Tarot Forecast for the Week Ahead!

The week ahead looks…interesting 😉 For this reading I used one of the coolest decks around, the Mystic Meg Tarot.

Which of these three cards resonates most deeply with you? (Tell me all about it in the comment section below!)

7 thoughts on “Tarot Forecast for the Week Ahead!”

  1. Hey, Kate–

    I’m going to “read” these three cards BEFORE hearing your take–just getting some practice in. I almost never read cards without pictorial pips, so this is a nice opportunity. (And you KNOW that as soon as my abstinence-from-tarot-card-buying-month is up, I’m totally clicking on your Mystic Meg link and getting a deck of these!)

    Okay. Ahem . . .
    To me, (the repetition of) the Princess of Earth says, “Keep listening to your inner wisdom–that which is flowering up inside you. That wisdom/learning will guide you to making the right choice (Two of Air), to let your mind head in the direction that will take you to a place where you will be able to (Eight of Water) let old, stagnant energy to flow out of you or out of a situation you’ve been stuck in (specific to the lovely image of this particular Eight), allowing for a breathing space as you move toward what you really want. (In that, I’m anticipating the Nine of Water–as the Wish Card–in numerical sequence.)

    Yay! Fun!

    Now, let’s hear what you see.

    1. What a lovely reading, Kate. So deep–it really connected for me. Thank you!

      Also, I went looking for the Mystic Meg and found a “yellowed” used copy from a Goodwill in Missouri! Awesome! But also, poking around led me to another deck, the Elemental Tarot, by the woman Meg joined forces with to create the MM.

      Do you know anything about that deck? I found a reasonably priced used copy and wonder if I should just get both as they might inform each other in a useful way.

      Oh. Wait. Is it May, yet??


      1. The Elemental Tarot! Yes, I have heard of it and I have been looking for a copy that isn’t too pricey – i think its out of print now. It looks like an AWESOME deck – go for it! Who cares if it’s not May yet? I won’t tell anyone….LOL. Caroline Smith also did an oracle deck called the Moon Oracle (or something like that) which is also out of print but looks amazing.

    2. Thank you, Jamie, for your fresh take on these cards – I love hearing how other people interpret the cards (I actually forgot what I said about these cards, so I will have to re-watch my own video – I tend to forget a reading immediately after doing it). It is interesting that the Princess of Earth popped up twice in one week.

      1. Hey, Kate–

        Looking at that 8Cups, the cups themselves actually look like little lanterns to me! That makes me feel that this 8 not only tells me what to leave behind but somehow illuminates the way forward.

        I’m not sure how that would work–but those TOTALLY look like lanterns–and now I can’t see them as cups at all!

        (I still have hit “Buy Now,” but my browser is just sitting there, open to the page with the Elemental on it. Oy!)

        Happy Monday.

  2. Hi Kate! Right now I resonate most to the first card. Its because I sent a message to a friend on FB about a personal issue asking his advice. He has not answered yet so maybe i get the message on Monday.
    It seems like an interesting week ahead. I say it because last week Your cards were spot on correct.

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