Four of Pentacles ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

crystal visions tarot
Crystal Visions Tarot

Today’s Tarot card, the Four of Pentacles, suggests you are grasping your money tightly. Its tax time, so this makes sense! You may be feeling the pinch…but this card suggests lightening up a little 🙂

The pixie in this Four of Pentacles card is above a pile of golden coins suggesting she is much richer than she feels. This is an important thing to remember: poverty (and abundance) is a state of mind.

If you are feeling broke or anxious about money, try to shift your energy from poverty to abundance. You can do this by trying something out of the ordinary…..

If you normally spend sensibly, buy yourself something luxurious and extravagant (like fancy soap or that overpriced coconut milk ice cream at the health food store). If you are a little out of control with spending money, see if you can start saving a little change each and every day.

This will help you feel more abundant, which will in turn help you attract more abundance into your life.

9 thoughts on “Four of Pentacles ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday”

  1. Ok, ok, ok…I know I shouldn’t shopping but sometimes just can’t help it. I made my last purchase for the week…hmm…I think I may want to purchase this beautiful deck tho…oh my…ok I’ll wait till next week. Hehe…thanks! Your readings are like advice from a good friend…direct but loving and meaningful.

    1. Dear Erica–

      Just a note from a fellow reader . . . Oh, my. I know how buying decks can be a wonderful/terrible opportunity to unhand those pentacles!!

      Happy Shopping (or Happy Not Shopping, which ever way you decide),

  2. I also drew this card today! Crystal Visions is one of my most favorite decks and I just love this card, the image is just perfect for this message and so lovely 🙂

  3. Hey, Kate–

    This is a card I love. She always reminds me to hold on to what I’ve got. Yes, I reliably get what I need–and more–but to me, when she’s “well-aspected,” she tells me to be the “ant” not the “grasshopper.”

    The Four of Pents recently showed up for me in a WONDERFULLY graphic illustration of this. In that particular draw (from the fantastic Dreaming Way Tarot), the Nine of Pents was followed by the Ace of Pents and then the Four of Pents.

    The Nine (one of my significators) shows a woman with lots of pentacles! The Ace (in the DWT) is simply a single pentacle flying over a landscape. The Four is a typical Four of Pents, a figure holding tight to four coins.

    My read of these three cards, signaled by the “flying coin” of the Ace, was that the woman in the Nine had tossed one of her coins across the landscape to the Four, who caught it, and is holding onto it tightly.

    Also, using math (!!), I noticed that the Nine plus the Ace equaled ten (okay, not higher level math!), and inferred that that meant I should put aside 10% of my income into savings. And I have been.

    Up until getting that draw, I’d been very sketchy with putting money away. Instead, spending every cent I have. Now, thanks to my Pentacle friends, I have a little (tiny) nest egg building again.

    Happy (well-aspected) Wednesday.

    1. Ha! And how did it play out for me today, you ask? Well, a client who was scheduled to write a big check on Friday backed out. Yup. You bet I’m hanging onto those pentacles!

      But, too, I’m paying plenty of attention to the pile of gold beneath my dangling feet. Thanks so much for pointing that out, Miss Kate!


  4. This image does a great job of conveying the meaning of the four of pentacles. Love to see all of your decks!

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