Love ~ Oracle Card for Friday!


Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

The oracle card for Friday is all about Love and Compassion. When you notice how you are surrounded by love, its easier to feel love, and then its easier to emanate love. So begin by noticing love wherever you find it.

Be open to how you recognize love in your everyday life. Do you notice the excited chirping of birds in the trees? The effortless beauty of an apple tree in blossom? The way the sun warms your skin? All of these things are divine expressions of love!

Focus on connecting to your heart today. Breathe into the heart and feel your mind sinking down your body and resting in your heart area – if you can keep your awareness there for more than a few seconds you will be amazed at how your perspective shifts.


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5 Responses to Love ~ Oracle Card for Friday!

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Hugs of light! What a wonderful phrase to use to commemorate Love Day on Kate’s blog!

  2. Kris says:

    thank you kate, an amazing reminder.

    especially love what you say in the last sentence.

  3. walter Julio says:

    Hi I am Walter from Uruguay. Your work is very good, for me a guide on the day I use and recommend. A hug of light from “the other side of the world”

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