Adept of Chalices ~ Tarot Card for Monday

knight of cups
Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori

Today’s Tarot card is the Adept of Chalices from the Sirian Starseed Tarot. This card is most commonly known as the Knight of Cups in most Tarot decks.

When I first turned this card over, I thought it said “Adept of Challenges”! But I do see this card as representing challenges – creative challenges and our ability to navigate them with ease and grace.

Creative solutions will flow to you today without you even trying. That is the secret to solving any problem right now – don’t try too hard, let things flow in their own way and you will be propelled along with very little effort on your part.

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3 thoughts on “Adept of Chalices ~ Tarot Card for Monday”

  1. I second Elizabeth. Nice message for the day. Also, Mr. Knight of Cups has made a couple of appearances for me in the last week–relative to the now-famous refi. (Hi, again, Mr. Knight.)


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