Self-Sacrifice ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

self sacrifice
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Today’s Tarot card is Self-Sacrifice, also known as The Hanged-Man. This card is asking you to give up looking at things through your own point of view (your ego) – only for today.

Suspend judgement and personal motives and look at this situation through a new set of eyes. While you may feel powerless, this experience will be powerful in the long run. Dare to do nothing right now….one of the most rebellious things you can do!

You are entering an interesting and very powerful phase of your life – you are becoming aware of how your ego and judgements function. You are on the cusp of truly releasing the ego. Meditation can be very helpful for you at this time. Only in the space of no-mind, does true wisdom come forth.


4 thoughts on “Self-Sacrifice ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday”

  1. Perfect card for me, today, Kate.

    I’m thinking about how yesterday you said your QWands draw signified lots of energy and getting things done–but to look out for the slow-down. And here he is. Today (not to make you jealous) will be mostly rainy/bed/cats/novel/tarot-cards day.

    This kind of day is very meditative for me, as quiet starts to seep in through the cracks.

    I do have an editing project to finish, but that’s easy and leisurely. Also, I was going to work in the yard and go to yoga, but decided to take it easier as I have a huge three-day weekend event.

    So, Hanged Man, for me is non-active, at least as far a I can see from this morning.

    (Interesting that there was some chat about the Hanged Man last week!)

    Happy Hung Tuesday,

  2. Very appropriate tarot card for me today. I have been breaking through a certain situation very recently. Thank you for the additional insight!

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