Seeker of Orbs ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday!

seeker of orbs
Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori

The Seeker of Orbs (aka Page of Swords) shows up today to give you encouragement and confirmation as you explore your life path and play the role of spiritual seeker.

As you stay true to yourself and follow the path that calls out to you, be careful not to get distracted with every shiny bauble that catches your attention. Keep your eye on the prize!

When you receive offers, invitations and opportunities, ask yourself how they fit into your life’s purpose. Are they in alignment with your life path? Or will they be a distraction and drain on your energy? Use discernment!

Remind yourself to stay focused today, for there will always be sparkly, interesting things there to distract you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Seeker of Orbs ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday!”

  1. Hmm. I read this this morning, before I set out on my day. In a way, my own daily draw, the Eight of Pentacles, seemed to echo this idea to stay focused, but on a more mundane, less spiritual plane.

    While I can see how the Eight’s advice was valuable to help me get started today, all hell broke loose, emotionally, and I ended up feeling like I was fluttering from emotional reaction to emotional reaction.

    Does this seem in accord with what you were warning against with this card, Kate?

    Let me know.
    Rainbows after the tear-storm!

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