at me.
          Love on a Friday,
          Also, what fun to read all the info out there on say the Wands, or just the Aces till you need Visine or Chardonnay. There are so many thoughts out there…like on The Wheel.

          • Jamie Morris says:

            Dear Emperor Stephen–

            I get the box. Yup. Noted its Chinese silk-ness. Red? Blue with a gold pattern? Waiting for you. Holding–what? Treasure? Nah. Not that, right? Doorways? Maybe that’s closer? Doorways in and doorways out. Images! (Oh, God, I love those cards.)

            And it’s your turn to make me laugh: “Poor things have been on a bookcase for 20+yrs and I suppose they have been taking notes as well.” So sweet!

            Yes, I get about having them in your hands. Yup. And, too, about the twenty dimensions of meaning. (There are about a zillion oracle cards, too, but what’s the fun if you can sum it up in a single word?) (Don’t tell Kate I just said that, okay?)

            I think I need Visine.

    • kate says:

      LOL! You crack me up, Jamie! And your right – I have no idea who Miss Nancy is. But thank you for the compliment 🙂

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Powerful reading! I have never really understood this card. This is very helpful direction.

  4. Joan says:

    Last night I dreamt I cast out the devil. Very timely card for me.

  5. Tameko says:

    Wow Kate…great reading! I felt like it was speaking directly to me, especially about watching TV and spending all night on the Internet. That’s something I do all the time, especially in the evening after work. I just started an e-book project last night, but that’s the first night in a long time I was ‘productive’ on the internet. LOL Wow…thanks!

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