The Secret Path ~ Oracle Card for Wednesday

the secret path

Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Oracle card is The Secret Path: an irresistable pull down a distinct path, ley lines, mystical traditions.

You are feeling compelled to head off in a certain direction. You are pulled by a desire to discover more and explore unknown areas. Follow your bliss and curiosity and find out where it will lead!

This card has everything to do with exploring your self – such as your subconscious mind through methods like hypnosis, meditation and dreamwork.

So make time today for some fun and thrilling self exploration. Listen to a guided meditation or contemplate that bizarre dream you had last night – whatever you choose to do, know that you are walking down the “secret path”, unearthing mysteries about yourself you never knew!


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5 Responses to The Secret Path ~ Oracle Card for Wednesday

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Hey, Kate–

    This week I think I’m off-track with your draws! So sad! I’ve been actually doing quite a lot of the exploration suggested by this card recently, but TODAY I need to buckle down to work. (Well, that’s what I say early in the day. Let’s see how it plays out . . .)


  2. Sharyn says:

    I did have a bizarre dream last night, with the exception of 2 other people in my dream I realized that all the other people in the dream were me…I spoke to a woman and I helped another woman cast a circle, I laughed with a woman about high-school days and I cried for a woman who was hurt, I baked with a woman who loaned me her apron and had dinner with a woman and they all turned out to be myself. I woke and didn’t want to open my eyes because I felt so content.

    • Jamie Morris says:


      What a beautiful, rich dream. Thank you for sharing it where I could read it. I feel inspired and whole just be reading YOUR dream!


  3. Tameko says:

    Wow Kate…very nice reading for today. I have received the ‘exploration’ type of message about my entire year actually and this card coming forth confirms it. Sounds fun too! Oh I love the tarot spreads in your new e-book by the way. I’ll email you more this week. Later!

    • kate says:

      Hi Tameko – yay, I’m glad you like my spreads e-book! Good to hear this card fits with the other messages you’ve been getting 🙂

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