Oracle Card Reading for the Week Ahead

For this reading I used my Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards ~ speaking of wimpy oracle decks, this one takes the cake! But that’s what I love about it 🙂

Which card relates most closely to what’s going on in your life right now? Feel free to share in the comment section below…

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10 Responses to Oracle Card Reading for the Week Ahead

  1. Paul says:

    Today is Wednesday and time to make my wish. It is amazing to see how Worth The Wait manifested in my work situation. Thank you for your astute messages, Kate.

  2. Jamie Morris says:

    Very inspiring and uplifting, Kate. And not even a SMIDGE of “wimp”!

    Love and appreciation,

  3. Cher Green says:

    Great Forecast. Inspired by your predictions, I did my own weekly forecast – it will be live on the blog tomorrow – and I gave you credit for the spread idea and linked back to you.

    It amazingly corresponded with your own card selections, but with a little different take. I did a Tarot/Lenormand combo. I even pulled the tarot version ‘Wish Card’ – 9 of Cups.

    Unicorn Oracle! Oh my! I am a huge fan of unicorns. Even have a display within a china cabinet. Don’t know what it is, I’ve always been fascinated by the creatures. Must get this deck!

    • kate says:

      That’s great – I’m excited to read your blog post! Unicorns ARE fascinating creatures – I love them too!

  4. alice chesler says:

    Or “lady tarot”

  5. alice chesler says:

    sorry, not from jan baez. she is ‘unwashed phenomenom

  6. alice chesler says:

    can you call yourself ” the mystic phenomenon because you really are!(that is from an ancient joan baez song

  7. Erica says:

    Definitly the last card. So irritated with certain people in my life that I really just want to cut them off. Come to think of it…this reading, to me, is about what I went thru this past week. 🙁

  8. CountryMouse says:

    I love the “lighter” decks. And they can be so on-point even if they are considered by some to be “wimpy”. :-p Anyway, this reading certainly seems to be relevant to my life and what’s going on right now. I’ll definitely try to keep the cards’ advice in mind this week!

  9. mary says:

    lovely vídeo Kate. I´m just in that point. Thank you.

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