Four of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

four of arrows
Wildwood Tarot

Today the message is loud and clear: Take a nap! Stop trying so hard. Spend some time alone…doing nothing.

The Four of Swords (or in the Wildwood Tarot, pictured left, the Four of Arrows) brings the message that it is time to retreat and replenish yourself. If you have been a bit of a Hurry McFlurry lately, its time to go horizontal on the sofa.

True genius emerges when you let your brain go comatose for a while. The butterfly in this card represents the transformation that takes place when we give ourselves the rest we crave. Happy napping! 🙂



1 thought on “Four of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday”

  1. I’m a day ahead of this card, Kate! That was me yesterday, right down to the (unexpected!) butterfly of transformation flittering overhead while I napped yesterday.

    Sweet two-headed dreams

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