Seven of Pentacles ~ Tarot Card for Thursday

robin wood tarot
Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is the Seven of Pentacles and the message here is very clear….be patient!

You’ve put a lot of time, money and energy into something and you aren’t getting the payback you had hoped for. Don’t fret – things are manifesting “beneath the soil”. Keep nurturing this dream or project and you will have beautiful results before you know it.

Think of yourself as the gardener of your life – your hopes, dreams, wishes and creativity need to be tended to regularly, treated with love and care and allowed to blossom on their own. Don’t try too hard, but be consistent in your efforts.

The main takeaway message is this: your hard work and dedication will pay off, so don’t quit right before you reach the finish line!

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7 thoughts on “Seven of Pentacles ~ Tarot Card for Thursday”

  1. Hey, Kate–

    I like this Robin Wood card. He looks mature and patient. The Hanson Roberts Seven Pents looks so defeated by his wait, don’t you think?

    Anyway, this is a lovely message. I learn–in my heart as well as in my tarot-mind–so much from your discussions about the cards you draw. Thank you for this daily gift.

    BTW, I went on a bit of a deck-spending spree last night. Bought TWO oracle decks. But I think you’ll approve, as they’re Lucy-Cavendish-ish.


      1. I’d been looking at the Dragonfae since I’d seen them–was it here? And also I’ve been liking the Wild Wisdom that you’ve been using. But neither got me to hit “Buy Now”!

        But finally I read a review of the Oracle of the Shapeshifters–and, really, it was a single card (unfortunately, only in the pricey Australian version, not the new U.S. version!), Wolves of Venice, that got me.

        Then I looked at the Shadows and Light, and realized that the two seem to go hand-in-glove. I’d been vaguely looking for a pair of oracle decks I could shuffle together. And these are them.

        (Also, after seeing the differences between the Australian and U.S. versions of the S+L, I paid the extra for the Oz version. Subtler, I think, and more grow-up.)

        Do you have either?

        Happy Late Thursday Night.

        1. Hi Jamie,
          No, I don’t have either of those – the people in them look funny to me – like weird dolls or something. But there are so many people who LOVE those decks. Let me know how you like working them!

          1. I’ll let you know.

            I thought they were ridiculous when I first saw them, but then I read some reviews and began to warm to them. Also, the original artwork–Australian version–is much less Disney-esque, though still, as you say, like weird dolls! Weird SEX dolls!!

            But what I like–from a distance–is that they have a sort of dark humor and sensitivity. In a way, I miss my Deviant Moon, but that didn’t have enough “heart” (??) to me–too boy-magic, maybe. But these are by girls, and might give me a bit of the same edge with some sweet in the mix.

            Anyway, all speculation, so far. One deck should be here pretty quickly. It’s coming from Seattle. The other is coming from Wales, I think–which charms me no end, but might mean it will take a few weeks before George-the-Mailman pops it into my box.

            Happy Friday afternoon.

            1. SEX Dolls!? Yes, come to think of it, they kind of do have a sex-doll look to them. LOL!
              That’s odd that there is an american version and an australian version, I have never heard of that before.

  2. Kate,
    This seven is a perfect”mantra” for the day and what is coming down the road for me to patiently access.

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