My Adventures in Interactive Tarot Reading

This is part 3 of my 3-part series about “Interactive” Tarot reading (aka “lazy Tarot reading”). Interactive Tarot reading is when you get the person you are reading for to interpret the Tarot card themselves. If you missed the previous two posts, here they are:

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Today I want to tell you all about my personal experiences with this reading method.

My Experience:

I first began dabbling with Interactive Tarot Reading about a year ago. I had read about this method of reading in various Tarot books over the years, but I had always dismissed it as being a bit of a cop-out.

Then one day I was doing a reading for a woman who was just exhausting the crap out of me. Nothing I said seemed to make sense to her and she kept asking questions that were very difficult to answer. I began to feel drowsy and had to force myself to stay awake and keep slogging through the reading.

Then, out of sheer exasperation, I asked her “well, what do you see in this card?”

To my surprise, she said something incredibly insightful. Unfortunately I have a mind like a net trap (as opposed to a steel trap) and I have no memory of what she actually said. Bad storytelling, I know! But her observation made a light switch on in my head and suddenly the reading began to make sense – for both me and her.

I kept at it for a bit and asked her stuff like “and what do you think that means? And how do you feel this relates to this”, etc, etc.

In the end she was delighted with her reading and I had my sanity back.

But for a while I only used this interactive technique when I was struggling through a reading. Then one evening several months ago, I decided to get brave while I was giving readings at a Tarot party.

Tarot parties can be exhausting because when you’re reading for several people in a row, back to back, it can feel like a marathon for your intuition and Tarot reading skills. Anyhow, I really wanted to test out this “interactive” method with a wide variety of people, since I was certain that not everyone was going to be impressed with it.

Deep down I had this fear that as soon as I asked for my client’s input, they would freak out and roar “but your the Tarot reader, you tell ME!” And what if they thought I was slacking off or cheating?

So I started off slowly….I would give my interpretation first, then I would ask “what stands out to you in this card?”

What happened was this:  people lit up when I asked for their input. They suddenly became like celebrities being interviewed about their next big film and I was like Barbara Walters or Larry King, except younger and hotter.

Their insights and observations led me to ask deeper questions and here’s a little secret I discovered….

Deep questions = exhilarating answers = crazy-hot readings!

superstar!The best part of all was that instead of feeling like a total slacker, I ended up feeling like a Tarot reading superstar! Why? Because my intuition was actually enhanced by reading in this way. Since Interactive Tarot Reading eliminates the usual performance anxiety, I could relax and let my intuition surface naturally.

Plus, people had more aha! moments than ever before.  In a Tarot, the aha! moment is like the orgasm of the reading – its the whole reason you consult the cards in the first place and a reading doesn’t really feel complete until an aha! or two has occurred.

So far, I have found that Interactive Tarot Reading is the best way to produce aha! moments.


My tips for getting started with Interactive Tarot Reading:

Tip #1: Don’t feel you have to go all out with this method – you can stick to your usual way of reading, and every now and then ask the client what they see in the card.

This is what I did at the Tarot Party. When I felt there was a lull in the reading and I wasn’t sure where to go next, I would ask “what stands out to you in this card?”

As you get more comfortable with this style of reading, you can incorporate it more and more.


Tip #2: Don’t deprive your client of your own insights – just because your client sees a card one way and you see it differently, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your insights.

Think of Interactive Tarot Reading as a collaboration of your intuition and your clients’ intuition.


Tip #3: Don’t forget the “traditional” card meaning! – while its best to put the traditional meaning aside at first, it can be helpful to come back to it near the end of the reading, after your client has fully engaged with the card on a deep level.

The traditional Tarot card meaning can often help make sense of the intuitive insights that were gained throughout the reading. Think of this part of the reading as tying up any loose ends.


My list of possible questions to ask when giving an Interactive Tarot Reading:

  • What color do you notice first?
  • What stands out to you in this card?
  • How do you feel when you look at this card?
  • What would that figure in the card say to you if it could speak?
  • What do you think the figures on this card are doing?
  • What does that symbol mean to you?
  • How does this card reflect your own situation?
  • Which figure on this card represents you? (this works best for cards with multiple figures)
  • What advice would you give to the figure in this card? (This works well when the card depicts some kind of misery like the 5 of Cups or The Tower)
  • Is there anything you find disturbing/fascinating/mysterious about this card?

Now that you have all the tools to go off and run with this technique, give it a try! Notice what works, what doesn’t and then feel free to mosey on back to this page and share your experiences.

In the comments below, tell me if you have ever tried reading interactively, or if you have ever had an interactive Tarot reading? What did you think? Can you see any pitfalls to this method of reading? Do think this could be the new frontier for Tarot reading?

4 thoughts on “My Adventures in Interactive Tarot Reading”

  1. Hi Kate,
    I’m just starting out in the tarot world and overall, I think interactive tarot empowers more people to start trusting their own impressions and intuitive hits. Also, a reader can be looking at a card/reading through their own filters. For ex, a friend and I were going over a spread regarding my relationship. She was adamant the reading was saying something other than what I thought. She kept bringing in examples from her friend’s marriage to prove her point (her filters). I pulled an oracle card to clarify, and it said “You are seeing the situation clearly”. Hah!
    On the other hand, someone who is paying for a reading and/or has lack of clarity due to high emotions might be better off with a more structured reading.
    Thanks, Kate! You make tarot so fun, approachable and real!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kelli! You bring up an excellent point about when it is best to give a more traditional, structured reading. I think different people need different readings and knowing what kind of a reading will benefit the person most is important (and tricky!). I agree that we tend to look at the cards through our own filters – I love your example of the reading your friend gave you 🙂

  2. I’m loving this series, Kate! And the method!

    Although I’m too much of a busy-body to want to ENTIRELY turn it over to the querent, I have consistently been integrating this method in my readings since you first presented it–and to such good effect.

    I usually tell the client my take on the card(s) and then ask them for theirs. It always moves the reading to another–and, as a by-product, has encouraged ME to look more deeply at the card images, themselves, and name (fearlessly) what aspects of the pictures really call to me and what associations I am making.

    All in all, this is adding lots of good ju-ju to my tarot life.


    1. Thanks Jamie, that’s awesome that you enjoyed this series! And even better that you are having some good results with trying out this approach and making it your own. Keep me posted and let me know what you are finding works/doesn’t work with this technique, as I am really just learning it too.

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