When the SAME Tarot card keeps showing up….this is what it means…

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the SAME Tarot card will just keep showing up in your readings? Perhaps this card even appears when doing a Tarot reading for someone else.

What does this mean?!

I have noticed that with nearly every Tarot or Oracle deck I have, there is a particular card unique to that deck that I will pull repeatedly. For example, with my Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle card deck, I almost always get the “Ready, Set, Go!” card. It was happening so frequently that I actually looked the card over to see if there were any sticky bits or something that was causing me to choose it again and again. But there was nothing.

four of swords
Four of Swords from the Robin Wood Tarot

There was a time a couple years ago when I kept getting the Four of Swords Tarot card in my readings. To me, the Four of Swords is about meditation, rest and going within. It didn’t make sense to me at the time since I felt I had a perfect balance between action and rest. And yet the Four of Swords kept coming up. Even today, I am not really sure why that card kept coming up for me.

So what does it mean when you keep getting the same card in all your readings?

I feel that repeat appearances (lets call them encore cards) are your spirit guides, higher self, angels or The Universe trying to get a message to you. If you keep getting the same card it means you haven’t properly heard or understood the message.

Here is my 3 step process for de-coding the meaning of these encore cards:

Step One: Be open to the card meaning something slightly different from its traditional meaning. Really pay attention to the symbols in the card, what these symbols mean to you and how the card makes you feel.

Step Two: If the card suggests a particular action (for example, the Four of Swords suggests meditation), try taking that action and see what happens.

Step Three: If you still keep seeing this card after taking action, close your eyes and ask your guides or higher self what message they are trying to send you via this card. Be open to any guidance, impressions or feelings you receive.

However, sometimes encore cards are not an urgent message but a reminder that your spirit guides are always with you. This is especially true if you keep getting a positive card (like The Star or The Sun) when you are going through a rough time.


When I read with my Angel Therapy oracle deck, I always, without fail, pull the card that says “you are profoundly clairvoyant”. I think this is kind of funny because I don’t always see myself as profoundly clairvoyant – perhaps moderately, but not profoundly! I have decided this is just my spirit guides confirming that I am on the right path and to keep working on my psychic abilities, even when I doubt myself.

So what card, or cards, keep coming up for you lately? And what is your theory on repeat cards?
I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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  1. Many times when I do a reading regarding my new relationship I pull the lovers. This happens even when Im not conciously thinking about it. Its the first time besides the Fool card that this has happened to me.

    I have to believe that this new relationship is significant and that he is the male perspective to my female perspective. Very new to me

  2. I keep pulling the Death card. And it’s really starting to cause some anxiety. Even having dreams about me dying now. But I’m young and healthy!

    1. Hey Micky,
      Usually the Death card and dreams of dying are symbolic. Death is about major change, transitions and transformation. Are you going through any major changes right now or perhaps you need to make some changes? It’s my uneducated guess that your dreams and tarot readings are urging you to let go of something and make some changes.
      Hope this helps you feel better!


  3. I pull one card from my ordinary tarot deck every other day and these past couple of months, I must’ve pulled The Sun card about 6 times. This can’t be a coincidence! It’s so bizarre. It does fill me with relief when this happens, but I do feel there is further meaning to this. Since working on my spirituality since Halloween (of all days!), I have felt a lot happier within myself, maybe the frequent appearance of the sun is reminding me that I am actually in a more positive place and I should continue this journey?

  4. Chelsea Bielecky-Currie

    I have had The Wild Unknown deck for close to 8 months. I’m fairly new to this journey, I’m also an empath.

    Since day 1, at some point during my time with my cards, whether it be a single card draw or a spread or a card that just flies out, without fail the strength card greets me. This past week has been hectic so I’ve just done simple and quick single card draws and each time I have pulled the strength card. I have shuffled, and shuffled. I have put all cards back in order and then shuffled them as individual decks and then as one again. cleansed my cards. Because naturally I thought it must be coincidental. this lead me to my epiphany moment about what my soul believes in and lead me to keep walking on this journey. This reminder of strength has probably saved my life and kept me going more than I thought possible.

  5. Hi! I’m new as well and have pulled the hierophant card in my last 5 readings for myself. What does this mean?! Not only have I pulled it but one time after I pulled 5 cards it just ON ITS OWN fell out of the deck onto the floor and another time I shuffled the deck pulled my cards and then realized it was the only card left in the box. I know its some sort of message for me but what???? Help!

  6. Hi, Kate. πŸ™‚

    I liked the article and it got me thinking about the Cards that come up in my readings. I keep pulling “Judgement” out of my Mystical Manga Tarot Card deck when I read for myself. This is even after I shuffle them(And I try to shuffle them well.). I think this is because I judge myself when I do Tarot Card reading. I judge myself and think that I’m no good at reading Tarot Cards. That I have no gifts in anything psychic and paranormal. That I’m an ordinary person with no psychic powers/abilities. I was told I’m empathetic, I’m starting to doubt that, too… πŸ™

    I love magic and I feel my Mystical Manga Tarot Card deck is very magical and when I told one of my friends that I love and believed in magic, I was bashed by him saying that magic was “stupid” and just “parlor tricks”. Whatever belief in magic I had was gone. It’s like I was stripped of everything I love like manga, magic, and cartoons/anime, despite that kids believe in these things, are gone and I feel like I have nothing left. Like a part of myself was taken from me. I’ve been called “naive”, that the things I do is childish, that there were things that I should’ve learned as a kid, and I don’t know any better.

    I know I have my Mystical Manga Tarot Card deck, but the magic I believed in and loved so much is gone. The only thing I have that’s magical is my Cards and I think they’re trying to reminding me that the magic I believed in and have within me isn’t gone. Which is why “Judgement” and “Strength” comes up in my readings and why my Cards chose me.

    “Strength” comes up in my readings sometimes and I think it’s because she wants to gently remind me that I DO have divination abilities as well as other psychic abilities and that they’re all strong. I think she wants to remind me that I’m psychic and have magical abilities like everyone else and to tap into my strength to fight off the doubts and fears I have of not being able to read Tarot Cards as well as of not having any psychic powers/abilities and magical abilities. She knows I’m stronger than my fears and doubts and she wants to remind me of that. I think that’s why they called out to me. To help me, guide me, to be my friends, and to remind me that I DO have magical abilities.

    So I guess it’s okay.

    Thank you again for the nice article, which helped me, and love goes out to you and everyone else.


    1. Hi Yalanda,
      Thanks for trying this exercise and I’m so glad it helped you get some insights about your life and what’s going on πŸ™‚
      Of course you have intuitive abilities! But you probably just feel detached from them right now – I go through times when I feel way less intuitive and magical. I think it goes without saying that you may want to be careful what you share with that friend in the future. I hope working with your Manga deck helps you reinvigorate your psychic/magical side πŸ™‚

    2. Yalanda, i wanted to tell you how much I empathize with you and your spirit. Such a sweet mind and soul you have. I love how you keep your cards close to your heart. Thank you for making me smile.

  7. I keep pulling the World reversed when i inquire of a project im working on. I suppose the meaning is rather clear, just finding it disheartening.
    Thanks for the article

  8. After reading other comments I’m thinking it may be more of an action card for myself. One thing I hadn’t considered is that I am due with my third child in 6 weeks. This time it’s a girl, and having 2 boys, we’re definitely not prepared. So maybe it’s just telling me to really get ready. I’ve been so focused on work and I have a promotion coming up and being the business minded type I am. I assumed it was related to work. But now I think I took it too literally and neglected the actual meaning so it keeps popping up to get me back on task

  9. lovely article! i have been pulling the high priestess card last in every tarot reading that i do for myself including myself and husband together. do you have any idea why i would keep pulling that card – especially last? i almost always pull a queen or king (empress) for the first cards if that helps – using a 7 card spread. i use various decks, but the Nicoletta Ceccoli is the one i use most for my own readings (the card is gorgeous). i’ve only been using tarot readings for about a year plus and i’m still learning. any advice would be lovely. thank you <3

    1. Hi! The same thing is happening to me. At the end of a reading I keep pulling the Highest Priestess card. Did you ever find out the reason?

  10. I am using an app for my tarot card readings. On my app I can use my cards three ways.
    I can use my tarot cards for divination in matters of love, in matters of Finance, and work and career-oriented divination. I can choose a card of the day, or various different layouts. I used very different layouts and I tried it in all of the matters listed above and I have pulled the death card out at least three times or more.
    This seems to mean that I have to make a change in my life or that change is coming. I’m trying to make changes and don’t fully understand why this card keeps coming out if anybody could help me figure this out it would be great thank you.

  11. The last 3 weeks I have been journaling my daily tarot reading and I noticed that more than once a week I draw the 8 of swords mostly up right. This has always been a very meaningful card for me due to the fact I am an ex meth addict. I relate to being blinded and imprissoned by my own doing. The feeling of being trapped in the fast life. I had 7 years clean and relapsed then clean again. I shuffle and shuffle but still there she is the 8 of swords…. strange… the other card that will show up a lot as well is the world… at least once a week as well.. to me these mean new beginning’s, breaking free from my own prison, doors are closing all around me but just as many are opening! What do you think?

  12. I had a little.. let’s call it a vision, de ja vu sort of thing.

    My best friend was going to get into a car accident, and I was going to come into some money.

    My best friend hit a deer on the way home the very night that I told her about my “vision”; it totaled her vehicle.

    Ever since then I’ve been excited a little because, hey, what was it, and how did I do it, and will the second part come true?

    I’ve been trying to decipher what it meant, and if it means I’ll come into some money.

    And for the past two weeks, almost everyday, when I do readings about anything concerning money in my readings, it comes up as the 8 of Swords upright.

    The meanings that I’m looking up and see on the images is that someone is trapped, blindfolded, by their own misguided choice.

    Am I too into the idea of my vision coming true that I’m blocking other options?
    I’m new to reading tarot in depth, and this has really been on my mind lately.

    Thank you.

    1. I should mention along with all these 8 of Sword drawings, I am actually getting A LOT of cards that symbolize “new life”, “transition”, “a new beginning”, and I have drawn the Star and I remember drawing something that represented “The Wish Card”, I think it might have been the 10 of Cups or Wands. Am I too focused on this unrealistic goal, or is this actually a good sign?

  13. I am new to Tarot and Oracle card reading; very much a novice. I have a few sets of cards but I have noticed that with the Oracle of Unicorns (by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs) I have pulled the “Trust” card multiple times in the last couple of weeks. I understand the basic message and I am striving to trust (the Universe, the Divine, the Gods/Goddesses, the Angels) but, some days that is easier said than done. Does the card keep appearing because there are times I falter in my trust, confidence in my higher self/spirit guides/the Universe that things will be OK for the greater good?

  14. I keep pulling the card ‘Bast’ from the Goddess Guidance Oracle (Doreen Virtue) any idea what that could mean?

  15. I’m new to tarot and am currently using an app while I wait for my deck to arrive. For my SO, I keep pulling The Empress reversed. It’s been 3 times in as many days. I don’t know if this is a reflection on my effect on him or his true personality. Any insights?

  16. So I really love doing simple one card readings. Always super accurate and my favorite way to pull cards for myself. I’ll feel it out and add one or two more depending on how I feel. For a while I kept pulling the two of cups. That sort of dwindled down and then I kept pulling the lovers card, and now the other day and today again I’ve gotten the emperor. Only today I first got the emporer, decided to draw another and got the lovers, THEN the two of cups!!! WTF- my mind is blown.

  17. This is so weird… I was looking for an article about getting a card over and over, and I stumbled upon this page, in which you talk about the Four of Swords, which is the card Inkeep on getting! I’m mindblown.

  18. For me, my Wild Unknown is actually throwing the Six of Swords at me. First, I pulled it in a spread, then it flipped over in my hand when I was shuffling, and lastly it fell out of my deck while shuffling. This was all in one sitting! Also the Mother(Queen) of Wands is a recurring card in almost all of my spreads. Im not sure who she is representing, though, but I feel overwhelming comfort when I draw the card.

  19. I have been doing a daily card reading for myself and two cards have come up twice now in successive weeks and one a third time in the current week. I assume this means I must pay attention to these cards. The Hermit and the 7 of Cups. Thoughts?

    Thank you.

  20. I keep getting the Queen of Pentacles. Ever since I did a spread to get a message from my spirit guide (which I pulled of the Queen of Pentacles shows up) I keep getting her. I am concerned as well because I have also pulled up Ten of Swords a few times and that is a bad card. So I am wondering if she is telling me that I am going to go through bad times, but she will be there for me when it happens. I did a time spread, and it’s around the end of March/beginning of April that the Ten of Swords turns up. She turned up shortly after that though. I did a monthly spread for each month. She turned up quite a bit for that, but especially after whatever bad thing is going to happen.

    1. Hey Ashley,
      The Ten of Swords doesn’t necessarily mean something bad will happen. Tens represent the end of a cycle so something could be wrapping up and coming to a close. It can also represent feeling defeated and overwhelmed (so I guess in that sense it’s a negative card) or even “stabbed in the back”. The cards can also show us our mental and feeling state, not necessarily an accurate representation of “the facts” or what will happen – so in the case of the ten of swords, it can mean that you will overreact and be a real drama queen about something or that you experience something minor as being a huge deal, like blowing things out of proportion. Hope that makes sense and puts your mind at ease!

  21. Almost every time I pull a card from my angel oracle deck it is the “Fresh Air” card. It’s almost funny now, like my guides are playing with me. And I really Donna know what it means! Any advice?

  22. Hi Kate!
    I recently started learning the tarot. The past week or so I’ve been getting 3 cards that come up together in questions and 1 card that is an “encore” card. I’d like to hear your thoughts.
    The 3 that come up together are the knight of Pentacles, the knight of cups and the 5 of wands.
    The one “encore” card is the page of wands. That card has been following me for a few weeks now.
    Thank you so much! I am excited to hear your understanding of these cards!

  23. Hi
    I am new to tarot card readings. I keep asking the same question , sometimes shuffling it around and the exact same cards keep popping up. I shuffle the deck I even took the three cards out and yet got three similar cards. The exact same three. Though if I ask a different question they do not show up at all until i ask or ask a similar question. Are the cards trying to tell me something. Or I am just useless at tarot card readings.

    1. Yes, Alex, the cards are trying to tell you something! It doesn’t sound like you are a bad reader at all – pay extra special attention to those cards that keep coming up and follow the steps in this article and see what you come up with.
      Good luck!

  24. Hi , I get the same reading for two different guys almost all the time . Two different guys feel the same way abt me ? And react the same way ? Is It possible ?

  25. Hi Kate
    I got my set of tarot cards from a friend.
    I kept on drawing Death ( more than 4 times). Eerily…yesterday my cat took my pouch of tarot & the card Death was opened).

    Do you think there is a significant meaning? Today I drew Nine of Pentacles & followed by a set of The Moon/Death.

    Thank u.

    1. Hi Loretta,

      I did my personal tarot reading tonight using different decks and the death card came up 5 times.I am kind of freaking out. I just read the comment you posted l a few months ago and I would like to ask if you experienced any sad event in your life after getting the death card so many times. Thanks

      1. Hi Danai
        Sorry for the late reply…I just saw yr comment.
        The death card drawn by me relates to the end of a cycle.

        I just realised it’s meaning….my boss is leaving the company…I’ve been working with him for the past 8 yrs…so I guess this is the meaning of ending it’s circle? Not meaning any physical “death”…

        My thoughts πŸ˜‰

  26. For a very long time now (at least six months) I have been pulling the Two of Cups in regards to the man I’m currently dating. It’s even come up in a reading I did for him once, that was his card. And even creepier, it’s usually in the 2nd position, the present. I’m almost used to it at this point.

    I use the Morgan Greet Tarot and every time I get this card I feel such a peace emanating from it, like the people on the card are completely in tune with each other and there is no other desire but the other for them. Almost like a soul mate card. I usually try not to read too much into it because I’m so afraid of dissapointment and sorrow, but this card seems to follow me with this relationship. I’m wondering if it’s telling me something. I’m very happy with the guy, btw. We seem to just ‘get’ each other on some deep level. Any other insight I might be missing out on?

  27. Hi. I just had a reading done today by someone and the tower came up as the final card. I am a bit concerned as my partner did his cards in two different ways and also drew the tower both times as the final card. He has been unwell and i am scared this could mean something bad

  28. Ryan Griffiths

    For the past 3 days on my daily reading I have pulled out the magician card.
    I’ve a strong feeling there’s a message or a point to this that I am completely missing.
    Can anyone here offer explanation to this card as it’s quite a significant card to keep reappearing

  29. Hi Kate

    Thank you for the informative piece.
    I seem to pulling the judgement card for almost every relationship reading for myself, it also falls in the same position in every reading (3 card reading – last card). I know the traditional meaning is making a decision, but I am not able to make sense of what the card is possibly telling me.

  30. This was really helpful. Lately I’ve been doing online tarot readings and keep getting the same wheel of fortune card. I’m hoping that it has something to do with the current situation I’m in and it always turns out positive for me. Gotta keep being patient and going forward I guess πŸ™‚

      1. Hi I got four cards the same for 2 days in a row!! Death/The Tower/2 of Cups/ Ace of Cups! What is your thoughts?

  31. I have lost my period, and I just asked three different “yes or no” applications if I will ever be able to get pregnant, and I pulled the Devil card each time. I’m scared 1. that it has to be correct because THREE times from three different applications? And 2. The devil is scary. What do you think about this? I really want to have children one day. I’m suffering from lyme disease and all kinds of health issues. I’m scared that I pulled this same card three times. What do you think about this?

    1. Hi Jackie – your timing with this is perfect because I just finished writing an article on The Devil and how he keeps showing up for me in readings (this article will appear in someone else’s e-book on Tarot, which I will share once it’s available). Basically, my take on The Devil is that he shows up multiple times in readings when you are giving away your power to something – this could be a person, idea or belief, a job, etc. The Devil IS scary in that he forces you to confront all the ways in which you’ve been giving your power away, but he is not scary in a predictive way. His appearance does not foretell disaster, in my opinion. Sit down and make a list of all the things that suck your energy. Then make a list of some of your beliefs around power – what do you think of it, how do you get it, what makes you feel powerful and powerless, etc. In doing this I am sure you will suddenly get triggered by something or have an idea or insight – follow that and see where it takes you. Good luck with this, self exploration through Tarot is a fascinating process!

    2. Lysheild Ellis

      Can someone help me regarding a reading i just did(past, present, future)… 3 of swords/queen of wands/ queen of swords. I also did the same kind of reading for the person I am questioning the cards about; concerning him and another, and pulled the queen of swords in present position, and queen of wands in future. What are the cards trying to tell me?

  32. Lately all that’s been showing up in my readings is the Nine of Swords. I’m a bit concerned at this point and I think it might have something to do with the fact that I’m an extremely anxious person already and I have a tendency to ‘destroy’ things without even trying, just by pure factor of my anxious tendencies. I’ll have to do some more research into this.

  33. I keep getting the Magician and the Star. Over and over. Not complaining, though! πŸ˜€

  34. Hi!

    What does the queen and king of pentacles mean together with the 4 of wands and 5 of cups? pulled these cards asking about looking for a summer job and looking for one.

  35. Hi. i have been pulling the card ”Serephina” in my doreen virtue angel cards,
    at the moment i am also pregnant and am hoping for a girl as it would be a change as such, i do my cards daily to see what spirit wants me to know and nearly each day i recieve this card.

  36. I keep getting the Queen of Pentacles reversed. I am still new to tarot, so I pull a card a day to try and learn. The last two days I’ve pulled this same card. I’m dealing with a break up, and keep doubting my decision, so I think thats why I have been pulling it.

    The first tarot deck I bought I pulled the Justice card three times in a row when I first started using it. I always thought that was interesting

  37. Hi Kate

    I m still learning to pull a card a day to just learn them. In the last week, I have pulled the 2 of cups every single time where I got the 4 of swords. I ve tried meditating on the card, sleeping with it under my pillow….
    I ve had a bit of a traumatic time in last few months and certainly can’t forget the guy, been told he ll be back and seen it when I did a reading for myself the once. Also believe it deep down but where I was impatient, I m now so laid back and actually can’t see how. Only thing I get is ‘union’. Any ideas? Thank you for the post by the way!

  38. i keep getting the knight of cups lately. i am not super experienced with tarot, i just dabble, but in my case, i think the knight of cups represents some sort of inner creative/romantic drive for me. i could be wrong, but i feel a sense of safety or belonging when he comes up…

  39. Hi, I did a reading last night to communicate with my spirit guide and I got the knight of pentacles as his personality and then in another space in the spread the empress appeared in the space is what can I do to recognize or honor his presence. I’m confused to what I can do. Please help!

  40. Hi kate,
    I keep getting the 10 of swords card. I get it no matter what reading. Sometimes I just pick a random card to see where I am in my life. I always pick this one card. I have no idea what it’s telling me.

  41. Hi fellow Tarot – ers!

    Three separate times today, Card 15 – The Horned One: Cernunnos, has jumped out of my Arthurian deck and landed face up, staring me in the face. No one else was in the room with me during any of these instances. It was only my cards & I… I’m VERY new with the cards and still learning the meanings of them all, so any suggestions/advice are welcome! I’ve always been drawn to Tarot, ever since my youth… I am a 35 y.o. mother to three young children, happily married for 14 yrs, and I was recently accepted into an amazing program at a major university (one I never imagined getting accepted into), for special education – What I’ve felt since elementary school was my calling, in this world… Special needs kiddos seem to flock to me as much as I flock to them. It’s as if some invisible, magnetic force draws us together, regardless of the setting. Life is hectic, organized chaos, but despite this, I feel like I’m finally on the right path… New beginnings, so to speak. For a plethora of irrational reasons (I was the rebellious teenager), I chose to do other, less demanding things with my life, than going to college immediately after graduating high school. Deep down, I always still felt that “magnetic force” I mentioned above. Always knew within myself that I belonged in a classroom full of special needs/disabled children. What did I do, then (1998)? I ignored the constant nagging at my heart strings. In 2002, our first child was born. We had a VERY traumatic delivery which resulted in mild cerebral palsy, as well as many other disabilities. At the time, of course, the last thing I ever thought was that our son was given to us in order to make me “see the light”, so to speak… From 4 days old, he was in physical & occupational therapy 2 times per week, each. Speech therapy came a bit later. Long story short, I would come home every day from therapy with our son and sobb, telling my hubby how stupid I was for deciding to be a flight attendant instead of going to college to get my degree in special education. I would choke down sobs at the rehab facility, because I wanted to be doing what the therapists were all doing – helping special needs children. He promised me that once all the surgeries, etc. slowed down, that I could go get my degree, aND I went back to school, 5 yrs ago. I am currently, just starting grad school. Isn’t it funny how life will ALWAYS find a way to come full circle? I needed that motivation during each emotionally draining therapy session, and even the events during delivery of our oldest son, to inspire/encourage me to get on the right track. The path I’very known I was supposed to follow since my youth. All that being said (I HAD to give the details in order for everyone to fully understand where I’m coming from), and you know exactly where I stand in regard to my past life decisions & how far I’ve come, I have no idea what the repeated jumping of the Cernunnos card could be implying, for me? There is an obvious message there, but I am not familiar enough, yet, with the cards, to grasp a firm foundation on the implications… That’s where all of you come into play! πŸ™‚
    All thoughts, impressions, interpretations, etc. are greatly appreciated!!

  42. Every time I ask someone pn or offline for a tarot reading I get the devil card. I’m try to understand what this message can mean. Is it positive, negative, or both perhaps?

    1. It can be either positive or negative – but is usually an indication that you need to stop giving your power away.

  43. I don’t know if this is still going on, but every tarot reading I get has strength, the lion. tell me what that means please?

  44. Rhoda L Williams

    Hi I keep getting the sun and three of cups. The last time it happened was December 2014 and I got married unexpectedly.

  45. I am CONSTANTLY pulling the Tower card. It falls out, will appear at the top of the deck, at the bottom, anywhere I split it… Just everywhere. I am a little freaked out, considering its meaning. I guess I need to sit down and think on it, but I’d love to hear what anyone else might have to say about it. I only skimmed the above conversations because Im in a bit of a hurry, but I will definitely check to see if anyone has had the same situation crop up. Thanks for any responses, folks! Also, does anyone have any suggestions or know of an online tarot forum where you can post readings and get feedback from others? I’d love to get second opinions on mine since Im still learning.

    1. Hi Aly,
      You might want to check out the Aeclectic Tarot Forum: http://www.tarotforum.net/ – I have found it to be really helpful πŸ™‚
      I remember a time a few years ago when I was always getting the Tower – to this day I am not really sure why, since it wasn’t a particularly tumultuous time or anything. So if your life is going along pretty smoothly I would suggest it may have to do with inner changes that your experiencing in regards to your perception of reality and not necessarily outer changes in your life circumstances.
      But spend some time meditating on this card and see what comes up!

      Good luck πŸ™‚

    2. Your leaving your troubles and past behind to turn a new leaf of something bigger and better

  46. Hi I keep pulling 10 of swords in future! Me and my husband are in a rough patch so I’m thinking is something else going to happen or does it mean I’m at rock bottom its only get better pulled 6 of cups reversed with it and page of swords reversed

  47. hi I am new to tarot and I’m still learning how to read the cards. When learning I could almost always guess what they meant before reading up on it…with the exception of the swords most of those confused me or what I thought was the meaning was totally opposite…anyways for some reason I keep drawing the three of swords whenever I ask this specific question.. I waited about a week before asking the cards the same question and the three times I asked it I pulled the three of swords and it’s always the third card in the spread… What does this mean

  48. Hi Kate,
    I have been getting Death and King Of Swords for about two weeks now, and they are always the last two cards. The even stranger thing is, is death is drawn as part of my three or four card reading, then whenever I ask for more information with the energy surrounding the Death card, I get the King of Swords!! Every time! It’s crazy. I have an idea, but I really want to know what it is my guides are trying to me.
    Love your site, I’ve been watching and reading your videos and page for over two years now. I wanted to also thank you for all your insight. You are one of the Tarot card readers that I learned from. πŸ™‚
    Have a good night…and if you could give me a little insight it would be deeply appreciated.

      1. Thank you Kate, I will purchase the three card interpretation by you soon. Funds are tight at the moment, but I am very curious to hear what you see in my spread.

  49. I keep pulling Endurance, #43 from my Oracle of the Mermaids deck. I’ve pulled it so often that I have the card and the traditional meanings memorized exactly. I could draw it with my eyes closed

    It appears when I’m reading for someone close to me, it falls out of the deck while shuffling and, on one occasion, the deck fell off of my dresser and the only card fave up was that one.

    What are they trying to tell me.

  50. King of Cups or Healing Card from Osho Zen Tarot Cards has come up 3 days in row for me. I am currently going through a lot pain and beginning a long overdue dental overhaul in my mouth!

  51. Hi, I have the angel therapy cards. 3 card readings and almost every time the indigo card is the first pulled and twin flame moves from the middle to end. Help! I am new at this, my daughter is clarvoient and I’m teaching myself to help her.

  52. For me, I ask about romance and always seem to get Pentacles. 8 of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles. I feel as if I’m being told “NO love for you!” Or “stop thinking on love right now and focus on your business.” Or even “you won’t meet the guy until you work hard and become successful at your business.” If this is true, I’m sure my Spirit Guides have my best interest at heart, but it’s kinda like blah… I want to find the right guy so much.

    1. Mel, that IS frustrating! Try rephrasing your questions. Instead ask something like, “what do I need to do to meet the right guy?” or “how can I attract love into my life?” And pentacles isn’t necessarily anti-love – it’s the earthiest suit and it isn’t a bad thing if it comes up when asking about romance.
      Good luck with your readings πŸ™‚

  53. Hi Kate,

    The Knight of Wands shows up even if I use a different deck of cards. What message is the Universe trying to tell me? Thank you πŸ™‚

  54. Hi everytime i use my magiacl messages from the fairies cards I always pull out the Pregnancy card, it doesnt matter what i ask or am thinking about i awlays pull that card out. Can you give me an idea of what this means? Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Joanna,
      I have no idea what this means for you – only YOU know that! But if literal pregnancy is not on your mind, then think about what pregnancy represents for you. For example, creativity, birthing something, nurturing a creation/idea – there are many possibilities here πŸ™‚
      Good luck!

  55. I keep pulling swords and cups and then high priestess or temperance card every time I ask about this particular guy in my life Kevin. I would like to have a deeper explaination of why the cards keep coming out like this…HELp PLEASE

  56. Hey Kate!
    The Devil card keeps showing up in my deck, not when I’m doing readings though but when I’m just shuffling or asking my deck how it’s doing. I’m new to Tarot so it’s kind of freaking me out but I’m thinking maybe its because I’ve been hanging on to an Ex boyfriend of mine, but I’m not really sure.

    Thanks so much for all the help!

  57. The moon, the 5 of cups, 3 of cups. I have gotten these 3 cards twice in a row. First for a general reading on my Facebook page, and then again when my sister came over and asked for a reading the very next day. I drew them via pendulum. I felt really strange as I saw these three cards again… I told myself, I didn’t shuffle well enough, but I drew with the pendulum so it wouldn’t have even mattered…I think I have an idea what it might mean, but what’s your take? Any opinions?

  58. Great article! I get the King of Swords a lot as my daily card, I think maybe as a reminder to keep cool headed and rational at work or that I already possess those qualities and I will need to use those throughout the day! I can’t wait to try tip 3 to see if I am missing a message though! Thanks Kate!

  59. Thank that’s I found you on this web since the Sun card always re-occurring to me over and over no matter what deck has been used. It surprises me no end. Then now I know this must be my guide card. Best wishes,

  60. Hi Kate,
    As a bit of background – I gave my cards cards away (Gypsy Romany) to a friend 8 years ago. Last year I spent mostly in and out of hospital, lost my job, almost everything I owned and my relationship finished. Despite this I remained positive things would get better. So this year has been a year of re-building. I have a job in a new town and starting to put things back together. My friend recently moved to a hospice and sent the cards back to me so I have started reading them again. I get 2 cards constantly, the 5 of cups and the king of cups. And I do mean constantly! after dozens of readings. The 5, I have taken as a message to stay focused and not dwell too much on the past and be thankful with what I have achieved, not what is lost. The King used to only really come up when I was asking about relationships, but now comes up in almost every reading. I do simple 3 card readings so it really is quite puzzling that they should be that regular. I have checked the cards and they aren’t sticky or other wise defaced so do you have any thoughts you could share? many thanks

    1. Hi Andrew,
      My thought is that there is a message for you in these 2 cards and that is why they keep coming up. I am guessing that once you get the message they won’t keep appearing. I don’t know what they could mean for you – what happens when you do the 3 steps in this article?

  61. Thank you for this wonderful article!

    I keep getting an encore card, which obviously led me here! On Saturday night I pulled The Sun card. The following day (Sunday) my nephew was born. Yesterday (Monday) I pulled The Tower, The Devil, and Death, all in a row. Obviously I’m going through some major transformations in my life.

    But tonight, (Tuesday) I did a single card pull. The Sun came up. I decided to do another single pull, and AGAIN The Sun came up.

    I think my guides are telling me that they’re with me during this transformation and transition period in my life. Unless they’re telling me I’m going to get pregnant! Haha!

    What do you think? πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Josie Jo,
      Wow – The Tower, Devil and Death all in a row? That is one intense reading! Yes, I think you are correct in your interpretation of why the Sun keeps coming up for you. I don’t think the Sun typically represents pregnancy – I think of The Empress, 10 of cups, Ace of Wands when I think of pregnancy cards.
      Best of luck going through this time of transformation and I’m so glad you found my site πŸ™‚

  62. I just found out my job was ending: I have been doing Tarot readings for myself every night since I am distressed!
    I keep getting The Magician card in each reading!

    What does this mean? I need some serious magic now to get me a new job ….
    Your thoughts??

    1. Brianna, it’s there to show you that you have the power to create a new job (or at least find a new job) – you aren’t a victim here at all (that is what the Magician is saying). Good luck – and I don’t think you need to be as distressed as you are πŸ™‚

  63. Greetings Kate,

    When I do a tarot reading regarding a crush I have on someone. The tarot card that keep reappearing is the Ace of Cups.

    Your thoughts, please.

  64. Hey Kate,

    I’ve been searching for some time about what happens when you get a constantly reoccurring card. I’ve had three different readings done in the past two months and each was about letting go and moving on and deciding what I want in life and manifesting it but in every reading I’ve had the “soulmate” card from the Mirmaid and Dolphin deck comes up. I just can’t figure out the significance. I even did my own reading and it appeared so I asked the cards and the “treasure chest” card appeared. I’m fairly new to doing readings and not I am sure what to take from it. Any suggestions ??

  65. Hi
    When I do reading fur myself there is always somewhere ‘world’ card. Would you mind to explain that?

  66. I also have the Angel Tarot cards & from the first time I bought them & blessed them, “2 of water” fell out of the deck. I had gone through a brutal betrayal with a karmic relationship & he is constantly coming to me in dreams. Right after I got the cards & pulled “2 of Water” he & I ended up working together on a project for 2 1/2 months. I kept pulling the “2 of water” every single time I asked what our purpose is. I am
    So torn between needing to move on but each time we are pulled back together. Suggestions??

  67. Hello !

    I have a “Message From Your Angels” card deck. Nearly every time I lay out a spread Chantell (The romance Angel ) is always the first card in the first position. Last night when shuffling it literally jumped out from the middle of the deck. I am puzzled as I have no love interest, nor believe there is any future of having that kind of relationship due to my life circumstances. My face is deformed (and you know how people react to that) due to a cancerous tumor which required surgery, thereby creating a situation where people are uncomfortable in being around me, except to stare at the side of my face, otherwise I am shunned by the general public. So you can see why I am puzzled as to why Chantell keeps appearing. I do love myself, which is how I get through the days because I never feel lonely having so many Divine entities who are always there, so self love is no issue. I would appreciate any clarification you can offer. Thank you!

  68. Hi Kate! Thanks so much for your articles and tips; they really help! I’m just starting out with tarot but I’ve been getting the King of Pentacles almost every other reading. I’ve been getting it when I’ve been doing my family too. I understand what it means with the question and situation but do you think there’s something I’m missing or I should take in consideration whenever this card comes up? Now that I’m think about it I’ve been getting mostly Pentacles… my guess is that means something too, huh?
    Thanks so much for all the help!

    1. Hi Tal – if lots of pentacles are showing up for you, this could signify a need to be more grounded, stable and “earthy” in your approach. What does the King of Pentacles mean to you personally? Are these qualities you have? or lack? or want? I am guessing, this card shows up to encourage you to channel your inner King of Pentacles – just a guess!

  69. Hi Kate, thanks for your article. I always get the Sun, 7 of penticles, the Queen.
    I truly believe in card readings. Lately my life is going in a different directions and I have been to few different readers and the cards come out the same. Also where my life is heading.

  70. I’ve been told by a couple of different tarot readers that I am a natural medium/clairvoyant. I’m trying to understand what to do with that info, have always been interested in tarot cards so am teaching myself [and looking for a class to go to].

    I have been doing a few basic spreads/queries for myself and yesterday have drawn Ace of Cups on 5 separate occasions!! Today I found this site and your 3-step decoder which I will try shortly. But just thought I’d share and ask if you have any words of wisdom for a newbie

    Great site by the way πŸ™‚

    1. DDee, that is so exciting that you are just getting into Tarot! And I am delighted you have found my site πŸ™‚ I do have some advice for a beginner – you can find it right here: https://daily-tarot-girl.com/2014/02/24/tarot-beginner-start/
      That’s wonderful you got the Ace of Cups 5 times – the Ace of Cups is all about new beginnings – specifically starting something that will prove to be emotionally fulfilling for you.
      Good luck!

  71. Hi Kate, I’ve gotten both The Magician and The Emperor the last three personal readings I’ve done, and the first two times they were in exactly the same position. The last two times I’ve also gotten The Moon. My immediate reactions was that it’s a sign to believe in myself and follow through with my actions. Overall, I’m getting a pretty good vibe from it.

  72. Hey Kate! I found your site while searching for answers about the card I have pulled 4 days in a row. The Knight of Pentacles keeps coming to me. Once with the Queen of Cups and once the day after I pulled The Hierophant. If you or anyone could help me shed light on this….I will be So Super appreciative!! Light & Love to you all!!

  73. Hey there. I am an Archer and I live up to the name.
    I have been noticing for a couple months now I am always getting the death card for my outcome/last card in my tarot reading. I know it doesn’t mean physical death and I am transforming…open to change. But is the message that I am not changing or am I consistently transforming?
    I am starting to question it now. What do you suppose? thanks.

    1. Hi Kiara,
      Did you do the 3 steps suggested in this article? Try step #3 and see what happens. I can’t answer this question for you, because only YOU know this answer to it!
      Good luck πŸ™‚

  74. Hi Kate, I have been reading cards for years now.. I’ve had the same deck since I was 18, I’m now 31.. There are 2 cards In the deck that always seem to represent me, the queen of wand ( I’m a Leo) not to mention I have a black cat that stays by my side… Which is on the card lol and the queen of cups… How can 2 cans be me, the queen of cups doesn’t alway represent me, but 90% of the time it does! And also, my card have gotten to be almost scary right!! A friend of mine told me I need to retire my cards an get new ones?! All my reading I have done over the years have been right, I have a bond with my cards like no other… Should I buy a new deck, or continue using mine!?

    1. Hi Tosha!
      thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ I think it’s absolutely possible to embody the character traits of two cards – no one is one-dimensional!
      Why are you thinking of getting new cards? It sounds like the deck you have is working for you really well πŸ™‚


  75. Hey, I just wanted to drop a quick reply here. I just recently started to use my deck (I got it in the mail today). I’ve been shuffling for long periods of time while meditating on a question. About 85% of the time the question was about me, my day, or my life in general, the six of wands appeared. I even was doing one focused on a totally different person and a card fell out. Curious, I looked at it and it indeed was the six of wands, even though I had shuffled for about a minute.

    Any ideas about what this particular card could mean as an encore card? Thanks πŸ™‚

  76. Hello,

    I recently purchased a deck of oracle cards and decided to shuffle and select a care while having dinner with my partner. I randomly selected the card of “appreciation”. I shuffled and passed the cards to my partner for his turn. He shuffled the cards and pulled the same exact card out of 52 cards. Is this by chance or is there something more to this? We recently broke up w/ one another and I’m wondering if this is a message from spirit.

    Thanks for the insight.


    1. Hi Marvin,
      I don’t think this is mere coincidence!
      Your idea that it was a message from spirit is probably correct (especially if the breakup had to do with appreciation issues).

      Warm Regards,

  77. Well, last night while Doing spreads with my cards, the lovers fell out of my deck… Ok great… Then I asked my deck “show me one card relating to the guy” and what did I choose – the lovers…. Then I laughed and said ok let’s put this into a reading… And did a love spread and what came up… The lovers… Then when I was done for the night I said “ok one more time, what card is important right now?” and chose a random card and it was……. The freaking lovers. So I rested the cards all night and watched your video in how to choose cards 6 different ways … And what did I just get twice in a row …. The freaking lovers! This is interesting because I am seeing a new guy causally (not sure if I’m that into it) and I have another guy who is far away on my mind (who, if I’m being honest, is who I asked the question with intention about) so I guess love is a very pertinent theme for me at the moment, which it never has been before, and my god my guides want me to know it! The people on the card even look like me and a dark haired guy (ha they both are!)

    I also took the suggestion above and reshuffled it into the deck and found it and looked at the cards flanking it – 5 of pentacles and the king of cups … Very interesting and positive I think … Now if I could just figure out which guy… Haha

    1. Erin, that is crazy!!!! does the King of Cups seem more like one of the guys than the other? That could be your clue, I think…

      1. Well, the king of cups seems to me to be an older, more mature and established man? That would be the far away one, the local guy is young and less established. Does that make sense?

  78. For almost a year the King of Swords keeps reappearing for me. My theory is that since I read my cards at my office, before my work starts for the day, it is an omen of the type of clients I usually see. I’m empathic and feel that the cards are getting my clients’ energy. I could be totally wrong. When I’m at home and do a reading this card rarely appears.

    1. Jenny, that is really interesting, but it makes total sense that that would happen. Different locations have different energies, so it makes sense that it could effect what cards come up. thanks for sharing that πŸ™‚

  79. For over a year, weather using deck, on line app or my msn daily delivered email,
    I have had hangman show up in my spread in some position….
    99% of the time….
    I have lost 3 people in past yr all to cancer, and my husband is fighting colon cancer- outcome uncertain… Next pet scan is in 10 days~
    I get that I’m ” stuck” and cannot help…could this be a msg..that I need to let go???
    I know I cannot control outcome ….feeling like ” I don’t wanna see that card anymore:(”
    My mom, and sister both passed last yr from B. cancer, and a dear friend cancer also:( all in 5 months:( then husband was diagnosed 8 weeks later:(
    Do not wanna see this card anymore.
    Gem chick

    1. Gosh, I am so sorry that you have had to deal with all this in such a short period of time. My heart goes out to you. The Hanged Man is often symbolizing the need to surrender, but it’s also about looking at things from a totally different perspective. I know how frustrating it is when you keep getting a crappy card like The Hanged Man – if it really gets you down, try taking it out of your deck for a month or so – and see if another card replaces it as the repeat card.
      Best of luck with everything – sending you light and love πŸ™‚


  80. I just started using Tarot cards and have been noticing repeating cards. More specifically, from Messages from your animal spirit guides I have pulled the zebra every day, and twice today. So, 5 times this card has come up for me. It says “let go of your fear and know that you are safe and protected at all times”

    I have asked other card readers for their interpretation and one felt it was relationship based. Another thought it had to do with my bf and my personal feeling was that I was protected by spirit and the universe.

    So, what’s the best way to clarify it’s meaning?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Go with your personal feeling about the card. If you are unclear as to what area of your life it refers to specifically, you can ask yourself: what area of my life I feel the most fear?
      Have you tried Step 3? close your eyes and ask your guides or higher self what message they are trying to send you via this card.
      Good luck, Lisa πŸ™‚


  81. I just done a readin on myself picked one card got the 2 of pentacles reversed then done a reading for a mate he shuffeld and chose 2 of pentacles what does this mean y we chose the same card from same pack

  82. The Hanged Man and 4 of swords no matter what deck and multiple type of spreads lately along with Diana in the Goddess Oracle deck. Diana has shown up 3 of last 4 days despite thourough shuffling on my daily card draw. I think if I go to another deck, she would figure out how to jump in that deck somehow and show up. LOL I get it. I need to let go, let God, see things from another perspective, meditate more (which will help with focus and answers), rest and recuperate (healing to do), and have some focus as I experience a general lack of direction right now. This has a lot to do with health, but not everything.

  83. Hi Kate, I finally got the answer to my question. It was about be pulling out the same card again and again – the 8 of swords. It used to drop while shuffling, it used to be my card of the day for like one week. I started thinking that there’s something wrong with cards. The worst part was – I didn’t know which keyword is it sending to be. It has many. After I read this post, I decided to meditate, I just visualized the card and asked: “What do you want to show me?” And slept. The next day I was checking out some tarot software that I installed and there were two decks in it: RWS and Osho-Zen. I stared at the Osho-Zen deck and couldn’t stop – it was SO beautiful. Then I saw the 8 of swords and it was written “guilt” on it. I felt somewhere deep that it was the keyword the 8 of swords was trying to show me. It felt right at some level and it struck me, cause that’s my main life’s pattern – the guilt about everything, even learning the tarot, lol.

    1. Aina, I am so glad you were able to get some resolution around this card. I LOVE the Osho deck – it is an amazing deck and totally changed how I look at the Tarot. Hopefully, now that you understand the meaning of this card, you won’t feel so guilty! πŸ™‚

  84. Hey Kate.

    This is actually quite relevant as I has very recently has this occurance. For the past three readings I have done for myself openly about my current state of affairs, the Tend of Swords has been encoring itself quite a bit. When I first saw it, it was in place of a very positive reading, with it being the only negative card. After this first reading I went to ask my deck what it meant or what I was supposed to do about it, and low and behold the Ten of Swords is the card that I picked out of the deck…

    Now after a week has passed I have been trying to figure out what it’s saying, so I go for another reading, and it appears again, yet again in a highly positive reading.

    I admit I am very new to Tarot reading so perhaps my interpretation is off, but It’s really been something that has been bugging me in the back of my mind.

    1. Hey, Yuki–

      I suggested one way to approach a puzzling card in my response, below. Check it out and see if it’s helpful to you.

      Good luck with that prickly Ten of Swords!

  85. Hey, Kate–

    Such a great topic! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    For me, encore cards tend to fall into one of two categories for me:

    First, they can refer to people–me (QSwords, KnightSwords, 9Pents, or a couple of other courts, depending on my attitude)–or to someone else (if I’m in an ongoing relationship with that person or we’re in some sort of situation together.

    Secondly, they can signify a situation. For instance, the repeat appearance of the 6Wands over the last several weeks would let me know that the cards were referring to the refi (which is now completed; thanks for your support!). In this case, the Six of Wands was my guide–telling me that I would triumph, ultimately, sure, but also acting as a clue to me when I was doing my daily draw whether or not a reading was about that process or about something else.

    It’s simply uncanny the way the same card will show up over and over and OVER–from DIFFERENT DECKS–when I’m working through an issue that the cards want to continue to discuss.

    A few months ago, I was chatting with another of your readers about what to do when you don’t know what an encore card (great phrase!) is trying to tell you. Let me add that method to the three-step method you share in this post:

    I take the enore card (let’s say, Temperance, for example, since one of your readers mentioned that card) and shuffle it back into the deck. Then I flip the deck over, so I’m looking at the faces of the cards, rather than their backs, and I sift through the deck until I find my encore card (Temperance, in this example). Then I pull it, and the card on either side of it out and lay them in front of me, making them into a three-card reading with the repeater (Temperance) in the middle.

    From there, I use my reading skills and intuition to make meaning of Temperance (in this case). If, for example, Temperance were now flanked by The Emperor and The Hierophant (oy!!), I’d think maybe the message is to blend (Temperance’s verb) my concerns about business or corporate entities (Emperor, perhaps, if that fit) with concerns about education +/or religion (Hierophant, if that fit).

    In a way, Temperance would be an easy card to intepret with this method, b/c I’d always think, with her in the middle, I was being asked/advised to incorporate/combine the energies suggested by the cards flanking her!

    I hope this is helpful. It’s something I’ve had very good results with. And, by the way, it’s an approach I learned from tarotist Janina Renee, whose books have really been wonderful, grounded guides in my tarot life.

    Have a great rest of your weekend. Summer has arrived in muggy Central Florida, but I bet you’re not ready to turn on the air conditioning quite yet!

    (Very Temperate) Hugs,

    1. That is such a cool technique, Jamie! I have heard of it (maybe from you), but I have yet to try it out myself. Thank you for sharing it here πŸ™‚ Which Janina Renee book would you recommend the most (for those new to her work)?

      1. Hey, Kate–

        Thanks for asking! Although it’s aimed for younger people, I LOVE Janina Renee’s “Tarot for a New Generation,” which might be out of print, but is still available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Tarot-New-Generation-Janina-Renee/dp/0738701602

        In it, she takes each card and talks about how it can be applied to a variety of different aspects of life: love, health, career, family, etc.

        Another favorite is “Tarot: Your Everyday Guide,” out of print, for sure, but available CHEAP on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Tarot-Everyday-Practical-Problem-Solving/dp/1567185657.

        “Everday Guide” approaches each card as if it were purely an advice card. So, if you’re asking what action to take with a problematic colleague at work, and you draw the Three of Pentacles, for instance, how do you translate that into advice that you can turn into a helpful action or attitude.

        She’s very down-to-earth, and I find her explanations clarifying and demystifying.

        I’m so glad to get to share about her work here. Thanks for the opportunity!


    2. Weirdly, I did my daily draw a couple of hours after leaving this example with Temperance and then drew her myself in a reading where she was actually telling me that I was being intemperate about something!

    3. Wow! what a great way to find an interpretation! Thank You. I have 2 decks that I work with the most and each one has a particular card that comes up. I continuously draw 9 Swords (Rider-Waite) and Guilt 8 – Clouds (Osho Zen). Here’s what I drew when I used your way:

      Osho Zen
      Mind (Page Clouds) – Guilt (8 Clouds) – Fighting (Knight Clouds)
      I have a lot of Guilt – created in my Mind and I Fight with my thoughts.

      VI – The Lovers – 9 Swords – 3 Pentacles
      I often have sleepless nights and grieve about my relationship
      and work. 1) Life changes as we get older and things like relationships change and all of a sudden one day you realize something’s different, And you don’t know what, or why. Not that it’s bad. But it’s uncomfortable because it’s not what you knew. 2) Jobs are different. There used to be loyalty with employers, you could go for a job and be put to work the same day, not anymore. It’s mostly the almighty dollar – bottom line. Quantity not Quality.

      Times they are a changin’. I must learn to accept change if I can not change it, change it if I can, and know the difference . It is what it is. I must make the best of it.

      Jamie, Thank you again for this wonderful way of understanding!

  86. Very interesting story for you. I was in the middle of a problem about 10 years ago. I shuffled my deck, pulled three cards, and the Queen of Swords came up, King of Pentacles (the man I was dating at the time), along with the 10 of swords. He was on his way over to my place to “talk with me,” and I knew there was an ending involved for me because of another woman. I refused to believe this!! Not me!!! So I shuffle and pulled three more cards….and the Queen of Swords, King of Pentacles and the 10 of swords came up AGAIN!!!! So I shuffled and shuffled and shuffled till I was tired and pulled three more, and wouldn’t you know it – the same exact three cards came up AGAIN! I swear to God – I was shaking at this point. And then, the Death card came falling out of the deck – as if to say, ” DO NOT ASK ME THIS QUESTION AGAIN!!!” Well, sure enough, I got news from my boyfriend that evening that he (king of pentacles) was in love with another woman (queen of swords) and we were over (10 of swords and Death)! After that date, I NEVER AGAIN DOUBTED MY CARDS!!!!! (I have to tell you, though, I was extremely freaked out at the time that this occurred because I had only been reading maybe a year at that time and it scared me! I immediately called my teacher the next day who told me, “They were trying to give you a message, and you didn’t want to hear it! So they finally threw in the Death card for good measure!” In other words, “it’s over, girl; move on.” So I thought I would share that with you. Have a GREAT weekend! Keep up your excellent work!


    1. Sage!!

      This is a crazy-great tarot story! Thank you so much for sharing it so I could enjoy it. That was so generous of you–especially as it may not be your happiest memory ever!


    2. Sage – I have had similar experiences like that – and it is so freaky it sends chills down my body when it happens. I often find that when I don’t like the card I got (and I return it to the deck and re-shuffle and re-draw), I typically get the exact same card again! Loved your story – it shows your Tarot deck was not interested in humoring you or telling you what you wanted to hear.

  87. P.S.: And I get the “Temperance” all the time…? what does this mean? Please, heeeelp!
    Thx! πŸ™‚

    1. EG,

      I added a comment to this discussion using Temperance as an example in a method I find helpful in determining the meaning of puzzling cards. You’ll find it above. I hope you find it helpful.


  88. I find myself in a delicate and quite complicated situation with someone… I always got The Star… and recently the 2 of Cups… Your opinion? Cheers and thanx a lot!

    1. The Star seems to signify that everything is working out okay, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now – trust is needed. Two of cups suggest that things will be sorted out for the highest good of everyone. I know its odd when the cards we get don’t necessarily match how we currently feel about the situation.

  89. Hey Kate, thanks for the post. I used to get the “Queen of Fire” from Doreen Vortue’s Angel tarot cards. I felt like it was a message to let my fire out πŸ™‚ don’t be afraid to be yourself and someone broke up with me 3 months ago so it was a kind reminder that I’m stronger than I think πŸ™‚ also, I had a reading at a school close by and one said that one of my past lives is that I was a sorceress. A good one though who help people. They interpreted that card as saying the sorceress in me from my past lives wants to come out! Pretty cool huh?

    1. Christine, I know the card you are referring to and it is so beautiful – and really does have a magical sorceress vibe to it! That’s wonderful that it keeps coming up for you – now you will just have to find a way to express your inner sorceress πŸ™‚

    2. Hey, Christine,

      I was just scrolling back through recent comments on Kate’s posts and found I’d missed this one. I went right to Google Images to look for that Queen of Fire.

      Wow!! What a powerful card!

      I’ve been pretty much ignoring this deck, as I think of Doreen Virtue as an oracle creator, not a tarot-deck maker, but this card may have just changed my mind.


  90. Hi Kate, thanks, this is such a useful way of looking at encore cards.
    Mine seem to be the Swords more often than not, the 2 or 3 of Swords and probably relates to the difficult situation concerning my daughter.
    Keep up your good work!

    1. Hi Denise – ah, the swords! I remember a time when all I seemed to get was Swords cards for months. That’s good that you have an idea as to what its referring to – best of luck with your daughter situation.

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