Fog ~ Oracle Card for Tuesday

earth magic oracle cards
Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

Things are not as clear cut as you’d like them to be today. The fog has rolled in and you are clamoring for clarity. Relax – you don’t need to know everything right now. Take things one step at a time.

If you find yourself thinking that you need to have it all figured out before you take the first step, you will never go anywhere! Sometimes you don’t need to know your destination before you set out. You just have to start walking.

Sure, things seem murky and confusing now, but the fog will eventually lift and everything will be as clear as day. But don’t think that this temporary fogginess is a good excuse to just sit there and do nothing! Put one foot in front of the other and keep on going – you’re almost there.

13 thoughts on “Fog ~ Oracle Card for Tuesday”

  1. Hi, Kate–

    Per usual (day by day, as Walter says!) you open up the interpretation and create a way forward for your readers, keeping the essential idea in mind, but not binding our hands or shackling our feet with it.

    (Also, any thoughts on how this might be similar to the tarot Moon card?)

    Happy (Squirrel) Tuesday.

    1. Jamie – this card is quite similar to the Moon, but I see the Moon as being more cautionary – like its all about understanding that you don’t know the whole story, so tread carefully, while this Fog card is saying that you can’t see the big picture, but don’t let that stop you.

  2. Kate-
    Interesting that this would be the card you drew as the one I drew for myself was The Fool. Like you said you don’t need to know where you’re going…just start walking!

  3. dia a dia, desde la otra punta del mundo recibo tus fantasticas interpretaciones que son utiles, practicas y con un gran sentido comun.
    Gracias por tu generosidad..
    Walter, Colonia,,, URUGUAY

    day by day, from across the world receive your fantastic interpretations that are useful, practical and great common sense.
    Thank you for your generosity ..
    Walter, Cologne,,, URUGUAY

  4. Nice Kate. I’ve been feeling this way about moving right now and a new person that has showed up in mny life since last year that I’m really feeling connected to. This is an answer to my innermost prayers..

  5. Denise Suttie

    Hi Kate, lovely deck of cards and an apt reading.
    One step at a time does make a difference!

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