Eight of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Thursday

fenestra tarot
Fenestra Tarot

Okay – main message today is: SAY NO! Like the song from the pervert prevention videos they showed you in school – shout no like you mean it, shout no and run away!  Maybe it was only in Canada that these films were shown, but you know what I mean.

The Eight of Cups is usually about walking away from something that you put a lot of work into, only to find that it doesn’t bring you the meaning and satisfaction you were seeking. But today, the meaning is a little different…

You may be asked to do something or be a part of some group or project. If it doesn’t immediately light you up say NO. You have tons of stuff going on right now and don’t have time for this crap.

4 thoughts on “Eight of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Thursday”

  1. Idnaceus Crow

    As always Kate… Thank You… Your readings help keep me on my toes so I can reach higher.. Much Love.

  2. Okay, Kate! Now we’re back in sync. This is perfect advice–almost a simple acknowledgement for me about a particular issue. I drew the Five of Cups as part of my draw–but it was showing a pattern. Now, in response to a situation that is representative of that pattern, I can apply the Eight’s wisdom. And yours.

    Thank you!

    1. Oh good! glad my reading made sense for you today. This reminds me…I should be taking my own advice today. LOL!

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