Angel Card Reading for the Upcoming Week!

Here I am breaking in my newest Angel card deck – the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards. I like this deck a lot – mainly because there isn’t too much writing and all the cards have a lovely, peaceful feel 🙂

Have a wonderful week!

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6 Responses to Angel Card Reading for the Upcoming Week!

  1. Angela says:

    Spot on and beautifully inspiring reading, Kate. … ‘explore the reasons you don’t feel passionate about’…. was sooo spot on to what I’ve been looking at/shifting this morning….
    I may get this deck.. I love the feel of the cards.
    Thank You!

    • Kate says:

      Your welcome, Angela! Glad this reading resonated with you 🙂
      I think you will like this deck if you get it – it may be one of my favorite Angel decks.

  2. Jamie Morris says:


    This was a truly inspiring, healing reading that is personally meaningful to me as I struggle with a very challenging work project on a very tight deadline!

    Also, I wanted to share another thought I had about the combination of the Compassion and the You Are Not Alone cards: In addition to realizing that I have support (human and otherwise), it occurs to me that by acting compassionately to others this week, I will BE their support–I will be in a position to help others realize that they, too, are not alone!

    Thanks for being a like-minded, lovely part of my tribe. Every day, reading your posts, I know that I am not alone.


    • Kate says:

      Thank you Jamie, I love your interpretation of those cards – this makes a lot of sense to me as well! And thank YOU for being part of my tribe 🙂 I am touched that reading my posts make you feel less alone – that is really the main reason why I began this website and my youtube channel, so I feel pretty good knowing that I am achieving my goal.

  3. Erica says:

    O. M. G. Kate! I have this deck as well and your reading was my EXACT reading my very 1st time using this deck just days ago… =-O That is just crazy! I was having a problem and I wanted out and I definitly felt alone. As much as I wanted to stay I just couldn’t. 🙁 but anyways…

    I love this deck and so does my 6 yr old. Everytime I pull these out to do a reading for myself my son walks in and says “I want one (a reading) too.” His 1 card readings are always on point as well. Yesterday he had the “friendship” card and I told him that a friend might have been asking about him but I honestly didn’t think it made sense till late last night when my mom tells me my son’s friend from across the street was asking about him. Lol!!

    • Kate says:

      No way! That is bizarre you got the same three cards! Well, stranger things have happened. That’s so cool your son in enjoying the cards as well. I have only had mine for a week, so I am still breaking them in, but so far I have found them to be pretty bang on.

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