Learn the Tarot Court Cards Once and For All!

I have a confession….for years I never really felt all that confident with the Court Cards.  When they came up in my own readings, I would feel mildly annoyed and when they came up during a reading I was doing for someone else, I would inwardly curse.


crystal visions tarot
The Queen of Wands from the Crystal Visions Tarot

Because the Court Cards are tricky! They aren’t like the other cards. They are more subtle, more secretive and less obvious than many of the Major and Minor Arcana cards.

So while I had mastered all the other cards in the Tarot, after years of study, the Court Cards remained elusive to me. And they made me doubt my ability as a Tarot Reader.

So I decided to spend some quality time with my Court Cards and learn them once and for all. I read all about the Tarot Courts in all the books I had and I tried all the exercises. By the time I was done I felt I had “mastered” the Court Cards!

I want you to feel like you’ve mastered the Court Cards too, so I present to you my favorite Court Card learning exercises and fun techniques that helped me the most. Enjoy!….

Court Cards: Learn Them Once and For All!


2 thoughts on “Learn the Tarot Court Cards Once and For All!”

  1. Kate–

    Somehow I found this on my own a couple of nights ago. I didn’t realize it was a brand-new video. Anyway, I really appreciated it. You’re ideas about how to approach the Courts are deeply engaging and worth exploring. These exercises are now on my tarot to-do list.

    The one thing I’d love to see you add, though, is a video with you doing a Court card reading. That would help me to see your thoughts in action–plus, seriously, you’re just great to watch read (also, you’re funny as shit! You crack me up!)


    1. Thanks Jamie, that is a good idea – a demo reading video using plenty of court cards. I am going to put that on my to-do list for this week!

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