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Are Tarot Cards People?

I am always trying to think of fun ways to connect with my Tarot cards and get a better understanding of them.

From meditating with my cards to interviewing my Tarot deck, I’ve tried it all!

But the other day, one of my readers said she likes to use her Tarot cards as inspiration for character development in her writing….and this got me thinking….

What if I looked at each Tarot card as if it was a person with unique character traits, quirks and secret desires?

I decided to start with one of my favorite cards, the Queen of Wands.

crystal visions tarot
Crystal Visions Tarot

I imagine her to be a real go-getter. Sophisticated, focused and driven, I bet she would read books like Write it Down, Make it Happen and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

If it was the 80’s she would be rockin’ the shoulder pads!

She’s the kind of gal who gets up at 6 am to workout to an aerobics tape like this one:

As a dinner date she is interesting company, but never stops talking…which can get a bit obnoxious.

Of course, this is easy enough to do with a Court Card, but what about a minor arcana card like the Four of Cups?

four of cups
Anna K Tarot

If the Four of Cups were a person, he would be one of those passive-aggressive types. When asked where he wants to go for dinner, he would reply “wherever you want to go” but then be all dissatisfied and resentful about it!

On vacation, he always finds things to be unhappy about – from the low threadcount hotel sheets to the lukewarm quiche.

If friends recommend books and movies to him, he is always “disappointed”  and nothing is quite up to snuff. “I read The Hunger Games,” he laments “and I really don’t see what you liked about it.”

The Four of Cups likes to play it safe. He gravitates to the mundane things in life – only watching blockbusters and eating in chain restaurants – so no wonder he is eternally unsatisfied!

His secret wish is to feel ALIVE in everything he does, but his fear of the unknown holds him back.

Your turn!

Choose a Tarot card that you find a bit perplexing. Now pretend that it isn’t just a card….it’s a person!

What personality traits does he/she have?

What kind of movies does he/she like?

What kind of hobbies are of interest?

What is his/her secret desire?

Tell me what you come up with in the comment section below!

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How to Get Magical Messages from your Tarot Cards

If your like me, you’ve done plenty of Tarot readings like this:

Shuffle the cards and think of your questions. Draw one or more cards. Look at the cards and think um hmmm, now I get it! OR you think what on earth does this mean? and you look up the meaning in your book.

Sometimes you get great insights and sometimes you don’t. But is this experience magical? Is it thrilling? Do you feel like you have left this reality and ventured into another mysterious world to gain wisdom, clarity and understanding? Probably not!

So how do I make the magic happen? I hear you ask. Let me give you all the dirty details…

Lets talk meditation.

Wait! Don’t go!

buddhaIf your eyes are glassing over and you are beginning to feel like a ADHD kid amped up on sugar at my mere mention of “meditation”, hold tight. I used to feel this way too – in fact, I still feel this way when I first sit down to meditate.

But once I calm my chitter-chatter mind and experience true meditation, I realize how freeing it is and how its like having a mini vacation no matter where I am.

I can be in a Wal-Mart listening to my in-laws talk about Cancer, but  feel like I’m on a beach in Hawaii being rubbed down by a hot surfer with six pack abs.

And I know what I am about to say is a bit taboo, but meditation is a delightful form of escapism. Almost as good as reading paranormal erotica while you tuck into a pan of brownies! Yum!

So lately I have been combining my love of meditation with my love of Tarot by exploring Biddy Tarot’s new e-course Soul Meditations (more on this in a sec!).


Where the magic is

But why does meditating with your Tarot cards make for a ‘magical’ experience? I hear you ask. Well, here’s my take on it…

When you meditate, you relax and let go, giving fear and “logical thought” a chance to evaporate. This makes way for your intuitive, creative and spiritual side to come in and get the party started.

It’s like your inner Richard Dawkins/boring math teacher self takes a shit break while your inner Yoko Ono swans into the room and breaks open the pop and chips. Hallelujah!

Of course, we all study our Tarot cards diligently and read books and stuff, which helps establish an intellectual relationship with the cards. This is very necessary. But it is meditating with the cards that lets you experience them in a personal and spiritual way.


Try This!

touch-cardsStep 1: Choose a card that fascinates you and spend a few moments gazing at it. Now get comfy and close your eyes. Spend a few minutes just breathing and relaxing until you feel sufficiently calm.

Step 2: Visualize the card getting huge and then stepping into it. Look around. What do you notice? Where is your attention drawn? See if you can chat it up with whoever is hanging around. Ask nosy questions. Discover the secrets this card has to offer!

Step 3: Open your eyes and bust out your journal. Jot down what you experienced and spend some time just contemplating. You are guaranteed to get some pretty magical messages from your cards this way.


Tarot Meditation made easy!

Okay, so getting back to Biddy Tarot’s Soul Meditations. Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for this program, which means that if you purchase this program through my links I will get a commission. However, I only promote stuff I know is totally awesome and top notch.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way – this e-course is a trip and a half! The program focuses completely on the Major Arcana and has a 20 minute guided meditation for each Major Arcana card, as well as a detailed guidebook. The guidebook is fabulous and has the meanings and description of each card and questions for reflection, which are like journaling/playsheets that you can do after the meditation.

There is also a “heart-centered practice” for each card, which is an exercise to help you live the energy of each card. For example, the heart-centered practice for The Fool is to choose one thing on your “bucket list” and make it happen. Fun stuff!

The meditations are powerful. As you listen, you are coaxed into a state of deep relaxation (in my case, sleep) and then you are guided to imagine entering the Tarot card and exploring it.

Last night I did the meditation for The Hermit. I was pretty tired so I just fell asleep instantly. I am not sure how long I slept for – probably only a few minutes – but when I started waking up, it was at the part in the meditation where I was being guided to step into the card. The experience was a bit bizarre – I could feel my body lying on the couch, yet I was also on this dark mountaintop with The Hermit. It was kind of like waking up in the middle of a dream and realizing your in a dream but choosing to just stay in it and look around. It was wild!

So to sum it up, I am having some good times with the Soul Meditations program 🙂 And if this sounds like your cup of tea, you can sample one of the meditations for free (just click the above link and scroll down about halfway). Then you will know what I mean!

As you dive deeper and deeper into Tarot via meditation and journalling, you are also exploring your self at a soul level, like The Hermit wandering into the wild darkness, glowing lantern held high. I hope your travels are as interesting and revealing as mine have been 🙂


Over to you…

Have you ever meditated with your Tarot cards before? Did you try my little exercise? If so, what was it like? Let me know your thoughts in the reply section below…

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How to Deal with Tarot Haters!

Do you love Tarot? Do your friends and family think your nuts? Your not alone….

Lately I have heard from many people who enjoy Tarot reading and other metaphysical things, but struggle with the fact that their friends and family do not share their enthusiasm. This inspired me to tell you all about my 4 methods for dealing with this issue with humor, sass and zen-like tranquility.

First of all, I often totally forget that most people aren’t  really into Tarot or other new-agey topics like crystals, angels, meditation, past lives and Reiki. Most days I walk around inside a happy, sunshiny bubble, totally oblivious to the negativity and limited views held by some.

So it comes as a jarring shock when I meet someone new and I chirp “I’m a Tarot reader!” and they look at me like I just said “I eat babies”.

This Summer I was having a conversation with someone I had only known five minutes. When I told him that I read Tarot cards, he said with genuine awe “oh cool! So you just make stuff up and take people’s money!” He seemed pretty impressed.

So as you can imagine, it was hard to burst his bubble by admitting that actually, no, that’s not what I do! As I explained that I truly believe Tarot works and is not a bunch of crap, I noticed a certain look come over him. I knew the look well. It was that oh, jeez, what a flake look.

I bet you know the look I mean 😉

Experiencing negative reactions from strangers is one thing. But it is entirely different when it’s your close friends and family…

I once had a relative tell me at a Christmas dinner that “Satan works through Tarot cards and if you mess around with that stuff, SATAN WILL GET YOU!” *sigh*

celestiteOne of my dearest friends once exclaimed “people who are into crystals are total assholes!” (this was before she had been to my place and seen the plethora of crystals lining my bookshelves and coffee table!)

And for many years, I would hide my angel card decks and spiritual books when people came to visit. I didn’t want them thinking I was a New Age flake. But eventually I stopped caring.

So as you can see, not everyone in my life thinks that what I do is totally awesome. Crazy, I know!

So what do you do when your friends and family can’t stand your “woo-woo” side?

Tip #1: Don’t get defensive

cat-hissingResist the urge to defend Tarot (or any other woo-woo topic) or convince them into seeing things your way. Instead, explain how much fun you have with Tarot and why you like it. You don’t need to say why you think its legit.

For example, when my relative warned me about falling into Satan’s grasp (too late!), I could have replied, “I have been reading Tarot for years and my experience has been very positive. I have so much fun studying the cards and giving readings and it has really helped me through some difficult times.”

When people see how much joy Tarot brings you, they will rethink their stance on it. This may not be obvious to you, but trust me, the gears in their mind are shifting!


Tip #2: Don’t get your panties in a bunch!

pantiesFriends, family and total strangers judge you as a New Age wing-nut? So what!

Try not to judge them in return as “ignorant”. Because you aren’t better than them. In fact, you may actually be more close-minded. For example, I have lumped everyone who enjoys team sports, video games, weddings, babies, fast food and ice cream into the “people I just can’t relate to” category. And that’s a lot of people! Almost everyone.

So we all make silly judgements about each other to one degree or another. This means you need not take it personally when it feels like someone is judging you. Let it go.


Tip #3: Use humor!

Seeing the funny side of all this can be a wonderful way to shift the energy and feel more connected with those around you.

When my good friend said “people who like crystals are assholes,” I simply said “fuck you! I love crystals!” Then we laughed and laughed and all was well.

Next time someone says something obnoxious like “I don’t believe in psychic phenomena because it’s not scientific,” simply shout “SCIENCE!” a la Thomas Dolby’s 1982 hit She Blinded Me With Science. That always goes over well!


Tip #4: Get comfortable with not being accepted

I know, I know, we want people to like us and agree with us. It just feels good. So when the opposite happens, it kind of sucks. But here is a liberating secret I want to share with you…

The more comfortable you are with being “unacceptable”, the more free you will be!

Me…offending people!

Here’s a quick story about me. I used to bellydance in restaurants. Every once in a while someone in the audience would be visibly offended. They might shoot dirty, disapproving looks my way or shake their head in disgust. It was lame.

Before I began dancing in public, this was my greatest fear – that I may in fact offend someone.

But prior to dancing professionally, I confronted this fear. I repeatedly imagined dancing for a roomful of horrified spectators and feeling totally at ease with it.

Then, when it actually happened that someone didn’t like my dancing – well, it just didn’t bother me. I focused my attention elsewhere and got on with the show!

And that’s what you need to do – focus your attention elsewhere and get on with the show. It’s okay that some people don’t get your interest in Tarot. Its also okay that some people might think you are total whack job for being into metaphysical things.

When you can imagine the whole world judging you as a crazy, metaphysical loon and then thinking “hmmm…you know what? I’m totally okay with it,” then peace and freedom will be yours for the taking!

I want to hear from you!

Is there anyone in your life that disapproves of your interest in Tarot and metaphysics? How did you deal with it? Tell me all about it in the reply section below 🙂

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What Do You REALLY Want? Let Your Tarot Cards Tell All…

If you’re like most Tarot readers, you’ve probably consulted your Tarot cards to get insight into the future.

For some reason we are all endlessly fascinated with THE FUTURE. But you know what? I am sick and tired of The Future. It’s totally boring.

Discovering my deepest, innermost desires and motivations is much more riveting!

So pick up your Tarot or Oracle card deck and join me on a journey to your subconscious and lets discover what really makes you tick. The Future can wait. It always does 😉

Okay, lets get personal for a minute. Do you know what you want? What you really want? What you truly desire? Write it down – try to condense it to just one sentence or one word.


My Story…

Now bear with me for a minute as I ramble about my own life. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to make lots of money doing what I love and be able to support myself and my partner so he didn’t have to work. But year after year, I wasn’t any closer to my goal.

I knew the steps I needed to take to make things happen, yet I wasn’t taking them. I was procrastinating. So if I knew what I wanted and knew how to get it, why was I not doing it?

The answer to that question was that even though I did want to make lots of money, I wanted something else as well. And that “something else” much more appealing than buckets of cash.

I asked my Tarot deck “what do I really want?”

four of swords 2
Robin Wood Tarot

I got the Four of Swords. To me, this Tarot card is all about rest, respite and downtime. This, in fact, is what I really want more than anything. Downtime to just relax and simply be. I just wasn’t admitting it to myself!

Since I associate money and success with work and busyness, the idea of making lots of money secretly held no appeal. This insight allowed me to begin shifting my beliefs about money, work and freedom – the first steps in creating real change!

Not knowing what you really want can hold you back from living an amazingly satisfying life. Sounds simple, but it eluded me for years.


 Okay, now it’s your turn!

Question!: Is there something you just can’t seem to manifest, even though you really want it? What do you tell yourself you should do, but then don’t? Write it down!

Analyze: Now compare what you just wrote to what you wrote in the beginning about what you think you really want. Do the two mesh well or area they opposing each other?

Talk to your Tarot: Ask your Tarot deck “what do I actually really truly want?” Draw a card. Write it down. Do some hard-core journalling about what you think this card means.

If your Tarot card makes no f**king sense, read this.

If you got a really shitty card, like Eight of Swords, read the card in terms of it’s opposite meaning. For example, the Eight of Swords represents being stuck, so your desire would be freedom or perhaps being rescued.

If you want to share what card you got, share away in the comment section below! I can’t wait to find out what your secret desire is 🙂

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My Top 5 Tarot Decks!

Since I love, love, love making lists and coming up with my top 5 movies, top 5 books, etc, I thought it would be fun to list my top 5 Tarot decks. Keep in mind this is the top 5 Tarot decks amongst the Tarot decks I own and not all Tarot decks in existence! So of course, my top 5 Tarot decks list is a little biased. But if I could only keep five of my Tarot decks (god forbid!) these are the ones I’d grab:

note: all links in this article are affiliate links

1) Crystal Visions Tarot

Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

I just can’t get enough of this magical, girly, touchy-feely Tarot deck! I love everything about it – except the white borders, which I hacked off with a paper cutter. At first glance you may think oh, this is another once of those wimpy, fluffy, bullshit decks…but no! It’s not. It’s totally awesome in so many ways.

I go on and on about how great the Crystal Visions Tarot deck is right here, so I will keep it short here. This deck never disappoints me. I always feel comforted and supported when I do a reading with these cards – its kind of like talking with a really wise friend who knows me well, is totally honest, but never a bitch.

The colours are delicious, the energy is divine – and I have never had an “off” reading with this deck yet! This is my go-to deck when I am all in a flap about something.

To see the various readings I have done with this deck, click here.

2) Osho Zen Tarot

Osho Zen Tarot by Ma Deva Padma

The Osho Zen Tarot is one bad-ass deck! I love it because it puts a whole new spin on the traditional Tarot cards. Its new-agey and “spiritual” – but not in a cheesy way. I feel like these cards were really designed for contemplation, not fortune telling.

Most importantly, these cards feel sublime when you shuffle them, which is a trait few Tarot decks possess, quite sadly. I love the way these cards pull me back into the present moment, into my center, so I am not spazzing out over life.

Reading with the Osho Zen deck is like sitting down with a really good therapist…..almost! Hop over here to read my full review on this deck.

3) Druidcraft Tarot

The Druidcraft Tarot by Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Will Worthington

The Druidcraft Tarot is a delightfully witchy deck with a distinct pagan feel. For some reason this deck reminds me of Fall, my favorite time of year, when its crispy and smoky outside and almost Halloween.

The cards are kind of big, which makes shuffling a pain in the ass, but the beauty of the cards makes up for this. I don’t really use this deck much, but I bring it out on special occasions and to give myself important readings.

This is a very earthy deck and the people in it are kind of fugly, which huge feet and beer guts and stuff like that. Overall, the cards have such an old, wise feel to them, making this an extra-special deck.

Go here to see how I interpreted some of the cards from this deck 🙂

4) Anna K Tarot

Anna K Tarot

I really like this deck. I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly that I like so much, but these cards just have a nice feel to them – a good energy. Plus, the cards themselves are slightly shorter than most of my decks, which makes shuffling really easy. Bonus!

This deck does something odd – it seems to personally attune to each person I am reading for and when I read for myself it has been spookily accurate! I am still getting to know this deck, but I can easily say that it one of my faves.

You can see all the readings I have done with this deck right here.

5) Morgan-Greer Tarot

Morgan-Greer Tarot by Bill Greer

This deck is a total classic and a must-have for any serious Tarot deck hoarder! Despite the fact that this is a more recent addition to my collection, it feels like I have been reading with these cards for decades.

The Morgan-Greer Tarot is a product of the 70’s (first published in 1979) which is apparent in the appearance of the “pornstache” on many of the men. Fun stuff!

The best thing about this Tarot deck is that THERE ARE NO BORDERS on the cards! I can’t stand annoying borders – I love it when the image comes right to the edge of the card.

*So now I want to know….what are YOUR favorite Tarot decks? What is your go-to deck that never fails you? Tell me in the comment section below!

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What’s the Difference Between Tarot & Oracle Cards?

So you’ve heard of Tarot cards (obviously!) and you’ve probably also heard of Oracle cards. Are they the same thing? Or are they totally different? And which is better?

This is a question I get asked all the time. And it’s not always easy to explain. But let me do my best…

Oracle cards and Tarot cards are similar in that they are both used for the same purpose – doing readings, exploring oneself and divining the future.

The two differ in their structure

A Tarot deck follows a particular formula. An Oracle deck is more free-form.

harlequin-novelA Tarot deck is similar to a Harlequin Romance novel. There’s a formula and structure to it. Certain things have to be present.

For example, the traditional Harlequin novel always features a virginal heroine. The hero she falls in love with is always rich and oh so manly – he is usually either a cowboy, billionaire or tycoon. Never a school teacher, chef or janitor. Can you imagine the novel on the left being called Between the Gas Station Attendant’s Sheets? Didn’t think so! But I digress…

Like a steamy Harlequin, A Tarot deck must follow a particular structure. There is always five suits – the four minor arcana suits and the major arcana.

A Tarot deck has 5 suits…

The minor arcana consists of cups, swords, wands and pentacles. This can vary depending on the deck as some decks get crafty with renaming the minors. There might be coins instead of pentacles or bows instead of wands. But essentially, the gist of each suit is the same.

A Tarot deck has 22 major arcana cards numbered 0 through 21. For a complete list of all the major arcana cards, go here. Some decks will have an extra card that is unique to that deck. For example, the Crystal Visions Tarot has an extra card called “The Unknown Card”, making it a 79-card deck, instead of the standard 78 cards.

Just as some decks will rename the four minor arcana suits, the major arcana cards can also be renamed. In my Druidcraft Tarot, the Wheel of Fortune is called The Wheel and The Devil is called Cernunnos. But the general meaning of the card stays the same.

Don’t let alternate card names get your panties in a twist…

I know this concept is really confusing, but think back to the Harlequin novels. Underneath all the details of a steamy bodice-ripper – like character names, job titles and location – lies a storyline that is pretty much identical from novel to novel.

One romance novel’s heroine may be called Chastity Dewstorm, while a different novel’s heroine is named Vanessa Lovejoy. But they both fall in love with a high status male by the novel’s end, despite their breathy protests and desperate mews.

Another element that all Tarot decks share is that there are four court cards – King, Queen, Knight and Page – for each minor arcana suit. So there are 16 court cards in total. Again, some decks get creative with the names and might have prince and princess instead of Knight and Page, but the meanings of the cards do not change.

Now onto Oracle cards!

Oracle cards can be anything – there are no rules that must be followed. If a Tarot deck is like a Harlequin, then an Oracle deck is like a novel that just happens to have romantic elements in it. Perhaps there are even some Harlequin-type aspects to it, but it does not follow any set formula to a tee. Maybe that’s not the best analogy….

Okay, think of Tarot cards and Oracle cards as being non-identical twins (like me and my slutty other-half Veronica!). The Tarot deck is prim, proper and follows the rules. She wants to marry, have children and pay her taxes.

The Oracle deck is the rebel who makes her own rules, traveling wherever the wind takes her, spending time in communes and ashrams, embarking on sexual escapades and making pottery while high.

This is NOT to say that Oracle cards are more interesting than Tarot cards, only that they are not bound by any rules.

An Oracle deck can have any number of cards in it. Most of them tend to be less cards than a Tarot deck, but some can have more. Some Oracle cards will have phrases on it – something that is rare for a Tarot deck – but some decks might only have images and no words.

Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Most Oracle decks have Tarot-inspired cards in them. So if you get to know your Tarot cards really well, you will spot some similarities in your Oracle decks.

Angel cards are a popular form of Oracle cards – these are basically Oracle cards with an angelic theme. Most Angel cards have uplifting phrases written on them, making them easy to use for beginners and gentle enough to use on those days when everything’s total shit.

So which is better? Tarot or Oracle cards?

This totally depends on you! Learning Tarot requires more time and energy, while Oracle cards are easy to read right off the bat for most people since the meanings are usually written on the cards.

Some people find Tarot cards intimidating and “scary” with their dramatic images of crumbling towers and scythe wielding skeletons. In that case, its best to start with a gentle Oracle or Angel card deck.

So why bother learning Tarot at all?

Tarot has a depth to it that Oracle cards often lack. Reading Tarot is more challenging, forcing you to flex your intuitive muscles.

Think learning Tarot requires tons of boring memorization? Think again! And check out my 7 Tips for Learning Tarot Card Meanings.

Going back to the romance novel analogy, Tarot cards are like a leather bound copy of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, while Oracle/Angel decks are like a Harlequin paperback with a glistening cowboy on the cover. Yes, it’s comforting and it’s boatloads of fun, but don’t neglect the classics!

Now that I have thoroughly confused you by saying Tarot is like a Harlequin, I mean no, its like a romantic classic, I would love to hear your thoughts…

Which do you prefer? Tarot or Oracle cards? Or do you like both? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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My Adventures in Interactive Tarot Reading

This is part 3 of my 3-part series about “Interactive” Tarot reading (aka “lazy Tarot reading”). Interactive Tarot reading is when you get the person you are reading for to interpret the Tarot card themselves. If you missed the previous two posts, here they are:

Part 1: Interactive Tarot Reading: An Ultra-juicy Reading Method!
Part 2: 5 Reasons to Try Interactive Tarot Reading TODAY!

Today I want to tell you all about my personal experiences with this reading method.

My Experience:

I first began dabbling with Interactive Tarot Reading about a year ago. I had read about this method of reading in various Tarot books over the years, but I had always dismissed it as being a bit of a cop-out.

Then one day I was doing a reading for a woman who was just exhausting the crap out of me. Nothing I said seemed to make sense to her and she kept asking questions that were very difficult to answer. I began to feel drowsy and had to force myself to stay awake and keep slogging through the reading.

Then, out of sheer exasperation, I asked her “well, what do you see in this card?”

To my surprise, she said something incredibly insightful. Unfortunately I have a mind like a net trap (as opposed to a steel trap) and I have no memory of what she actually said. Bad storytelling, I know! But her observation made a light switch on in my head and suddenly the reading began to make sense – for both me and her.

I kept at it for a bit and asked her stuff like “and what do you think that means? And how do you feel this relates to this”, etc, etc.

In the end she was delighted with her reading and I had my sanity back.

But for a while I only used this interactive technique when I was struggling through a reading. Then one evening several months ago, I decided to get brave while I was giving readings at a Tarot party.

Tarot parties can be exhausting because when you’re reading for several people in a row, back to back, it can feel like a marathon for your intuition and Tarot reading skills. Anyhow, I really wanted to test out this “interactive” method with a wide variety of people, since I was certain that not everyone was going to be impressed with it.

Deep down I had this fear that as soon as I asked for my client’s input, they would freak out and roar “but your the Tarot reader, you tell ME!” And what if they thought I was slacking off or cheating?

So I started off slowly….I would give my interpretation first, then I would ask “what stands out to you in this card?”

What happened was this:  people lit up when I asked for their input. They suddenly became like celebrities being interviewed about their next big film and I was like Barbara Walters or Larry King, except younger and hotter.

Their insights and observations led me to ask deeper questions and here’s a little secret I discovered….

Deep questions = exhilarating answers = crazy-hot readings!

superstar!The best part of all was that instead of feeling like a total slacker, I ended up feeling like a Tarot reading superstar! Why? Because my intuition was actually enhanced by reading in this way. Since Interactive Tarot Reading eliminates the usual performance anxiety, I could relax and let my intuition surface naturally.

Plus, people had more aha! moments than ever before.  In a Tarot, the aha! moment is like the orgasm of the reading – its the whole reason you consult the cards in the first place and a reading doesn’t really feel complete until an aha! or two has occurred.

So far, I have found that Interactive Tarot Reading is the best way to produce aha! moments.


My tips for getting started with Interactive Tarot Reading:

Tip #1: Don’t feel you have to go all out with this method – you can stick to your usual way of reading, and every now and then ask the client what they see in the card.

This is what I did at the Tarot Party. When I felt there was a lull in the reading and I wasn’t sure where to go next, I would ask “what stands out to you in this card?”

As you get more comfortable with this style of reading, you can incorporate it more and more.


Tip #2: Don’t deprive your client of your own insights – just because your client sees a card one way and you see it differently, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your insights.

Think of Interactive Tarot Reading as a collaboration of your intuition and your clients’ intuition.


Tip #3: Don’t forget the “traditional” card meaning! – while its best to put the traditional meaning aside at first, it can be helpful to come back to it near the end of the reading, after your client has fully engaged with the card on a deep level.

The traditional Tarot card meaning can often help make sense of the intuitive insights that were gained throughout the reading. Think of this part of the reading as tying up any loose ends.


My list of possible questions to ask when giving an Interactive Tarot Reading:

  • What color do you notice first?
  • What stands out to you in this card?
  • How do you feel when you look at this card?
  • What would that figure in the card say to you if it could speak?
  • What do you think the figures on this card are doing?
  • What does that symbol mean to you?
  • How does this card reflect your own situation?
  • Which figure on this card represents you? (this works best for cards with multiple figures)
  • What advice would you give to the figure in this card? (This works well when the card depicts some kind of misery like the 5 of Cups or The Tower)
  • Is there anything you find disturbing/fascinating/mysterious about this card?

Now that you have all the tools to go off and run with this technique, give it a try! Notice what works, what doesn’t and then feel free to mosey on back to this page and share your experiences.

In the comments below, tell me if you have ever tried reading interactively, or if you have ever had an interactive Tarot reading? What did you think? Can you see any pitfalls to this method of reading? Do think this could be the new frontier for Tarot reading?

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5 Reasons to Try Interactive Tarot Reading TODAY!

Last week I told you all about Interactive Tarot Reading – what it is, how I love it and how I think its a total game changer. If you missed that post, click here to read it.

This week, I want to fess up and tell you exactly why I am into this style of reading so much…

5 Reasons to Start Doing Interactive Tarot Reading TODAY:

1. Its easy!

Reading in this style is actually much more relaxing than the more mainstream/traditional way of reading Tarot cards, where the reader is doing most of the talking and interpreting (like a performer) and the client sits back and observes (like an audience).

Stop thinking Performance and start thinking Collaboration. Performance style reading lets your client off the hook too easily, whereas collaborative reading rightly assumes your client has valuable insights into their own life.

If you have ever felt drained after giving a reading, try incorporating some interactive techniques into your reading. Reading in this style actually gives you energy!


2. You can shed the heavy cloak of “responsibility”

In a typical reading, the client asks questions and the reader answers them. If you are the reader, this puts a lot of pressure on you. What if you say the wrong thing and your client gets upset? What if your wrong? What if answering their question is actually unethical? Ugh! All this crappola can give you a headache!

When you read Tarot in an interactive style, you eliminate the burden of responsibility. Of course you are still responsible for asking the right questions, steering the reading in a positive direction and helping the client feel safe, understood, empowered, etc. But you no longer have that pressure of coming up with accurate predictions, impressing your client and all that 1990’s Miss Cleo infomercial claptrap.


3. It’s fun!

Interactive Tarot reading is 1000 times more fun than what I now call old-school Tarot reading.  Traditional Tarot reading can be hard, like working as a chambermaid in a Mexican resort with no air conditioning. Interactive Tarot reading is like being a guest at the hotel and playing tennis or ping pong while hot bartenders serve you drinks and pat your brow with ice cold towels.

Maybe that’s a weird analogy, but when there’s an equal sharing of effort as you interact with your client (like in tennis), things are kept fun and energizing.


4. Your client will love it!!!!

Interactive Tarot reading is empowering. It helps your client discover their own blocks and create their own solutions. Yes, there will be some people who say shit like “But your the Tarot reader, aren’t you supposed to tell me what to do?” This can be avoided by explaining how you do your readings before the reading starts.

Best of all, your client gets to talk about themselves waaaaay more than in an “old school Tarot reading”. And I find that most people love to talk about themselves!


5. Interactive Tarot readings are POWERFUL!

They get to the root of an issue and because the client is so involved in the process, the reading is that much more memorable and transformational.

While many people claim that they just want to be told what to do, most will not actually take your advice. Just look at how many people start diets and then fail. Being given a set of instructions hardly ever leads to transformation. As Tarot readers, we must go deeper.


But does Interactive Tarot Reading really fly with people?

Don’t they get pissed that you aren’t doing all the work and telling them their future? Next week, in part three of this series, I will share my personal experience with trying out this reading method….. juicy deets coming your way! Get ready.

Read Part 3: My Adventures in Interactive Tarot Reading


5 Reasons to Try Interactive Tarot Reading TODAY! Read More »

Interactive Tarot Reading: An Ultra-Juicy Reading Method!

I am so excited to tell you all about “Interactive Tarot Card Reading” and how its totally changing how I look at doing readings. In my humble opinion, this reading method is the Bees Knees. Not everyone will agree. Some will say “that sucks” or “that’s cheating.” You be the judge!

This is part one of what will be a three part series of blog posts all about this edgy, creative and daring way of reading the cards. So hold onto your hat!


What is Interactive Tarot Reading?

When you give an “Interactive” Tarot Reading, you will ask your client lots of open-ended questions and get them involved in the reading as much as possible. In a way, you are kind of coaching them on how to read for themselves.

Interactive Tarot reading works best when you are reading in-person, but it can also be done via Skype or telephone. It can be done when you are reading for yourself or another person.

Here’s an example of how an Interactive Tarot Reading might go down:

Let’s say you get The High Priestess. Before you rattle off the meaning, you may ask your client “what do you notice first when you look at this card?”

high priestess tarot card meaning
Universal Waite Tarot Deck

Client: the ocean in the background

Reader: and what does the ocean represent to you?

Client: fear! I am terrified of the ocean. I always worry about what might be lurking beneath and it always seems so deep and so vast and so dangerous. And I never learned to swim.

Reader: Is there any area of your life where you feel fearful and over your head?

Client: Yes! My relationship with my boyfriend. In fact, they way I feel about the ocean parallels how I feel about commitment. The deeper I get in my romantic relationship, the more panicky and unstable I feel. In the past I have ended relationships because of this.

Reader: Interesting! When you look at the woman on this card, what comes to mind?

Client: She seems really calm and powerful, like the fear that I just mentioned would never plague her. She seems above it all.

Reader: Have you ever risen above your fears?

Client: Lots of times! Just last Summer I conquered my fear of flying and got on a plane to Hawaii.

Reader: That’s amazing! How did you do it?

Client: I listened to a self-hypnosis meditation before boarding the plane and I used positive affirmations for weeks leading up to my vacation.

Reader: Have you tried using affirmations for your relationship fears?

Client: No, that has never occurred to me. What a fabulous idea! I am going to give that a try. Wow, your brilliant!

At this point in the reading, the you may opt to tell your client the meaning of The High Priestess and then interpret it in the light of the information she has just given you. For example:

Reader: The High Priestess often symbolizes an awakening of psychic energies and an initiation into working with the “mysteries” – including the subconscious mind, which is what you were doing with your affirmations and self-hypnosis! It feels like now is a great time to claim the role of High Priestess in your own life, particularly in relation to managing your fears. Whenever you feel afraid or out of your depths, it can be helpful to picture this image of the High Priestess sitting there all calm and powerful and ask “what would she do in this situation?”

So, as you can see, and interactive Tarot reading is all about bringing out the innate wisdom of your client and then adding your two cents as well.

As I mentioned earlier, you can also do an Interactive Tarot reading on yourself. Take your time pondering each card, ask yourself questions and go outside the box by letting go of the mainstream Tarot meanings. I teach you how to do this in my free audio tutorial, so if you haven’t listened to it yet, do it!

So why bother reading this way? What are the big benefits? I am going to give you 5 smokin’ hot reasons next week in part 2! So stay tuned!

Read Part 2: Five Reasons Why You Should Try Interactive Tarot Reading


In the meantime, I want to hear your thoughts on this – have you ever dabbled in Interactive Tarot Reading? Can you think of any pitfalls of this type of reading style? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Should You Let Others Touch Your Tarot Cards?

To touch or not to touch? That is the question!

I am often asked “is it okay for others to touch my Tarot cards?”
There is a belief that if someone else handles your cards, their energy will be absorbed by the deck and mess up the accuracy of future readings.

This is a legitimate concern and it is certainly possible. BUT…..

To be concerned that someone’s energy could mess up your cards is kind of like being worried that someone might get their germs on your doorknob. Yes, it happens, but that’s what Purrell is for!

So yes, when you let other’s get their grubby mits on your cards, you run the risk of them contaminating the deck – both energetically and germ-wise. But there are so many methods of clearing your deck, that this shouldn’t be a concern for you.

Some Zippy Ways to Cleanse Your Deck:

  • Simply shuffle it and intend that the shuffling is removing any unwanted energy
  • Place your cards on your windowsill over night on a Full Moon! Witchy!
  • Put a crystal, like clear quartz, on top of the deck for a few hours
  • Knock on your deck to break up and dispell any leftover energy
  • Waft burning sage over your cards (sage is a wonderful energy cleanser – its like the Purrell of the spirit realms)
burning sage
Burning Sage can cleanse your Tarot cards of negative or unwanted energies

Having said all that, some Tarot card readers just prefer to be the only one handling their cards and letting others touch their cards would be just plain wrong, like sharing underwear. And that’s okay too. Do what you feel most comfortable with.

Personally, if I am having my Tarot cards read, I like to choose my own cards and touch them as much as possible! This makes me feel like I am participating fully in my own reading and that the cards I end up with couldn’t be wrong since I chose them. And if someone tells me I can’t touch something, I feel like a five year old in an art gallery and I WANT TO TOUCH even more!

So here’s my two cents:

If you have been reading Tarot for years and never let anyone touch your cards and this is the way you like it – keep doing it that way. If it works, do it.

But if you are new to Tarot and are wondering whether or not you should let other’s touch your cards when your reading for them, RELAX! It’s totally fine for others to touch away. In fact, I feel like this enhances the authenticity of a reading. You just need to trust in the power of your intention to clear your Tarot deck of any unwanted energies afterwards.

It’s okay to let others touch away! (Cards shown: Druidcraft Tarot)

I am curious to hear what your take on this is! So let me know in the comments below how you feel about people touching your cards – are you okay with it? Or do you have a strict no-touch policy?

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