Queen of Wands ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday!

queen of wands tarot card
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is the Queen of Rods (aka Queen of Wands). She has popped into your life today to remind you to take action on your dreams! Make it happen! With her drive, focus and fiery passion for life, there are no limits to what you can do.

You are here for a reason and you know you have a mission (not to sound too serious!), but sometimes you hold back and tell yourself maybe later I will live my purpose, but right now I have to do this or that.

The time is now. Take action today in a way that makes you feel inspired and proactive about living your purpose. Sign up for that course, write that letter or proposal, reach out and contact that person or even just write down your goals and commit to making one of them happen this week.

Today you have what it takes to be the Queen of Fire in your life!

4 thoughts on “Queen of Wands ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday!”

  1. This is a lovely take on the sometimes too-dramatic-and-demanding Queen of Rods! I like that you have her encouraging others, today, instead of taking up so much freakin’ air herself. (Of course, the H-R Queen does seem much sweeter natured than some of the others. Almost cuddly by comparison.)


  2. I basicly got the same message from my own reading yesterday and still haven’t made that little change I need to make. lol! This is a reminder of my goal for today! Thanks!

  3. I have just applied for a short course in acrylic painting, thinking ‘about time I took some time off’. Then I read the above – brilliant!!! Blessings xx

  4. Awesome Message Kate, Thank you, this really does resonnate with me today and have been ‘thinking/procrastinating’ over the last few days with this…so thank you for the kick in the right direction 😀 xx

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