5 Reasons to Try Interactive Tarot Reading TODAY!

Last week I told you all about Interactive Tarot Reading – what it is, how I love it and how I think its a total game changer. If you missed that post, click here to read it.

This week, I want to fess up and tell you exactly why I am into this style of reading so much…

5 Reasons to Start Doing Interactive Tarot Reading TODAY:

1. Its easy!

Reading in this style is actually much more relaxing than the more mainstream/traditional way of reading Tarot cards, where the reader is doing most of the talking and interpreting (like a performer) and the client sits back and observes (like an audience).

Stop thinking Performance and start thinking Collaboration. Performance style reading lets your client off the hook too easily, whereas collaborative reading rightly assumes your client has valuable insights into their own life.

If you have ever felt drained after giving a reading, try incorporating some interactive techniques into your reading. Reading in this style actually gives you energy!


2. You can shed the heavy cloak of “responsibility”

In a typical reading, the client asks questions and the reader answers them. If you are the reader, this puts a lot of pressure on you. What if you say the wrong thing and your client gets upset? What if your wrong? What if answering their question is actually unethical? Ugh! All this crappola can give you a headache!

When you read Tarot in an interactive style, you eliminate the burden of responsibility. Of course you are still responsible for asking the right questions, steering the reading in a positive direction and helping the client feel safe, understood, empowered, etc. But you no longer have that pressure of coming up with accurate predictions, impressing your client and all that 1990’s Miss Cleo infomercial claptrap.


3. It’s fun!

Interactive Tarot reading is 1000 times more fun than what I now call old-school Tarot reading.  Traditional Tarot reading can be hard, like working as a chambermaid in a Mexican resort with no air conditioning. Interactive Tarot reading is like being a guest at the hotel and playing tennis or ping pong while hot bartenders serve you drinks and pat your brow with ice cold towels.

Maybe that’s a weird analogy, but when there’s an equal sharing of effort as you interact with your client (like in tennis), things are kept fun and energizing.


4. Your client will love it!!!!

Interactive Tarot reading is empowering. It helps your client discover their own blocks and create their own solutions. Yes, there will be some people who say shit like “But your the Tarot reader, aren’t you supposed to tell me what to do?” This can be avoided by explaining how you do your readings before the reading starts.

Best of all, your client gets to talk about themselves waaaaay more than in an “old school Tarot reading”. And I find that most people love to talk about themselves!


5. Interactive Tarot readings are POWERFUL!

They get to the root of an issue and because the client is so involved in the process, the reading is that much more memorable and transformational.

While many people claim that they just want to be told what to do, most will not actually take your advice. Just look at how many people start diets and then fail. Being given a set of instructions hardly ever leads to transformation. As Tarot readers, we must go deeper.


But does Interactive Tarot Reading really fly with people?

Don’t they get pissed that you aren’t doing all the work and telling them their future? Next week, in part three of this series, I will share my personal experience with trying out this reading method….. juicy deets coming your way! Get ready.

Read Part 3: My Adventures in Interactive Tarot Reading


8 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Try Interactive Tarot Reading TODAY!”

  1. You are simply hysterically funny (in addition to being smart-smart-smart)! For example: “Ugh! All this crappola can give you a headache!”

    I love that I can learn so much from you and have a darned good time doing so.

    YOU are the cat’s pajamas (and I have cats, so I know what I’m talking about)!

    BTW, can’t WAIT for next week’s follow up.

    1. Thanks Jamie – too many compliments in one paragraph makes my ego explode! LOL. I think you will love next weeks installment 😉

      1. Dear Exploding Girl!

        I just did a tiny, one-card reading (with The Portland Tarot!) for a friend. I just did what I would usually do–talked about the card’s various relevances and symbolism–AND THEN (drum roll, please), I asked her which image(s) in the card stood out for her!

        She shared her thoughts, talked quite a bit about some things I hadn’t noticed, even created a little narrative about how the figure in the card had gotten to this place and where he was headed next.

        From there, I was able to say back to her some of what seemed to me the most relevant parts of her thoughts, add them to what I had seen, and put them together to a final sort of conclusion.

        I’d have to say that both my friend and I ended up feeling very satisfied that the card had delivered its message.

        Woo-hoo! Thanks so much for teaching your readers this technique.


        1. Jamie – i love that you tried this out and that it made for an awesome reading! That’s so cool that she was able to craft a story from the card. I find that when you combine the insights of the reader with the insights of the client….magic happens!!!
          Thanks for sharing this 🙂


    You do make some good points. I do readings for a few people via Skype and I always get kinda nervous wondering if I’m going to be able to “do it right.” I’ve already tried it with one of my querents and it went very well. I drew the “Strength” card showing the woman stroking the lion and asked her what it made her think of in terms of symbology. She responded by saying she felt like the lion represented a wild beast that was inside her (uncontrolled anger) and that she needed to tame or work on soothing and calming this beast before it caused her more problems. Things went great from there. Thanks for sharing and keep spreading the word!

    1. That sounds like a great reading – thanks for sharing! I had a friend read for me the other day using this method and it was incredible what unfolded – there is something about having someone walk you through it that helps the whole process. I hope you keep using this style of reading and let me know how it all goes!

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