Three of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

tarot of pagan cats
Tarot of the Pagan Cats by Lo Scarabeo

The Three of Swords is today’s Tarot card and although this is usually not everyone’s favorite card, this version is somewhat funny with a sulky cat on it! Your a bit pissed off about something today – that’s okay, just don’t let it run your day.

Normally this card represents heartache and feeling betrayed by someone (usually a lover), but I feel like it doesn’t really indicate anything that serious.

You may feel put out about something someone said or did. It was a minor thing, but it bugged you. Part of you kind of wants to wallow in your resentment and another part of you says its not worth it! Focus on something more positive.

This is one of those things that you will forget about in a couple of days, so indeed, focus on something more positive!

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18 thoughts on “Three of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday”

  1. You sure hit that right on the head. Very irritated today. Over what? Nothing really, just random things. 🙂

  2. As Jamie said it is a “heads up” and it is – was the same for me. I was grinding my teeth over something and have almost let it go. Good card for the morning. Thanks.

    1. Hey, Stephen (and Kate, if you’re listening),

      You mention pulling The Emperor a gajillion times in a row and, if I’m understanding correctly, perhaps wondering what his glary-eyed presence is signifying.

      A technique I learned from taroist Janina Renee that I use a lot with clients (I read for friends and professionally, a bit, on the side of my editing/teaching/coaching deal) is to take the card you’re puzzling over and shuffle it back into the deck. Then flip the deck over, so you’re looking at all the faces of the cards, and find your card (in this case, The Emperor) and the two cards flanking it.

      Take all three out and contemplate what those flanking cards might have to add to your understanding of what The Emperor’s message is.

      I hope this is helpful. It’s something I’ve had very good results from. (Even if it did force me to end that sentence with a preposition.)

      Happy Empire-ing.

      1. J,
        What a great idea – so manny little tricks to this trade – if tricks is the correct word here.
        So I did it!
        Interesting, interesting.
        ( Star – 2 of cups flanking the ol’boy.

        1. Hey, Stephen–
          (And thanks, Kate!)–

          So, the very first second I read that you’d gotten The Star and the Two of Cups flanking your persistent Emperor, I thought this:

          1) The Star is suggesting that there is some Emperor-like enterprise that is offering itself to you at this time, an enterprise that is (not to make too big a deal about it!) at least a part of your destiny.

          2) And the Two of Cups suggests to me that there is a really close/deep partnership that is also on offer–from someone who will give you serious emotional support for this enterprise.

          3) Although, as The Emperor, on the (public) face of it, you’ll feel/appear to be on your own, in private (and in your heart) you’ll know this support is behind you, making the “internal you” feel connected and loved in some (not necessarily romantic) way, and, further, making a seemingly daunting Emperical challenge possible.

          Now, usually, I don’t think of The Star as a card of any sort of destiny. Maybe a card of a calling or of a direction or even of spiritual influence. But with this three-card confluence, she just shouted out “DESTINY!” to me.

          But what do I know? I’m a writing coach.

          Thanks for letting me swing a bat at this one. I’d (of course–right?) love to hear your input!

          Sweet Dreams of Destiny,

          1. Friend Jamie,
            Well, I suspect that when you drive a nail in the wall you usually think well I nailed it again! You did here, with these cards.
            As to the Star I do see it as a union with the Emperor – enterprise – destiny, as I have worked at a goal and it seems to have just taken a sort of about face in direction a few days after the Emperor appeared. The star is assistance to me in ( Emperor) challenge – destiny.
            The Two of cups is indeed not romantic but partnership and fluidity, strength, power in that relationship. Destiny. Ultimate destiny is the Emperor, though.
            It is a long story and you did a great interpretation of the situation. Especially with the word destiny. Can’t stress that word enough.
            I am going to do this spread with the 8 of Wands which has come up so many times over the last month, all of those orderly wands, along with these other cards. As has the Star but not the 2.
            Thanks again and I think I just rambled on here – hope I made some sense.
            The Star also speaks to me of intuition, and an element of magic, saying don’t forget that this is in play here because it is just in the cards. Lean on it but remember the Emperor is here too and he just might not care to know all about that!

        2. Stephen!

          I feel like we’re scribbling on the edges of this page, spiraling our notes to one another up and around the margins–with arrows pointing to new entries!

          Anyway, I’m not so cock-sure of myself as you seem to think! So I’m delighted that the guidance I got regarding those cards was meaningful to you. That it was a pretty direct hit? Well, that just makes me blush a little and duck my head, modestly.

          I’m looking forward to hearing what you glean from the cards that you find alongside your Eight of Wands. But I’m not sure where you’re going to find room to share your findings!


          1. !!Jamie!!
            My sentiments are the same – margins. But a good feeling. Your take was a direct hit. So very direct and like I said I am a novice.
            I opened a new deck today I ordered – The Radiant RW – couldn’t pick another and it was so odd and strange – I felt like I was contemplating an affair. Can you imagine but all was okay, they told me about my past and the 8 came right up with The Chariot at the end.
            Flanking the 8 (old RW) was The Hermit and The World.
            and thanks Kate. your site is my daily go-to. Hope you understand this is your inspiration and ultimate guidance.

  3. Oh, Kate–

    I’m so glad I read this earlier rather than later! I’ve already got TWO things on my list that feel like this–and I can imagine more queuing up behind them. I’ll go meditate, draw my own cards, and get a better attitude going NOW.

    Thanks for the heads up.
    jme-sulky cat

    1. Also, funny that you pegged mid-week as “sensitive” time. Certainly this sulky puss looks like she’s feeling a little sensitive, don’t you think?


  4. This is definitely a softer, lighter slant to things! Think the sulky cat and not attaching to such a serious point of view is a good route to take.

    Am really enjoying working with the tarot work book that I bought a little while ago.

    Best wishes


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